Saturday, May 21, 2011

Marley and me

Happy 2nd birthday Marley! are such a good boy!

Tell me what kind of pet you have and their name.
I hope all of you are doing great!
Lee Ann


BKS said...

awwwwww cute dog and a beautiful woman.....two of mans best friends :)

Lee Ann said...

BKS...thank you so much. I never thought I could be so "in love" puppy is the absolute sweetest. You are right, best friend! Good to see you :)

Phats said...

Aww happy birthday marley!! So cute

Lee Ann said...

Hey Phats! Thank you. I hope your summer is going great!

Bill the Butcher said...

In descending order of age:

Teddie, Doberman, female, aged 5

Jessie, German Shepherd, female, aged 4

Nero, Neapolitan mastiff, male, aged 3

Juno, Neapolitan mastiff, female, aged 2

And about a million earthworms in my compost.

Lee Ann said...

Hi Bill! Awesome to hear from you and your dogs. You have some big ones. Dogs are the best, aren't they? Love love love 'em :)