Friday, September 15, 2006

Little boys...

Just adorable aren't they!
I love 'em...even when they get to be big boys!
Have a great weekend!


~gkw said...

Too cute!!! Some of those pics makes me glad that I have girls! LOL

The Appalachianist said...

I've never told you you were beautiful, but I have said your hot. Does that mean one day your going to kick me off of your blog roll?

amera hearts said...

hey! have a good weekend. can you email me those pics?

oh and i sent you some jokes. i didn't do it in one big eamil this week, so sorry for the multiple emails!



Lee Ann said...

gkw ~ They are cute aren't they!
Have a great day!

App ~ Awww..thanks cutie, no way...never!
Have a great (and safe) weekend!

Amera ~ I will when I get home. Thanks, I love the jokes you send.
Hope you have an great weekend!

Phats said...

HAHA that last picture is awesome, loved it

hotboy said...

Have a good weekend, Lee Ann! Hotboy

The Husband said...

where do you find this stuff at?

Lee Ann said...

Phats ~ I know, isn't it the cutest?

Hotboy ~ Thanks, I will try, you too!

Carl ~ You boys....boys will be boys, even grown up, right? :)

JLee said...

so funny! What's even funnier is the pic of the little boy w/the maxi pads was sent to me in an email and I was told it was the child of someone who works here! Needless to say, I was freaking out when I saw it here, until I found out it was a prank. hehe

Foto Man said...

How I wish I can still peek at a girl's skirt once in a while !

L>T said...

Too freak'n funny! I love the kotex band-aids! My son wanted one of those BIG band-aids once when he was about 6 years old. Now he's turning 21 next week.

Cinderella said...

Sooooo cute!!

Fame said...

LOL! Too funny!

robmcj said...

I admire the breakfast-recycler.

I have a small favour to ask. Would you consider signing up as a co-owner of my blog, just for the next month or so? You wouldn't have to do anything, unless anything were to happen to me on my trip (not that I expect it to). If anything happened to me, you could perhaps publish any of my drafts that you considered worth publishing. Not that there's anything earth-shattering - I just think it would be nice to "live on" for a few weeks.

See what you think. I don't want to creep you out.

My email address is at gmail, my my user name is what you'd expect.

Have a good weekend.

Lee Ann said...

Jlee ~ He is so cute, there is no way someone could be mad at that cute face.

Foto ~ You do? are cute.

l>t ~ Oh wow, I bet he would find that memory quite funny!

Lee Ann said...

Shannon ~ Too cute to resist!

Fame ~ I love 'em all.

Rob ~ I would be glad to! Send me an email. Thank you for asking. Don't worry, nothing will happen to you. Bring me a trinket souvenir! ;)

Gyrobo said...

All I see is a lack of 19th century 8-year-old coal miners. Is child labor not comical, in this day and age? Can we not look back on the world of yesterday, and mock them for their ignorance?

Hah! Foolish leach farmers!


We don't still use leaches, do we?

Mr. Althouse said...

I love the "biker babe(y) - of course! And what does that little gut have stuck all over him? Are those... OMG!


Dave Morris said...

Funny stuff - it does make you wonder how many of them are staged pictures... and if so, what types of parents would do that to their kids.

truckdriver_sefl said...

Those are all AWESOME!!

barefoot_mistress said...

LMAO Lee Ann! The kid with the pads is hilarious!

And the one with his willy in his cereal......

Thanks for the laughs ...oh! And...

happy birthday lee ann girl!

NMOTB said...

Those are just too cute for words!

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say Lee Ann,

I have recently been laid low with a touch of malaria, so I may have missed recent developments, however your profile seems to now co-join with Open Text.

Is this a halucination?

BTW, I have a serious hotspot for Rachel Weisz (don't tell Mrs M). Have you seen her movie about Kenya?


Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

"Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead."

In the middle of the night, without failure, I always kiss Mrs M's forehead. Sometimes at 4am, or before, or soon after. She usually does not awake.

Hope you are well, Lee Ann.


Lee Ann said...

Gyro ~ Actually, I think leaches are used in some cases in hospitals! eewwww!

Mike ~ I love the expression on the biker baby's face. Yes, that is what you think they are.

Dave ~ Dave, I wondered about that same thing. Obviously the little biker dude is staged, I wonder if any of the others are too.

Lee Ann said...

Trucker ~ I think so too.

Susie ~ I think the cereal one is my favorite, no...I can't really decide.
Thank you so much!

nmotb ~ I know, I agree, just precious.

MMIII ~ Oh my goodness, I hope you are feeling better. Yes, I am going to be here to help Robmcj while he is gone on vacation! are funny.
No, I have not seen her movie, I would like to now!
Oh, that is the sweetest thing to kiss her forehead while she is asleep. You are a keeper for sure! Wow, that is wonderful.
Thank you, I hope you are well too.

ticharu said...

The blond kid has rock star written all over him!

Lee Ann said...

Tich ~ Which one? They are all blonde. Are you refering to the one with the pads stuck to him?

BBC said...

Nice blog Hon. BTW... Where are these women that like to hold hands in public?

Lee Ann said...

bbc ~ Thank you for stopping by. I absolutely love holding hands in public. I even love holding hands while watching tv.
There are bound to be more woman that like this besides me. :)