Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Little Insight Into Me From My Interview

One of my blogger friends, Carl Spackler, has been missing in action. I miss him. He was one of my first blogger friends. The last time Carl came to Birmingham, he interviewed me. For those of you that have not seen it before, I am going to share it with you.

Monday, October 03, 2005
Carl's Interview With Lee Ann...

Recently I was down in Birmingham AL on FTMOCS business. I had the opportunity to catch up with Lee Ann for lunch. Here is some of the Q&A....not to be confused with the T&A.

Carl: In a previous post you mentioned you almost died 3 times in car accidents...can you tell us about that again and what, if anything, you have learned from those 3 crazy incidents?
Lee Ann: Well, I didn't actually almost die in those three accidents. It was a true story of how I had been in 3 accidents, and all of them involved me being hit by drunk drivers. 3 accidents ~ 3 drunk drivers. I was very lucky, which in turn made the 3 drunk drivers very lucky. My lesson learned ~ It would not be worth the drinks, to hurt someone very badly or even kill them.
Don't drink and drive.

Carl: What would be your perfect date?
Lee Ann: In the not too distant past, it would have been ~ grab a burger or pizza, a concert, favorite bar. Now, a nice quiet dinner in a nice restaurant, with a few cocktails, go to the ballet or theatre, then home for some candlelight, a little champagne and strawberries and. (maybe a little whip cream with those strawberries). And uh, well, you can guess the rest.
(Don't get me wrong a night out at the favorite bar/music is still fun, but you did ask what the perfect date would be).

Carl: Give us the low-down on living in Alabama?
Lee Ann: I would not want to live in all areas of Alabama (but I guess it would be the same in every state), but Birmingham is really beautiful. There are rolling hills (almost mountains, in fact, where I live is called over the mountain area). There are four distinct seasons ~ summer, hot enough to rival some of the hottest areas in the US. Fall, is probably my favorite season, the colors of the changing leaves are breathtaking and the cooler temperatures are invigorating. Winter, cold enough to make you want to be inside, but we don't get the beauty of snow very often (usually ice storms). Spring, ahhh, a nice breath of fresh air, green grass, beautiful flowers,
and loads of pollen! Alabama does not have a professional football team, but they don't need one. Alabama has one of the most intense college football rivalries in the US. Joe Namath was once quoted as saying he had never seen nything like the Alabama/Auburn football rivalry anywhere. So during the season, the fans eat, sleep, breathe, live football, the rest of the year they talk, argue, recap and plan for the next season! The south has a reputation for being friendly, I guess that is accurate. All in all, it is a great place to live.

Carl: What do you look for in a significant other?
Lee Ann: Number one thing.he needs to be MALE! I want him to be my best friend, confident' and lover, someone I can relate to and have fun with. MUST be honest, trustworthy, loyal (monogamous), and intelligent. I like the strong male type, but definitely want to see his vulnerable side at times. It doesn't hurt for him to be tall dark and handsome ;) but that is icing on the cake. (That's not asking for too much is it?)

Carl: Burger King or Mcdonalds...you have to choose one!
Lee Ann: McDonalds. I seriously do not eat too much "fast foods" but, I have had my share of McDonalds in the past. I still would on occasion (my old favorite used to be filet of fish (plain) and French fries). That new Burger King, King character with the big freaky head creeps me out.

Carl: Who in bloggerland would you like to meet in person and why?
Lee Ann: Now that is a tough question. Hmmmm, let's see. There is you, Frank and Zuma (the fun party group friends); then there are all those people that hang out with you, that I want to know; Mojo and Echeevo(the other Alabama friends); Hotboy and Robmcj (my friends from Scotland); Spinning Girl and Fred (my teacher friends); Becky and Chris (my friends from your area Carl); BeckEye (friend with the same recurring dream as me); Dave (Radio voiceman
friend); RCS and Zombie(tells it like it is friends); Jef (my buffalo nickel friend); Blake & Midwestern Hick (funny guy friends); Ticharu (free spirit/music ~nature guy friend); Goan Pao, Avik, ilaiy, jiggs, kay ray, justice, madhatter. Oh there is no way I can decide from this group.
Everyone is so unique; it is just too hard to decide.

Carl: Finish this sentence: in a perfect world...
Lee Ann: There would be no war, violence or poverty. People would all live by the simple kindergarten rule we learned.The Golden Rule! Treat everyone as they wish to be treated.

