Friday, December 28, 2007

Apple of excellence

Have you ever been to an Apple store? What other store would you expect to be using advanced technology?
I was in the store the other day. There were a lot of customers in there, but they also had a lot of employees there to help. As I walked in there were two Apple employees that greeted me.
"oh, that is nice"
Then before I even got half way through the store, a guy asked me if I needed help. I told him what I was looking for and he walked with me to my destination. He then helped in getting the item and described it to me.
"oh, this is excellent customer service"
Then I told him I would be purchasing the item.

He then asked "how will you be paying for that?"
I told him I would pay with my debit card.

He said, "ok, I can help you with that right here."
Then he pulled out a portable card reader.
I said, "now that is pretty cool!"

He said, "yeah, I am a walking cash register" (except he could only process credit/debit card transactions).
He placed a sticker on my item (it read "Lucky You" with an apple design on it).

Then he asked if I wanted my receipt now or if I wanted it emailed to me.
I said, "I would like to have it now if that is ok."
He said. "sure that is no problem."
Then I asked, "do you have a printer on you too?"
He laughed and said that would probably come not too long from now.

He reached under one of the tables and pulled my receipt from a printer.
He thanked me and I left.

It was the most efficient and friendly experiences I have had.
I could not believe that I was in and out in under 10 minutes. The place was packed!

Cool, huh?

Have a great day!
Lee Ann


angel, jr. said...

That is so cool!! How fun. I may have to buy something Apple just to experience it.

BTExpress said...

Good way to run a business. Happy New Year!

Seamus said...

All customer service should be so user friendly! Lucky you!!! :)

Osbasso said...

Mac users are also the friendliest people too! :-)

rob said...

I doubt whether the Apple workers are so efficient here, but I suppose I'll find out when I buy my Ipod Touch.

Hope the purchase is helping make your holiday even happier.


RaBadBoy said...

The shopkeepers just took my money off me, and sometimes smiled. They're charging a pound sterling for one sheet of Christmas wrapping paper. They're having a great laugh. Hotboy

BKS said...

Always good to get such customer service when it is such a rare find these days. I would just be worried of where the receipt would print out if he did have it on him somewhere haha.

Wishing you a happy, safe and prosperous new year!!

amera hearts said...

the apple store has had great sutomer service since they opened! i get my receipt emailed to me!

you never said what you bought!

jay kay said...

i bought mine online 3 weeks ago first mac. I have to say if customer service is as good as the product then its excellent. why didnt i switch years ago?