Thursday, January 24, 2008


Did you watch?
It was just like the rest....The Moderator ("media" ) determines who will come out looking like a winner.
It would be nice to see all of the candidates speak with equal time!
Don't forget to vote in the Primary!
If you are undecided, please just Google
Have a great weekend!
Lee Ann


jiggs said...

I like ron paul, but he seems a little wacky tabacky.

RaBadBoy said...

What, Jiggs? I'll have to goggle him. They can still arrest you with the wacky backy here! Most interesting US election for some time. The first memorable pictures we saw of the states here was at the time of the race riots in Birmingham, Alabama, so it's interesting that the brown guy is still running, and breathing. If I was Hillary, I'd have him on the ticket for Vice President. Then the folk who'd like to shoot her might think twice. Seriously, a most interesting primary season. Hotboy

angel, jr. said...

I missed it!!

green said...

THe first elephant debate I saw I was impressed with what I heard from Ron Paul. Unfortunately he has about as much chance of becoming the next President as I do.

onan the bavarian said...

How fortunate is America! Whoever wins in November can only be an improvement, whether Clinton, McCain or Obama.

John Bryson said...

I think I'll be voting for superman again...just kidding,

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Hi Lee Ann!
Mee gotz uh baff doh mee needz tu kum whim in yo mote uhdin! hehehe

Carl Spackler said...

go McCain!

David Amulet said...

The debates are about as far from useful for voters as possible. We'd be better off just reading position papers ... but nobody would actually want to READ to learn about the candidates' positions when they can sit on their asses as watch a beauty contest faux-debate. Sad, very sad.

-- david