Monday, March 24, 2008

I had one of those black clouds over me...

...last week.

My apartment manager sent me a reminder note that my renewal lease comes up in June.
Of course they are going to increase the rent.
I sent them a nice letter stating how much I enjoyed the community and would really like to stay but I was disappointed to see the rent will be going up, when in fact the value of my apartment is decreasing. In the short of it, I explained that in the 3 years that I have lived there several things needed to be maintained or replaced.
Several good things came from this.
I got new floors in my foyer, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.
They fixed a few other things and shampooed my carpet.
Prior to the shampooing, I moved the furniture in order for the carpet cleaners to have easy access with the maximum amount of space to clean. They only clean what they have access to, they do not move any furniture.
When I got home from work on the day they cleaned the carpet, I found a big mess.
They had knocked over my rocking chair, side table with lamp and a large plant.

The lamp was broken and the plant and planter were broken.
I took pictures and called the office.
I cleaned it up (which took two hours). I was really upset and to top it off, it was the first day I had been back to work after being sick the week before.
The manager was gone for the day, but would call me back the next day.
The next day, the manager contacted the carpet cleaning vendor.
He was very embarrassed and could not believe it had happened.
Then said, it must have happened after we left because we would have never left it that way. (I find it completely amazing that my rocking chair turned itself over and partially jumped on top of the ottoman).
He said he would pay for the damages.

Once I got home from work that day, I picked up my mail as usual. I got a reminder notice to pay a citation!
I could not think of when I got a ticket. So after calling the municipal office, I found out it was a parking ticket, I was baffled.
I looked at the issue date of the ticket and car was in the shop during that time.
I had been "rear-ended" the week before Christmas and I had taken my car into the shop at 8am on the morning the citation was issued.
The citation was given at 3:06pm just a few blocks from the body shop!
The manager was out for several days due to a family death. Once he returned, he gave authorization to have a check issued to pay for the ticket.
They could not figure out how or why my car was a few blocks away getting a parking ticket.
I am glad they paid it, that was the right thing to do.

Then, on Saturday, I had gone to the store for a few items.
On my way home, just as I pulled onto the turn lane of the busy highway, I noticed a deer sitting on the grass right at the curb of the road.
I thought, awww look at that deer, then I noticed it was breathing hard and as she turned her face toward me, I saw she was bleeding from the nose and mouth.
She had been hit by a car.
I got so upset and started crying. I called Howard and asked if he could come help it. I cried the whole way home.
Once I got home, he was on the phone with the Game Warden. He told Howard that anyone that could help was out at a funeral. After talking to Howard for several minutes, he asked if Howard would shoot it to put it out of it's misery.
Howard took off to keep the doe from suffering any longer. He called me once he got there and told me the deer had already died and was lying in the grass.
I will never forget the look of that deer sitting there.

I was so glad when that week was was a rough one.

Now I have to look at the floors, clean carpet, new lampshades (2 so they match), new planter, signed lease with a rebate (so now I will end up paying only $20 more for the entire renewed lease) and the citation was paid.

The sun is shining now and it will be a beautiful week. Hope you have a great one!
Lee Ann


RaBadBoy said...

I'm first again! What black clouds? Are black clouds the same as the black dog? The latter is a name for depression. Dearie me! I believe in the illusory nature of reality, which means I don't actually believe in anything. Or, I believe nothing exist in the manner of it's appearance. That includes black clouds, but if you're stuck in one ... I'm very happy these days. Ring me if you're funged up. 0131-343-3254. You won't be able to understand a word I say, especially if I drink any more beer. Anyway, throw it out, don't suck it in. But when you're stuck in a black cloud, you could just wait ... a brighter view will come your way soon, Lee Ann. Don't let the basturns grind you down! I'm one hundred percent convinced you are a gift to the world from God. Just remember that!Hotboy

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ That is so strange that you posted a comment before I posted. I am not really sure how that happened.
You are the best. Thank you so much, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. I am going to save your # and call you sometime. I wonder if I can just dial it straight through on my phone, I have never called outside the US.
You are amazing, thank you so much.
Lee Ann

jiggs said...

sounds like things worked out. regardless, keep your chin up.

~gkw said...

I love the way you ended the post with the positives. You seem like a very positive person and I Love that about you! Sorry to hear about the deer being hit by the car. I'm sure the car owner didn't like it a lot either....

Anonymous said...

I have never regretted leaving my apartment and getting a house. They totally screw you over in apartments.


Carl Spackler said...

wow, what a shitty week.

i'm glad it ended on a good note.

rob said...

Lee Ann. Hotboy has given you the number you'd dial from inside Britain. Technophobes! The leading zero is only for use inside the UK.

The number you want is
whatever is your code for international, then 131-343-3254.

Your deer story demonstrates the upside of the American gun culture.

Two nights ago I was woken during the night by a very loud bang on the roof. At first I thought maybe some high-flying giant bird had had a heart attack in flight and fallen onto the roof. But then I heard a pathetic miserable wailing, and I realised a possum must have misjudged a jump from a tree to the roof, hit the gutter and fallen to the ground. Poor wee thing was suffering. I was too distressed to sleep after that. With a gun I could have gone out and done something.

RaBadBoy said...

Lee Ann: When I was here before there was only the headline. Reading the rest of it now .... what a series of bummers. Totally sympathise with the deer thing. Friends of mine had to kill a deer once which was lying dying in the road ... at night ... I'd taken half a tab of acid... never forget it. What a shame! They're so beautiful. Hopefully, things have picked up again! Hotboy

JLee said...

Lee Ann, this post reminds me of one I just did about this year starting out ROUGH for everybody! I'm glad it's all turning around and Spring is here. Time for some good things, right?

Seamus said...

What a week indeed! I hope this one is far better!
There are few more hopeless feelings than trying to attend to a severely injured animal. I'm sure that broke your heart!

Jason said...

I hope the cloud is passing over. We all have bad weeks. At least someone from the repair shop didn't drive your car and hit that deer.

angel, jr. said...

That poor deer. I always feel sorry for animals that get caught in traffic. It's so sad.

BeckEye said...

Yeah, when it rains it pours but things eventually clear up! You're lucky you got new floors. Our landlord is a scumbag and doesn't care that our floors are paper thin and the "carpet" has probably been there since 1940.

lecram sinun said...

Wow! But glad it all evened out. :)

Michael Manning said...

Lee Ann: (((LONG HUGS))) FROM ME! I'm so sorry that you had to see the Deer suffering, but his suffering is over now. love animals too and know how upsetting this can be.

Your letter was so smart! And despite how awful the week was, look how you handled it all! YOU ROCK, LEE ANN! xo, xo! :)

Heather said...

Big hugs to you. Hopefully this next week will be better. Nice job looking for the silver lining. :)

Phats said...

Rough week, hope things start looking up for ya, it is the weekend almost :)

Naughty Endevours said...

I'm glad it's looking like snowballs and kittens now!

jamwall said...

What an ordeal!

Spinning Girl said...

Wow, what an ordeal!