Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What does it mean?

Air Cover
When a senior manager agrees to take the flak for an unpopular decision, while someone lower in the chain of command does the dirty work. As in: "The CFO will provide air cover, while you reduce staff by half." (A term borrowed from the military.)

Alpha Pup
A market research term referring to the "coolest kid in the neighborhood."As in: "If the alpha pups go for it, we'll sell millions of them."

Bleeding Edge
Beyond cutting edge. So new, its creators aren't entirely sure where it's headed.

Business Ecosystems
When companies in the same markets work cooperatively and competitively to introduce innovations, support new products and serve customers.

Chips and Salsa
Refers to computers. Chips = hardware; Salsa= software.

A theory that a company can create new business, markets and industries by working with direct competitors, customers and suppliers.

Cookie Jar Accounting
An accounting practice where a company uses reserves from good years againstlosses that might be incurred in bad years.

A 17th century word, now back in fashion, that means to throw someone or something out the window. As in: "Let's defenestrate this marketing strategy."

Dial It Back
To tone down. As in: "Your sales pitch is too aggressive. Dial it back."

800-Pound Gorilla
A company that dominates an industry short of having a complete monopoly.

Used largely by technology vendors to imply that whatever they build for one part of your organization will work with whatever they build for another.

To create a product that won't be made obsolete by the next wave of technological advancements.

Brainstorm session.

Living Document
A document intended to be continually revised and updated.

Market Cannibalization
When a company's new product negatively affects sales of its existing, related products, i.e., it eats its own market.

How things appear.

Pain Points
A favorite of consultants used to describe places where an organization is hurting due to poor operating structure, technology or inefficiencies.

Pockets of Resistance
Another borrowed military term that describes a person or group that attempts to stall, block or kill a project.

Reaching Critical Mass
Having enough customers or market share to become profitable.

Taking content from one medium (books, magazine, etc.) and repackaging it to be used in another medium.

To reword a proposal with the hope of getting it accepted by people who didn't like it the first time around. As in: "It's the same concept, we've just reverbiagized it."

Tszuj (Pronounced "zhoozh")
To tweak, finesse or improve.

Value Stream Six Sigma
term that encompasses every step in the process of producing and delivering a product or service (whether it adds value or not).

Value Migration
Used in industries where there is little market growth, the term refers to the movement of growth and profit opportunities from one company to another.

White Space

New high
-potential growth possibilities that are related to but don't quite match the capabilities and skills of the organization.

You may need some time for some of these to sink in.
My personal favorite was the "Chips and Salsa".


Anonymous said...

hey there!! nice to meet you...

'Bleeding edge' sounds a bit like me..not really know where's I'm a headin' yet :)

Nice site btw!

Anonymous said...

Howdy there Darlin'. With that list, I'm wondering if my thoughts of going corporate is such a good idea...

Anonymous said...

Hi lee ann.. Yes I found you through the charming man himself ...and glad I did too!!

I shall pop by more often, thanks for the comments....


Anonymous said...

too funny!

Anonymous said...

I like "when fit hits the shan"
I use it lots. It means, gonna go bad.

Ellen said...

Is there such a thing as futureproof? Everytime I turn around, technology seems to have jumped another leap while I'm still trying to figure out the "old" stuff.
Loved the explanations... they all make perfect sense, don't they?

truckdriver_sefl said...

white space:-}

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I came up with most of these =)

Hope you are well!

john said...

wow.really good !

ticharu said...

Hunger is 'future proof', that's all I'm going to say...

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the hipster generation invades the workforce.

rastaman said...

I'm hoping to reach critical mass soon!

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

Spinning Girl said...

That is so great; corporate life is laden with material for creativity! Did you make this up? 'Cause it is GENIUS LEVEL!!!

jamwall said...

i have a business ecosystem in my pants!!!!

jiggs said...

I love the word "defenestrate".

Anonymous said...

Here are some Colloquialisms from the UK:

Aussie Kiss: A term used to describe a certain sex act delivered to a woman "Down Under".

Bladdered Up: To be drunk

Cod: To Hoax or joke about

Phats said...

I like chips and salsa! Mostly because I was thinking food