Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday Fun Night

Howard and I have been working out pretty hard lately.
I go to the gym and work out on the treadmill in the wee hours of the morning.
Howard has a really nice mountain bike. He has been riding the trails at Oak Mountain (state park) on Saturdays and Sundays, and now has added one weekday afternoon.

We eat fairly sensible during the week, but we have gotten on a pizza "kick" for Friday nights. Not just any of the best pizzas!
Friday night is our fun night.
We pick up a pizza from Tortugas, bring it home and watch a movie while we eat it. (Last night's movie was The Guardian).

Back to the pizza... it is Deep Chicago Stuffed Pie. We get the pepperoni.
Man oh man, it is good.

Here is what the mouth watering pizza looks like ~

Now tell me...doesn't that look delicious? Well, I can assure you that it is even better than it looks. We can only eat half , so we save the other half for lunch the next day.

So, that is our BIG cheat!

Is there any particular food that you are "on a kick" with lately?

Do you have a ritual "fun" night?

Have a great weekend!

Lee Ann


Hotboy said...

I'm first! I'm first! My diet consists of soup, bread and beer. All these things I find totally delicious and wish for no other. However, when I chance to eat a morsel of other succulencies ... swoon away! But I did eat some pizza in Holland once and it said it was Anerican and it was much, much better than the cardboard pizzas (total cost of ingredients 13 pence!) you get around these parts! Hotboy

Rastaman said...

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!!

Howard is the luckiest man on earth!

Osbasso said...

Oh, man! That looks completely decadent! And I agree with Rastaman!

Fred said...

Funny you should ask about the ritual fun night. The Missus and I spend a few hours in the hot tub once a week. It's our time alone to unwind and catch up with each other. I'll have a picture on my next post.

After that, we grill t-bone steaks. Gotta love it!

PFE Music said...

Latest food fetish??? Kombucha tea and dandilion greens! Not very decadent I'm afraid...

Michael Manning said...

I'm told that I should be at the Valley Ho where Natalie Wood and RJ had their first honeymoon around 6:30 when the pool closes. Maybe Kate Hudson will emerge and I can indulge her with a Cosmo! Eating a pizza with Lee Ann! Howard is "Mr. Lucky"! xo, xo!!!!! :D)

rob said...

That pizza's built like a fortified castle, which is quite appropriate.

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

What a wonderful looking pizza. I have never seen a pizza like that.

Right now, Doviko is preparing chambo and chips, with lemon on the side.


Carl Spackler said...

i had pizza for dinner last night but it did not look as good as what you had.

there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a nice meal after a week of exercising.

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Mee eet bugz an fwiz. Mawmaw dont eet dat wiff me dee fixuz dumpin aoz cuz dee dont yike bugz an fwiz.

Mawmaw haz uh nu boyfwend an he wokz sheft wook doh dee makz him bwekfezt dumdimez.

Mee wantz tu dum whim in yo mote ohkay Lee Ann?


Jason said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm pizza!!!!!!

angel, jr. said...

I have a weakness for pizza too!

Henri Banks said...

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The T-Dude said...

Here's the funny part. I live in Chicagoland and I always have a craving for thin crust. But when I first moved here, Gino's East, home of the Chicago style pizza, was like heaven for me. I think maybe I'm just contrary by nature.

jiggs said...

deep dish pizza is to tasty!

JLee said...

OH my god, that looks so good and I'm hungry right now!! lol