Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year!

hello mac
i heart you so much!
Happy New Year
Have fun and be safe.
See you next year... ;)
Lee Ann

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did you know...I am a little Elf ready for Christmas!

Click on the photo....and do a little dance....make a little fun....get down tonight.....
I am just Elfing around...
Love you all!
Lee Ann

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderfully special Thanksgiving!
Marley and Me :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shout out to your team

Give a shout out to your team!
Tell me who you are rooting for.
Have a great week.
Lee Ann

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

thank you

Thank you for all of the happy birthday wishes!
You are all awesome.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

My puppy love...

Marls says hello!
....I do too.
Lee Ann

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Start smooching! Tips on kissing

This is a repost (originally posted 11/19/07). This one is worth posting again!
Pucker up! Secrets to being a better kisser.
A new study has found that kisses communicate more than just desire.

Dr. Laura Berman shares how important the first kiss is and what it reveals about your relationship.

By Dr. Laura Berman contributor
updated 11:26 a.m. CT, Tues., Nov. 6, 2007

A recent study has found that there may be much more to kissing than meets the lips. Indeed, researchers have found that a first smooch can determine the entire future of a relationship. (As if first kisses weren’t stressful enough!)

The kissing study, which was performed by Susan M. Hughes of Albright College, found that 59 percent of males and 66 percent of females confessed they would end a relationship if the first kiss left something to be desired. Researchers believe this could be due to the exchange of hormones that occurs during kissing. During a make-out session, men and women both transmit chemical cues through their breath and saliva, which may alert their mate to their sexual psychology and reproductive status.

Of course, most of us rate a good kiss based on more simple terms, such as: “Was it sloppy? Did he have horrible breath? Did she bite my tongue by accident?” However, what we may not realize is that the hormonal cues in our saliva are actually guiding our mental thought processes. In particular, women seem most in tune to these kissing hormones — researchers found that women use kissing as a bonding mechanism and as a way to gauge the commitment in a relationship.

So how can you be sure that your kiss won’t send your date running for the hills? While you can’t actually alter the hormones in your saliva, you can be sure to avoid the most common make-out mistakes:

Caution: Slippery when wet! According to the kissing study, men prefer wetter kisses than women do. So it’s no surprise that women often complain that they feel “mauled” by sloppy dates who use too much tongue and saliva. During a first kiss, keep moisture and tongue action to a minimum — if your date has to wipe her face at the end of the kiss, something went wrong!

Give kissing the attention it deserves. The survey discovered that men spent more time focusing on a date’s face and body weight, while women were more apt to place importance on a date’s lips and teeth. Women seem to place a much higher importance on kissing than men do — so listen up, men! If you want to sweep your date off her feet, pay a little extra attention to your smooching technique. You will be sure to take her breath away!

It is all about timing. Surprisingly, the kissing study also found that more men than women believe kissing is a good way to end an argument. The lesson here? Most women aren’t ready to pucker up after a fight. Delay kissing for a more appropriate time.

While first kisses may determine the future of a relationship, it is the kisses that follow that determine the happiness of a relationship. Many couples in long-term relationships often find that kissing gets tossed by the wayside. However, a little liplock can be a surefire way to spice up your marriage and keep your relationship intimate. I advise my clients to engage in a 10-second-long kiss every day. It is bound to feel unnatural at first, but this is just a tool to get you back in the habit of kissing your partner. Before long, you will find that kissing has become a spontaneous and fun part of your relationship again.

Kissing has always been a crucial part of human bonding and foreplay. Indeed, over 90 percent of all cultures on the planet engage in the art of kissing. There are even some species of monkeys that use kissing as form of expressing love — and who hasn’t felt the wet kiss of a dog, or the rough lick of a cat’s tongue? Kissing is truly a universal art form — so get out there and pucker up!

Laura Berman, LCSW, Ph.D., is the director of the Berman Center

Sooooo.....pucker up!

Kisses to all...

Have a great weekend!

Lee Ann

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's get ready to Rummmmba!!

4/15/10 Happy birthday Scott!

I had a great night. I had my first ever Rumba class. It was a beginner's class, but it was so much fun. Well actually I may have learned the Rumba a long time ago in a dance class at Auburn during my college days, but as I said, that was a long time ago.
The rumba is a slow, sensuous, romantic dance with much flirtation. Many of the basic figures of the dance have a "tease and run" theme in which the lady first flirts with and then rejects her partner. The sexual overtures can be very aggressive. The Rumba spotlights the lady and in particular her rhythmic body action and sexuality. The slow Latin beat, the rhythmic body and hip action, and the steamy tease and run figures result in routines that can be close to X-rated. Unlike the Cha-Cha which effects a happy, carefree, party-time-like dance expression, the rumba effects a more serious and intense expression.
Knowing the history of the Rumba and the sensuality of the dance, perfecting it is definitely our goal.
We came back from the lesson and practiced and before we knew it, we had been practicing for over an hour. If anyone has watched the Rumba, you can't help but notice what a sensual dance it is. Doesn't that by itself make people want to learn it?
Just think how much fun we will have practicing!
The next dance we want to learn will be the Waltz.
Does anyone have any good tips about the Rumba or the Waltz?

**Thank you baby for the "quick quick slow" and all the fun that went with it. I can't wait to practice with you again.

Keep on dancing!


Lee Ann

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Hey Everyone!
I know it has been a while since I have posted. I almost forgot how to do it! :(
I have missed all of you and wanted to say hello.
Last year was a tough year, one of my toughest. I am not going to drag it all back up, but I just knew that 2010 would be "my year", keeping the faith and staying positive.
So far, so good. far, so GREAT!!
I just want everyone to feel the way I am. *~xo~*
I feel the sun shining on my face again.
In fact, my friends have been telling me that they can actually see the happiness in me... my face, my actions, etc.
Everyone, stop by and tell me ONE thing that is making you happy right now.
Lee Ann

Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet Marley

This is Marley!
(Also known as Marleyboo, Boo and MarleyBob :)
In the first two pictures he is with one of his sisters, Miley. Half of the litter was blonde like Marley and the other half of the litter was black like Miley.
He is a Brittador (or Labany). He is an F1 hybrid dog, half Labrador Retriever and half Brittany Spaniel.
He was born May 21, 2009, so he is now 8 months old.
He weighs approximately 60 lbs. I believe he still has a little growing to do.
He has the long ears and white freckled snout like his Brittany mother.
He has blonde short hair, is lean and extremely strong thanks to his Labrador father.
Both breeds in his lineage are bird hunters and are both extremely active breeds.
He is the sweetest puppy and my very best little buddy.
He has already become very protective of me.
He feels so grown up when he gives his best and deepest barks when someone knocks on the door. He will alert me by running back and forth to the door barking. I always give him a good petting and tell him he is such a good boy. All along he is wagging his tail boasting of his good job.
I think the biggest threat from Marley is that it would be a good idea to wear a raincoat when visiting....he will lick you to death!
So, now you have met Marley.
Please stop in and say hello to my sweet puppy.
Lee Ann