Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is it hot there too?

Just trying to get your attention! :D

It has been a while since I have had guests over here at the Castle. Here is the invitation....When: now ;)
Please sign the guest book in the foyer, then come in and make yourself at home. Tell me what has been going on with you.
Good to see you again!
Lee Ann


~Tim said...

Just so I don't make a fool of myself before the party gets started, is everyone unbuttoning their pants?

Hi Lee Ann!

BKS said...

it seems to be hotter there at the castle ;)

The Appalachianist said...

I'm heading to a hot place. I leave for Ft. Bliss Texas next week on my way to Kuwait.
Otherwise, mid 60's this morning.

Spinning Girl said...

Hey mama! Thanks for the mini-visit. Jamwall & I are keeping house, blogging rarely but still think of all our friends out here in the Ether. xoxo

Lee Ann said...

Hi Tim! Haha...the photo worked! It got your attention. No, actually I do not see any unzipped anything around here at the castle :)

BKS ~ haha...it really has been hotter than hot this summer. Hope all is well.

App, how are you? Wow, you are off again! My prayers are with you...keep in touch!

Hey SG! Great to hear from you. I hope you and Jams are doing good. I am like you with the blogging thing....I think about the fun times we all had, but not doing it much these days. Say hi to your hubby for me. xo

Rastaman said...

Ima missin' you Babygirl! More than ever! You are so beautiful!!

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

~ Rasta

Lee Ann said...

Rasta, I miss you so much too!
Thank you for the kind words xoxo
Peace and hugs from babygirl

Henri Banks said...

well i am still alive and living from my art now its hard work but i love it.
wow you are changed when i see your picture from a young girl to a beautiful woman !!!

Lee Ann said...

Henri! I am glad to hear that you are doing what you love. Great to see you here at the Castle! Thank you so much for the kind words.
Please come back to visit! xoxo

Kenny said...

Good morning.

Phats said...

Got my attention, and hello!! haha :)

As long as your castle has air condition i am in

Lee Ann said...

Kenny, good morning! :)

Phats, Hi! haha...glad you stopped over. Of course there is air conditioning here at the Castle. You are welcome any time. Its really good to see you...have a great day!

Osbasso said...

Oh, well heck! I didn't see this right away! (glad I got to see the picture though!)

Working on my nursing skills, in case anyone is in need of them... <3

Lee Ann said...

Os, hello! :) Glad you stopped over here at the Castle!

Elle said...

I was out in blog land searching around and came across yours. Wow! Great pic!

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