Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Stalker

I hear many people talk about be stalked by other bloggers and they end up having to move their blog.
I once had a stalker in real life, and it was almost 4 years ago.
I used to work at a bookstore parttime, and this guy we shall name "Freakboy", worked there fulltime.
He seemed nice and always tried to talk to me. I became friends with him. We would hang out and spend time together (as friends). The more time I spent with him, the more I realized that he wasn't "quite right"...(sort of slow, but it wasn't drastic).
After a while, I felt more and more uncomfortable being around him (take in mind I still had to work with him).
He kept talking about getting a different job, so of course I encouraged him.
I know, that was completely selfish of me, I was mostly thinking how nice it would be to not work around him, but he did not know that.
Finally he got a job at an eyecare center, making glasses ~ frames and lenses.
Good for him...and now I didn't have to work around him!
I had wanted to tell him that I no longer wanted to hang out, but I was a little concerned he might not take the news so well (to the point he may do something to himself).
It was apparent that he liked me much more than just a friend, so I decided to break away from him slowly, so it would not hurt his feelings.
I became busy with other people instead of doing stuff with him. Finally, I got the courage, and I told him that I just couldn't hang out anymore that I felt uncomfortable about our friendship. Well, I won't go into complete details of how hard he cried, but all in all, it ended pretty good.
I really was nice to the guy, even though I wanted to scream to him that he was a "perverted freakboy and I never wanted to be around him anymore".

**Side note~Right about this time I started going out with boyfriend.

It wasn't over then....

So, here is what happened because I was nice and did not want to hurt his feelings....

He kept coming in the bookstore at night and hanging out in a section close to the area that I was working and would watch me.
I found out later that he would call nearly every day to find out when I was working.
When my friend told this to me, I went to the manager, he said he would put a stop to this.
He also kept calling me and hanging up. (I know, what grade are we in, 3rd?)
I ended up moving, which was a good thing, now he didn't know where I lived any longer.


Once he came in the bookstore and asked me how I liked living in my new apartment off of Cahaba River Road!!!! What? OMG! Has he followed me?
Then he said "Oh, I saw your chart at the eye doctor, so I looked at it". WHAT? (Oh, did I mention that he got a job at the eyecare center that is connected to the eye doctor I go to)?
One of the co-workers at the bookstore overheard him tell me this and said "Dude, that is illegal".
Then he started stuttering and mumbling...."Uh, well, I didn't really look at it, I just saw it".
First of all, he works in the glasses lab, not the doctor's office ~ they just happen to be in the same building, so what was he doing snooping around the doctor's office? ...And secondly, isn't that against the law for him to do that?
I told my boyfriend and he said he was going to talk to him. I think at this point, boyfriend was ready to do more than "talk to him".

It was about a month later, I had to go to my eye doctor to pick up some contacts (luckily "Freakboy" wasn't there, but I was in tow with boyfriend).
They couldn't find my chart, and boyfriend was about to speak up when they finally found it. We contemplated saying something about "Freakboy" anyway, but didn't.

Then we had to get mean...
So, between me, boyfriend and the manager at the bookstore, we finally made "Freakboy" realize if he didn't stop there would be consequences.
He finally did stop!
He no longer works at the eyecare center. I am not sure where he works now, or if he even works...I don't want to know.
He no longer calls me.
I have moved again,
and I no longer work at the bookstore.
What a freak for sure!
I guess I was lucky, it could have been much worse.


Heidi said...

Wow...That is scary..I'm glad your safe and that's he's not part of your life anymore.

Kay Ray said...

OMG.. i would have ripped his wang off and fed it to him.. or at least told him that I would!!

and i love the comment "boyfriend in tow" LOVES IT!!!

Lee Ann said...

heidi ~ Thank you. I didn't think too much about the situation until he commented on where I lived and the chart at the doctor's office. Then I knew it wasn't good!

Kay Ray ~ I was just glad to get him out of my life. I know you can relate...of course, we are twins...."LOVES IT"! <...I love that! ;)

Dave Morris said...

In radio, we get stalkers all the time. I had one who followed me home on more than one occasion. She was pretty harmless, though... unlike this dude.

Does Calzone qualify as a stalker? :)

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ I bet you do have stalkers. They hear your voice...
I think you have to still watch that, even if you think they are harmless, you just never know.
Being mean is so against my nature, but in this instance, I wish I would not have been so nice!
As far as Calzone, I think that is a dragon's nature ;)

Aliecat said...

I work in the medical field and it is DEFINATELY illegal for him to look at your chart for any other purpose than doing his job, which wasn't the case here. Under medical privacy laws he could have been punished with jail time and a fine not less than $10,000. Not only that, the doctor's office could also have been fined or sanctioned by Medicare for not taking more appropriate measures of protecting your privacy. Even though it was a while ago, I suggest you let your doctor know what happened so they can evaluate their HIPPA procedures and what consequences befall employees if they violate those laws. Had this escalated, I would say you have an excellent case for a federal and civil lawsuit. Be carefull, there's lots of wierdos out there, and it's easier than you think for people to get their hands on your personal information.

And now that you're properly paranoid, Merry Christmas!

Neo said...

Lee Ann -WOW! What a nutjob! See that's what happens when your beautiful both inside and out. The lesser inteligent CRAZY people hone in on those traits and want to obsess.

If I were your boyfriend at the time, I would have just beat his ass.

Glad it all worked out!


- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Alie ~ I felt sure what he had done was illegal, not to mention very creepy! I think I have learned through experience now. I also appreciate your advice. It would be different if it ever happened again.
Merry Christmas to you too!

Neo ~ Thank you, that is so sweet of you. I am glad it turned out all right. Trust me, boyfriend wanted to, but we decided to try to handle it the other way first!

Ellen said...

Boy, oh boy... talk about not getting the hint the first couple of dozen times you let him down easy. That's the problem with being a nice person... sometimes people take it to mean more than you "just being a nice person".

We are all so glad it turned out well for you, and that your boyfriend is supportive. I suspect freakboy was scared of boyfriend and eventually gave up.

Lee Ann said...

ellen ~ You are exactly right, sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice...that is a shame. You are also right, I suspect he was scared of boyfriend too.

Kay Ray ~ I saw your comment, I am not sure what happened to it.....Next time call me!! I'll take care of it!! ha ha...
Thanks, I knew I could count on you to have my back, I would be there for you too! ;)

hotboy said...

Creepy, creepy, creepy! Still, an object of desire. Why couldn't you get stalked by Brad Pitt? Hotboy

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ hey now that is an idea!!!! :)

Henri Banks said...

Stalkers are spooky i knew a guy like that ones one of my friends hat trouble with this guy so we help her to get rid of this creep !!!I talked with this guy for a long time gave him manny chances to stop this bullshit but he wouldnt listen :-( so i broke his nose !!!Believe me i dont like violence it was the very last step!!

Gyrobo said...

If you've had stalking problems in real life in the past, maybe it was a mistake for you to use your, you know, name and photo on your blog. But I guess you aren't the kind of person to live in fear, and all that.

Get the most out of life- buy a cowboy hat.

Lee Ann said...

world white trash ~ see, violence was a last resort! good!

gyro ~ I don't think the guy is smart enough, besides, I would unleash boyfriend if anything came up! Interesting that you would say buy a cowboy hat, what does that mean?

Becky said...

Well you are a sexy lady Lee Ann! ;-)

Merry Christmas!

Lee Ann said...

Why thank you Becky, I say the same to you. Merry Christmas!

jiggs said...

this is scary!

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ you are sweet!

Joe Tornatore said...

hopefully he will not uncover HNT.