Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Likes / Dislikes again

like: soft warm bed
dislike: hard cold floor

like: diamonds
dislike: pearls (well, I admit, I do like pearl necklaces)

like: bubble bath in garden tub
dislike: regular baths

like: flowers
dislike: weeds

like: unpredictability
dislike: dishonesty

like: jalapenos
dislike: sweet pickles

like: oak trees
dislike: raking their fallen leaves

like: limo ride
dislike: driving myself at night in the rain

like: ocean
dislike: jelly fish

like: sand between my toes
dislike: dirt between my toes

like: having my nails done
dislike: really long nails

like: holding and petting an animal
dislike: lint rolling their fur from my clothes

like: my hp keyboard at work
dislike: not having a mouse with a laptop

like: watching the news or a television show
dislike: someone talking through the good parts

like: intelligent people
dislike: someone trying to make other people think they are intelligent

like: travel to a new place
dislike: the "actual" travelling

like: hot wings
dislike: fried chicken legs

like: chips and cheese dip
dislike: guacamole

like: margaritas and daquiries
dislike: bourbon

like: mexican food
dislike: barbeque

like: soft blanket
dislike: sleeping with no covers

Tell me three likes and three dislikes of yours!




Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

like:curled up in bed with a good book.
dislike:the phone ringing at a good bit.

like:beer and wine.
dislike:scotch and gin.

like:sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in.
dislike: them bastards that pull up in their cars, open the trunk then turn on their shitty music at full blast!

Spinning Girl said...

like: poppy seeds
dislike: caraway seeds

like: snow
dislike: sleet

like: a cozy fire
dislike: smoke

Osbasso said...

like: my old SLR camera
dislike: film

like: playing the blues
dislike: listening to the blues

like: snow
dislike: winter

hotboy said...

like: meditating
dislike: getting sore and stiff.
That's about it! Well done for blogging throughout the hols! Hotboy

robmcj said...

Balanced post, have you considered becoming a born-again freelance Taoist like myself?

Thanks for asking:

like: listening to people
dislike: people who don't listen

like: moving
dislike: sitting still

like: marzipan
dislike: chocolate ice cream

Enjoy the rest of the year. See you in the new one, if not before.

ticharu said...

OK, the first one is for Rasta!

like: pot
dislike: not being able to get it legal

like: honest people
dislike: politicians

like: Hot sex!
dislike: Paying for it!!

Anonymous said...

like: dark chocolate
dislike: white chocolate

like: sunshine
dislike: sunburn

like: facial hair
dislike: back hair


Neo said...

Lee Ann -

Like: Eagles Football
Dislike: When they lose

Like: Beer
Dislike: When I can't afford to buy any.

Like: Lots of sleep
Dislike: When I don't get enough

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Anonymous said...

like:down comforter
dislike: flannel sheets

like: Margaritas with Grand Marnier and Midori...oh yeah!
dislike: beer with a strong hop taste

like: most all music
dislike: music booming to the point of vibrating my windows at traffic lights...where is my rocket launcher?

Anonymous said...

L: Lee Ann
D: No Lee Ann

L: Diet Coke
D: Aftertaste

L: Clean face
D: Waking up the next morning only to discover a few pimples on my freakin nose. I mean what the hell? I washed my freakin face like 10 times before bed.

Gyrobo said...

like: Onion rolls
dislike: Stomach rolls

like: Punk rock
dislike: Punks who think they rock

like: Asteroids
dislike: Meteorites

There's a difference, I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

Like~ The Eagles
Dislike~ The Cowgirls

Like~ Chocolate Milk
Dislike~ Cheese (Yuck)

Like~ Big Bear Hugs
Dislike~ Messy kissing

Like~ Warm over sized sweaters
Dislike~ Tight pants on old overweight women =P

Like~ Diet Pepsi
Dislike~ Coffee (I only like how it smells)

The Husband said...

like- drinking
dislike- being hungover

like- doing drugs
dislike- rehab

like- taking advantage of women
dislike- getting slapped by women

coach said...

like : you
dislke : not you

like : anyone who likes me
dislike : anyone who hates me

DaMasta said...

you said:
like: chips and cheese dip
dislike: guacamole


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year lee ann.

Anonymous said...

like: a cold room
dislike: being cold

like: chocolate ice cream (I am from a chocolate city, you know)
dislike: vanilla ice cream

like: the sound of the streetcar in New Orleans
dislike: the fact that the streetcar isn't rolling down St. Charles Avenue yet

Fred said...

I'm so with you on the bourbon thing. Yuck!

lecram sinun said...

Baths in the garden... good! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

like: getting email
dislike: talking on the phone

like: champagne
dislike: wine

like: going to concerts
dislike: knowing that I'll probably be going deaf from all of the concerts I've been to!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Lee Ann! xo

Gyrobo said...

And a Happy New Year to you.

Gyrobo said...

Whooo! 2007!

Cheryl Wray said...

Like--bubble baths

Like--my Crimson Tide

Like--sweet tea
Dislike--unsweet tea

Not so original... but fun!! I may have to steal this for my Random Tuesday this week!

Anonymous said...

Like: Warm Bed with Leean in it. (Did I type that, or think it?)

Dislike: Cold Bed with no LeeAnn in it (Did I TYPE that or think it?)

Like: A Long ride on the Bicycle, or a long cruise on the motorcycle

Dislike: Driving a "Cage" in the winter

Like: Good Friends, and Good Conversation

Dislike: Jerks and arguments!