Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Will you? Please?

Hey everyone!

I missed you while I was gone. It is great to be back. Thank you all for taking care of the Castle while I was gone and thank you for signing the guest book.

I wish I could say I feel relaxed and energized, but to tell you the truth I feel anxious and nervous.
Kind of like I am sitting here calmly, but my knee is bouncing up and down or maybe I am very still except I am tapping my nails on the desk.
It is not full out fear like the fear that overwhelms me right before boarding a plane (at least not yet). Gosh I am scared to fly!

I am not getting ready to fly, but I imagine my fear will grow to that level very soon.

Ok, ask why am I nervous?
Because I am a baby!
See, I even admit it!

On June, I am not going to jail like Paris Hilton (but I do think if that were the case, that I would be in full out fear already), but I will be having surgery.
It is minor surgery, but the recovery is 6 weeks (I will be out of work for 2 weeks ~ at least).
Maybe that's it!
Maybe it is the recovery period that I am so nervous about....and the anesthesia....and actually being in the hospital as a patient. Ugh....I dread it!

Ok, I know I am being a baby about it, but I can't help it.
Have any of you ever had a fear about something? If you have, then you know that it is a feeling, a sensation that you cannot help. It takes over your body and mind.
I know there are things I can do to reduce the fear, but I don't see me wiping out my fear all together.

So, I ask YOU, yes YOU and YOU over there, and YOU too, as the days count down....getting closer to the date (damn, it's one week from yesterday), please make me think of something else. Please! Help me to think of good things and funny things.

Big hugs to you all,
Lee Ann


hotboy said...

It's because of stuff like this that folk should meditate! It does help you deal with anxiety, and other unhelpful emotions. But I'm sorry to hear this. I hope your not stuck in the fear for a whole week! Just think what it would be like if you were given the black spot. Maybe if you imagine something really scary ... it will go into proportion. But that's not much help, is it? Hotboy

pinkhippo said...

Dont worry too much. Just tell yourself that it is only minor surgery, and things will be fine after 6 weeks.

I understand how you feel. I had a lump near my left eye brow and I went for a surgery to have it removed. It took me 2 weeks out from work. The healing period was painful, the swelling makes me looks ugly. But pain killers helps to stay away from pain.

Now I am so glad that I made the decision to remove away the lump. Tell you something, my doctor is so good that it is almost scarless ...

I wish you good luck for your surgery and please dont worry too much. You will be in my prayer!

Take care, health is wealth. :)

Crabby said...

Oh hunny. YES, I have a big fear right now. I have Bob's dead Mother up on my mantle. It's wiggin' me right out. No idea how I got custody.

On the surgery thing, I had surgery that was going to take place very close to my brain. Not a big concern since anything they nicked would probably turn out an improvement but is my brain. They pump you up with so many drugs before and don't even care. So big breath, kiddo. In and out. You'll do great. And remember, it could be worse. You could have a dead person in your living room.

My life sucks.

Hypersonic said...

Lee Ann honey, everything is going to be fine. I hate surgery too, but normally things go well and that's that. Try a gander at or even try out the PvP link from my blog, that'll make you laugh.

My dad's going to have surgery on the 5th as well, he has cancer in his mouth and throat and they're going to excise the bad shit, he still manages to laugh.

EBEZP said...

Oh BG you must think of open fires and walks on the beach and playing in the rain and good led Zeppelin music and the London Eye and all kinds of things!
No sack the surgery and just come over here away from it all!
You've always said my imagination was keen!!!
You are right but tell me you didn't forget just momentarily!
I will be thinking of you. Take care.

MyUtopia said...

Woohoo you're back!

rob said...

Hi Lee Ann, let's see if we can give you something else to think about.

At first I misread what you wrote as "Because I am having a baby!" That would be a worry indeed. At least this way your ordeal only lasts a few days.

Nobody likes the hospital thing, but once you're out of the anaesthetic, you can milk the situation. That's what I did.

PS - double the bliss pills.

green said...

If I may ask, surgery for what?

I had surgery for the first time in October, 2005 and a second surgery a week later. WHile it wasn't the most pleasant thing anticipating it, I had no problem and plenty of anesthesia. Hours seemed like minutes and I was in recovery. I got some nice post surgery drugs too (yay, vicodin!).

My recovery time was not nearly as long though.

Good luck with yours and keep us informed. Take care.

Michael Dingler said...



Perhaps it's a risky title, but what the hell.

Some of my artwork will be on display from now until ??? in historic Algiers Point at a place on the corner of Pelican and Sequin.

This Saturday, from 10a to 3p, they will be having an exhibition opening for people to see the artwork available from the five assorted artists they have assembled for the purpose of displaying and selling their artwork.

300 PELICAN STREET (On the corner of Pelican & Seguin)
New Orleans, LA 70114 (Algiers Point)

For mapquest purposes, I've put a mapquest link below to select/copy/paste. If you are planning taking the Canal Street Ferry, you can turn left as you exit the ferry, walk down to the street that's oncoming one way. Walk to Seguin (the street before the courthouse), turn right, walk down two blocks to Pelican and look for the three tone purple building on your left.

MAPQUEST LINK: Map of 300 Pelican Ave New Orleans, LA 70114-2348, US

Thanks All,
p.s. Sorry of this email is graphics-lite, but I have been too busy with other projects to put together a quick poster. Feel free to forward this to anyone in the whole wide world


Michael Dingler said...

Wow - sorry about the length of that L.A. I hadn't actually visualized it before I posted it.

Jason said...

It will be okay in the end. I know how you feel. Hang in there you'll be okay.

jamwall said...

Well, I hope it goes well! I'm sure it'll come out just fine!


~Tim said...

A priest, a rabbi, and a Baptist minister walk into a bar...

...and the bartender says, "What is this, some kind of joke?"

I know a bunch of light bulb jokes too. Pretty soon you'll be hoping for surgery!

jiggs said...

I'm sending you good, healthy thoughts over this. Stressing out about surgery isn't a baby thing to do. It makes total sense. As for something to distract you, I'm a super hero now. You'll be able to read about it tomorrow on

Lee Ann said...

You guys are awesome....thank you so much for trying to ease my mind. Just a few more days, will you hang out with me here at the Castle? You guys are the best.

BeckEye said...

Just think, "What would Batboy do?"

David Amulet said...

I'm sure it will go well. Have a good attitude going in and all will work out just fine. You have a lot of semi-known blogger pulling for you!

-- david

Just a toy said...

This too will pass.

MyUtopia said...

Are you all unpacked?

The Appalachianist said...

Well, Lee Ann, I'll say a prayer for you.

b o o said...

HUGSS.. sending you a positive energy pack from singapore.

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

One has to just lay back, and think of England.

I'm sure that your operation will go fine. All the best for a speedy recovery.