Carl: If Lee Ann had the chance to go back and do things over what would she do differently...if anything?
Lee Ann: I would have gone into a different line of work. Underwriting Insurance is not a dream job.

Carl: You are going out on a Friday night...underwear or no underwear?
Lee Ann: It really just depends on my mood and what I am wearing. Going commando
can be liberating, or simply not having a panty line! (Except for the bra, that is a must).

Carl: Aside from winning the Ronny Award what would you consider your greatest
Lee Ann: I cannot decide between the time when I was 4 years old or 15 years old. I started swimming on the swim team when I was 4. During swim practice, I would swim on the outside lane so I could stop, grab onto the wall, breathe for a second then swim to the end. One day, my coach put me in the middle lane, and it was the first time I swam the whole length of the pool without stopping ~ the whole team stood there and applauded me. Or, the time I was 15 and placed first in the State for 100 meter butterfly, and during the Southeastern Regional Meet I was in a 6 way tie for first place in the 50 meter freestyle.
Carl, Thank you again for having me here, it is my honor and pleasure as
always. Let's go get a drink!

3 hours go by as Carl and Lee Ann continue to have a liquid lunch...

Lee Ann: I'm really drunk, can you drive me home.
Carl: Absolutley, we don't want you getting into another accident now do we!

Carl and Lee Ann walk outside, Carl signals valet to bring around his Mercedes S L 500

Lee Ann: (with hand on Carl's knee) Thank you so much for driving me home. you are such a great guy. Have you thought about moving the FTMOCS headquarters down to Birmingham?
Carl: Unfortunately for right now its going to stay in Richmond, however, I have a pending engagment with Ambs77, she wants to move to San Diego. So I got that going for me.

Carl Pulls Into Lee Ann's Driveway...Carl notices top 3 buttons on Lee Ann's blouse are undone

Lee Ann: Why don't you come inside...I can make you a sandwich
Carl: Oh I would love to....

Carl's cell phone rings...

Carl: Shit, its Jenn (Anniston). That bitch just won't stop calling me. She always calls at the worst time.
Jenn: (on cell phone talking to Carl) Carl, I really need you right now. Brad and I are having more problems...I'm a wreck. I'm flying to Richmond tonight.
Carl: I'm in the middle of something Jenn, can you call back later.
Jenn: NO...I don't know what I would do if I can't see you.

Carl turns to Lee Ann, puts arm around her

Carl: Lee Ann, I have to go. I need to get back to Richmond asap.
Lee Ann: Why, so you can be with her? I hate that fucking bitch!

Lee Ann storms off, slamming door of Carl's Mercedes

Carl: (talking to self) I wish she would be more careful with the Benz. I love this car.

Carl drives back to airport, returns to FTMOCS headquarters.


jiggs said...

carl is such a lying sack of crap!

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Well, it IS something special with those who became your first friends in blog-land

hotboy said...

I'm dead impressed with the swimming! Especially the butterfly! Hotboy

Rebecca said...

poor bnez...was the benz ok....did you hurt it....I'm worried..lol

My first friend in blog land was TWOLF....where is he anyway..

Lee Ann said...

jiggs ~ haha, you don't believe him?
Jiggsy, you have been my friend almost as long. Your first visit to my Castle was Wednesday, August 31, 2005! ~xo

Kirsten ~ Yes, you are right, but I think new friends are special too!

hotboy ~ Thank you Hotboy! Do you remeber your first visit to the Castle?
Monday, August 22, 2005 :)

Rebecca ~ The Benz was fine! ;) And Carl thinks I am materialistic!!!!
Twolf has been my friend for a while now. I don't know where he is lately. I miss him too!

The Everglades said...

Okay, Three drunk driving accidents? I missed this the first time you posted it. And I would choose McDonald's over BK anyday, though I swore both off after seeing Super Size Me. And I made the list of bloggers you'd like to meet! Thanks!


Lee Ann said...

Blake ~ I don't think I have ever posted this here. It was posted at Carl's place.
Oh yeah, you were THE FIRST blogger friend I had that is still around today!!!!
You first came to see me on Saturday, July 16, 2005! :)
Glad you are still here!

EBEZP said...

