Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In memory of Cody

My dear sweet Cody also known as Codybear.
He was the sweetest cat and best little friend ever.
He got sick suddenly a week before Thanksgiving.
I found out he had lung cancer.
He went to sleep January 18.
He was with me almost 13 years. I miss him very much.

I thought I would say hello to all of you and pay a small tribute to my little friend.

He would actually come to me when I called him.
He followed me everywhere.
He either had to be sitting where he could touch me or look at me.
He would cry when I would take a shower...
...he was always there for me when I cried.
He demanded my attention when I would talk on the phone or type at the computer.
He always sat and watched (looking a bit jealous) when I loved on my other cat Darbi.
He was excellent at giving kitty kisses and receiving tender hugs.
He genuinely loved me unconditionally.
What an amazing little fellow.

I miss you and love you Cody.
I will be coming back to the Castle after a little time.
Please sign in and say hello....
Lee Ann