Monday, July 05, 2010

The Most Beautiful June Bride Ever!


Rastaman said...

She is beautiful. And so are you!!

Ima missing you, Babygirl!

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

~ Rasta

Lee Ann said...

Hey my sweet Rasta! It is great seeing you here at the Castle.
Thank you, you are the sweetest. I miss you too!
Peace and hugs from Babygirl

Osbasso said...

"Most Beautiful June Mother-of-the-Bride Ever!"

Saw all of these elsewhere. Everything/everyone looked great!

Lee Ann said...

Os, thank you so much....You are the sweetest! Love your adorable profile picture.

rob said...

Some of the other women look pretty good too.

Lee Ann said...

Hey Rob!
You are right, she had an absolutely gorgeous wedding party. You have not been the first one to say that....truly all beautiful girls!
Hope you are doing well!

rob said...

I was thinking of one in particular ;)

Lee Ann said...

You are a sweetheart Rob!