Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Missy

Happy First Birthday beautiful girl!

Howard's one year old Golden Retriever, Missy.

It's Monday, and I wish I could play hookie from work today!
I need a vacation. Any suggestions of where I should go?
I hope you all have a great day!


rob said...

You could go on a Caribbean diving holiday to watch the squid.

Happy birthday puppy.

Neo said...

Lee Ann - I was going to suggest renting the space shuttle. Pick a planet. ;)

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Saur♥Kraut said...

Awww! My furry babies are so precious... and I see that YOURS is, too!

If it's warm, get outdoors! Cold? You're stuck with the malls, then. :P

Cinderella said...

They are my favorite kinda Doggies!!! I loves him. How precious!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Puppy!!

I think you should take a vacation to Disney World!!! Or a spa would work!

BeckEye said...

Aww, what a cute doggie! Happy birthday to her.

coach said...

HAppi Bitchday ! You can go anywhere you want Missy. Just do't go to Irag !

Anonymous said...

part of me wants to say:

"Vacation ideas?!? Why yes Lee Ann, you can come to my pants."

and the other part wants to say something about Orlando or something.

Maybe I'll just say 'hi'.

amera hearts said...

so cute!

as for vaca spots, greece!

OB Juan said...

What a gorgeous dog...

You could come to Calgary, it is even warming up here now so we wouldn't have to stay inside the whole time ;)

Ellen said...

Doesn't matter where you choose to vacation, as long as you get some good rest in the process.

Happy Birthday, Missy.

Have a good week, Lee Ann!

Polyman3 said...

You can come fight windmills
with me.
xxx- miss you.

Michael Manning said...

Beutiful dog! Looks like a definite people person type of pup!

EBEZP said...

Gorgeous bitch!! Happy Birthday!

As for a holiday come and see the tide hitting the sea wall over at mine now!! Imagination remember!

Lee Ann said...

rob ~ I wish I could...that sounds awesome!
Well, Missy's actual birthday was April 6, but we missed celebrating it :(
And, she is definitely still a puppy. She loves to chew on things!

Neo ~ That sounds good (in my dreams). It is a bit out of my league price-wise, plus I have a terrible fear of flying! Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as flying!
Peace and hugs to you Neo,

Saur♥Kraut ~ Yes, she is precious! I just wish my 2 cats and her would be able to cohabitat!
Outside would be wonderful...I am going to think more about that idea!

Lee Ann said...

Shannon ~ She is a wonderful friendly breed and so playful! Disney World would be an excellent vacation!
But, then again...the spa would be very nice too!
These are some great suggestions!

BeckEye ~ Thank you Beck!

coach ~ Thank you Coach! ;)

danny ~ little devil! >;)
Hi Danny!!

Lee Ann said...

amera ~ Thank you. Ahhh....Greece would be amazing!

OB Juan ~ Hey! It has been a long time, good to see you!
Oh thank you!
I have never been to Calgary, that would be cool!

Ellen ~ That is so true. Those vacations that you need a vacation from are a bit stressful. I do want something restful and stress free!
Thank you, you have a good week too Ellen!

Lee Ann said...

Polyman3 ~ Wow, are you back? I have missed you too!
Windmills eh? Now that sounds interesting!

Michael ~ You are absolutely right. She loves people!

EBEZP ~ Thank you! Oh, now my imagination is taking me there now! ;)

Chip Jones said...

Hi I'm Danny, you can come to my pants!


what a loser.

jiggs said...

that's a good looking dog!

pink hippo said...

Sorry I am a bit late.

Happy Belated Birthday, Missy!


Lee Ann said...

Cj ~ I love your laugh! ;)

Jiggs ~ Thank you!

Pink Hippo ~ Thank you so much!