Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unexpected and pleasant

The other day I was getting my nails done.
An elderly lady came in and sat down in the chair next to mine.
She smiled and said hello, I smiled back and said hello.
Andy was just about finished working on my nails when the elderly woman said "Oh my, your nails look beautiful"! I said "thank you, they do look nice". She seemed very pleasant.
At one point, she knocked over her diet coke and it spilled on the workstation where she was sitting. She and Donna (the lady working on her nails) quickly cleaned it up.
Every so often, I caught a glimpse of her looking at me and my nails and smiling.
When Andy finished my nails, I put my fingers toward the little fan to dry them.
Andy got up, thanked me, looked at the elderly woman and said "do you want to see a Kung Fu movie"?
The lady said "what"? I said "Kung Fu movie? Sure, turn it on".

I sat letting my nails dry. The lady looked at me and said "my niece is a movie star".
Honestly, I figured it was a nice old lady that was bragging about her niece (possibly a niece once or even twice removed).
I thought if I asked her who her niece is, that she would say someone I had never heard of then I would feel awkward for not knowing her. So, I just smiled at her.
When I did not ask her who, the lady said "Sandra Bullock"!
I was shocked it was someone that was so well known.

Without trying to appear starstruck, I said quietly "Oh, I love Sandra Bullock".
Our conversation went like this:
Lady: "She is a good girl. She doesn't like all of that celebrity stuff that goes on".
Me: "She does a good job of staying out of the tabloid".
Lady: "She doesn't go for all of that mess at all".
Me: "I think there is more respect for the celebrities that don't get involved in the tabloid".
Lady: "Yes, you are right".
Me: "Does Sandra ever come to Birmingham"?
Lady: "Well, her father just moved to Birmingham. He is my brother".
Me: (thinking ~ oh, she is Sandra's direct Aunt)
Lady: "She has been here twice since her father moved here".
Me: "I guess she can feel fairly comfortable walking around and doing things when she comes here, because the people here probably don't bother her".
Lady: "Oh, speaking of that, it was funny the last time she came here.
My brother called me and said 'you need to come by and get Sandra and take her to the antique store. She saw an advertisement in a magazine of an antique store in Homewood and has wanted to go ever since'.
The lady told her brother 'you know I am not crazy about antiques and I don't particularly like going to antique stores'.
He said 'well, you need to come by and get Sandra and take her because she has really been wanting to go'.
So I told him I would.
Apparently Sandra is just crazy about antiques. So, I went by and picked her up and we went to the antique store. Hmmm, I can't remember the name of that store. Anyway, we went inside and started looking around.
The people in the store started looking at her. Then someone came up to her and said 'hey, you know, you look like Sandra Bullock'! Then Sandra replied 'Oh? I look like Sandra Bullock?' "

We both laughed. I thought that was a clever response, not denying but not admitting!
At that point, someone that she had been with came in the nail shop to check on her. So our conversation ended.

There was a little nail small talk.
About that time, I checked my nails and they were dry, so I got up to leave. I thanked Andy and said goodbye to Andy and Donna, smiled at the lady, she smiled and said goodbye, and I said goodbye.

That made for a very interesting lunch hour. I felt as though I could have talked to her for hours. She was a very pleasant person, with an unexpected story.

Have a pleasant weekend!
Lee Ann


Rastaman said...

That was nice. You should invite her to the Castle!

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl

~ Rasta

EBEZP said...

Oh that's such a good story! I love Sandra Bullock BG.
Have a great day!

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Pretty cool. Years ago I bumped into a girl at a club I was playing who was a dead ringer for Sandra. Hey you never know. It's funny that you mention her in your post. I just watched The Lakehouse last night. :>

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Neo said...

PS - Hey could you update my link. I'm not at my old address and someone from China just stole the old address. Thanks!

Seamus said...

What a wonderful and unpretentious meeting that was! Bullock is one of my favorite actresses.

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Thank You! *hugs*

Phats said...

isn't it fun to get unexpected stories like that! cool.

Sanda Bullock is awesome as well

BTExpress said...

Sandra is hot. I'd take to the antique store anytime. You can come along if you want.


That's a great story. The best celebrities are the ones that don't hog the spot light. Especially if they are brunettes. I have a thing for brunettes.

Ticharu said...

When Sandra comes to Bemidji we always have a great time shopping and going to the cafes. She a very downhome girl! :)

Becky said...

Fucking neat! I've never even met a relative of a famous person that I'm aware of.

p.s. I get my nails done too! 8-)

EBEZP said...

Have a great weekend BG!
If you've got time sometime come on over and see my brand new first tattoo!!

rob said...

Sandra is so awesome.

Hotboy said...

Lee Ann: Sandra Bullock! What a great actress! She can come and stay in my hut anytime! Hotboy

melanie said...

Great story Lee Ann!!!:)

Closest I have come is to meeting a Sandy Bollock once...
And someone give that bloomin Ticharu a shake...wake up man!!

Have a lovely weekend Petal.

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

Your cookies look wonderful.

Was Sandra Bullock in that picture about a cruise boat which plowed straight through a town?

The closest I get to celebrity here in Kalimbuka is having a beer with Titus "Telephone Beats" Masanjika.


Michael Manning said...

Lee Ann: How cool is that? This was fun!! I have a friend who is related to Val Avery. She was a VIP greeter with the original PAN AM World Airways ). My friend was assigned to meet a 747 flight to escort Burt Reynolds to his limo. He walked off and she said "Burt Reynolds! You know a relative of mine-Val Avery!!" Burt said "You know Val?" She said, "He's my cousin". One year later she met Reynolds at the gate again--and he came off the flight, saw her and said "Oh, it's Cousin Mary!" lol!:D)

Tuyet said...

Wow! I have never met anybody famous. Well, except Princess Diana. But that won't be happening much anymore.

LiveLee said...

nothing like that ever happens to me on my lunch hour...

don't you just love some of the names they have for polish these days? My fav lately has been OPIs 'Lincoln Park After Dark', you should check it out. its great for toes, but with all hallow's eve coming it would be perfect!


BeckEye said...

That's cool! I like Sandra Bullock too. She seems like a nice, normal person.