Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet Marley

This is Marley!
(Also known as Marleyboo, Boo and MarleyBob :)
In the first two pictures he is with one of his sisters, Miley. Half of the litter was blonde like Marley and the other half of the litter was black like Miley.
He is a Brittador (or Labany). He is an F1 hybrid dog, half Labrador Retriever and half Brittany Spaniel.
He was born May 21, 2009, so he is now 8 months old.
He weighs approximately 60 lbs. I believe he still has a little growing to do.
He has the long ears and white freckled snout like his Brittany mother.
He has blonde short hair, is lean and extremely strong thanks to his Labrador father.
Both breeds in his lineage are bird hunters and are both extremely active breeds.
He is the sweetest puppy and my very best little buddy.
He has already become very protective of me.
He feels so grown up when he gives his best and deepest barks when someone knocks on the door. He will alert me by running back and forth to the door barking. I always give him a good petting and tell him he is such a good boy. All along he is wagging his tail boasting of his good job.
I think the biggest threat from Marley is that it would be a good idea to wear a raincoat when visiting....he will lick you to death!
So, now you have met Marley.
Please stop in and say hello to my sweet puppy.
Lee Ann