I'm absolutely fascinated by all that! It was on your side bar and maybe still is! Because I've read it (very) recently!
You know me and my imagination though!! Butterfly girl!

Haven't seen twolf I have checked a few times.

Lee Ann said...

Ebezp ~ Oh, you are right! It is under my section for Royal Tributes and Awards.
I wasn't sure if anyone really read that stuff over there! ;)
This was Carl's post and I kept as one of my jewels! ;)
Yes, I do know your imagination, AM! *giggle*
We may have to send out a search for Twolf!

Anonymous said...

sigh i do miss carl.

Rastaman said...

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

Ida tol' Jenn to f*** off ... nothing could have torn me away!


BeckEye said...

Aww, if you and I ever do meet, we'll talk all about our recurring dream and then we'll go out to a club. Commando.

You're one of my oldest blogfriends too!

Lee Ann said...

Danny ~ Well, maybe we can hold out hope for him to make a big comeback like someone we know! ;)

Rasta ~ Hey, I have missed you lately. Ahhh...so nice of you to say...sweet Rastaman.
peace and hugs from Babygirl

Becky ~ Oh that would be a blast! Yes, you were one of my first blogfriends too! Your first visit here was on Saturday, July 16, 2005. Wow, we have known each other for a long time now.
Hooray for drinking commando!! :)

DaMasta said...

Aw, man! Can we change the ending? Is there going to be a sequel? ;)

Hypersonic said...

Now that was a blast from the past. I remember it well.

Lee Ann said...

Damasta ~ I know, the ending kinda stinks! Well, as you can see, I didn't want it to end that way, that was all Carl's doings! :(

Alistair ~ Good memory! So glad to see you, it has been a while.
Hope all is going well for you!

Just a toy said...

Whipped cream, You naughty girl Lee Ann.

Lee Ann said...

Hey Toy ~ *grin*

Spinning Girl said...

We could so hang out!
Ummm, just us though --- no boys allowed.

Lee Ann said...

SG ~ Oh definitely!
We have known each other for a while now too. Your first comment at the Castle was Saturday, August 20, 2005. That is wild that we have been hangin out that long!
Good to see you!

Phats said...

HAHA remind me not to get in a car with you!!

Hope all is well

rob said...

Lee Ann, with your contacts in the insurance game, surely you could have shopped the drunkards to their insurance companies? I would have.

I don't remember my first visit to the castle, it was so long ago.

"strong male type, ... with a ... vulnerable side" - I am vulnerable from all sides. Does that help?

Carl, you're German/Irish. That an unusual combination is. I'm German/Scottish and that bad enough is. Fanatically stingy.

melanie said...

Hey Lee Ann!
Hope you are well!
Interesting interview...:)
My first friend in Blogland was the free spirit music man you speak of..and very glad of that too I am :)
I have 'met' some interesting people on here since :)

Lee Ann said...

Phats ~ I completely understand where you are coming from. Those are pretty bad odds aren't they?

Rob ~ You always make me laugh. Hey, I am English/Scottish! What does that make me?
Rob, your first visit was a long time ago...Friday, July 29, 2005. We have known each other almost 2 years now! Wow, time flies!

Melanie ~ Tich is a wonderful person. He and I have known each other since Saturday, July 23, 2005...and now I know you. It is my pleasure knowing you.

Cinderella said...

Your perfect date sounds a lot like mine would. But I would go to an amusement park or a movie. But a concert sounds awesome too!!

b o o said...

cool interview :)

Lee Ann said...

Shannon ~ Oh, those sound like fun things to do too!

Boo ~ Thanks Boo :)

josh williams said...

That Carl gets all the babes, dang hes a real playa and I cant believe he left your for jen,the poor fool.

hotboy said...

I wouldn't dream about asking anyone about their underwear! Hotboy

hotboy said...

I do not remember the exhilerating first time. (And all the zulu maidens are doing that pelvic thrusting dance step) However, it has been a joy to come here, so thanks for that! Hotboy

Lee Ann said...

Josh ~ Thank you, that is the sweetest thing to say.

Hotboy ~ haha, I think that is a fair question, because off the reconrd, I asked him "boxers or briefs" haha.
No, I am just kidding!
I am so glad you enjoy visiting the Castle. Your first visit was Monday, August 22, 2005. I have enjoyed it very much as well Hotboy!