Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Olympic Torch Turmoil

A Pro-Tibet demonstrator waves a Tibetan flag on the route of the Olympic torch parad shortly after its start near the Eiffel Tower, seen in background, in Paris on Monday, April 7.

Rescuers, in red, reach activists from French media watchdog Reporters Without Borders on the Eiffel Tower after the activists unfurled a black flag with the five Olympic rings depicted as handcuffs on Monday, April 7.

Police security run around the bus where the torch was placed after setting off from the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Monday. Protests over China's crackdown on Tibet forced organizers to put the Olympic torch on a bus to protect it from demonstrators.

Pro-Tibet protesters clashed with police and tried to put out the Beijing Olympics flame as the torch was being taken around London on Sunday, April 6. Police jumped on demonstrators who tried to disrupt the relay.

Turkish actress Ozge Namal runs with the Olympic torch, flanked by police officers and Chinese security members, as they past the Ottoman era New Mosque at the mouth of Golden Horn during the Olympic torch relay in Istanbul on Thursday, April 3.

All of this saddens me.
You all have probably heard me say this before, but if only …
...everyone would live by the Golden Rule.
Have a great week!
Lee Ann


Seamus said...

I can understand the motive for the protesters to use such a media washed event, but it is sad that the very games that are meant to promote goodwill and harmony have been beset with protest/conflict.

Hotboy said...

Lee Ann: The Chinese should allow basic human rights and they wouldn't be in such a mess. At least, it's highlighting that. Hotboy

jiggs said...

it's too bad that the torch ceremony has to be screwed up, but at least the situation in tibet is getting some publicity.

rob said...

I'm taking the easy way out and saying nothing.