Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekend fun

This is the coolest picture.
See the black images that look like camels?
Well, those are just the shadows being cast by the camels.
The shot is almost directly over the camels.
See the small little whitish slivers beneath the black images? Those are actually the camels.

Click the photo to enlarge!

This was fun....I got this from BeckEye. I got Simpsonized.

You should try it.
Take a look at the map. See the hottest temperature in the nation? 102 degrees. That is in Birmingham, Alabama!!!! We are roasting here. The heat index is 108 degrees so far.
*drip drip drip*

Happy Friday...have a wonderful weekend!
Lee Ann


The T-Dude said...

I love the camels photo, that is really cool. And I'm afraid that if I get Simpsonised, I'll end up looking like a skinny version of Barney.

Ellen said...

Agreed with the t-dude.... the camel photo is really cool, and I would have never thought it was just their shadows.

As far as the Simpsonizing Lee Ann, very cool too. They caught your lips and hair perfectly.

Hope you are surviving the heat wave and staying cool over in B-ham. Our heat index is between 103 and 110 degrees today.... just another dog day of summer in Atlanta.

Lee Ann said...

t-dude ~ I agree...the camel photo was amazing. Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you more often.

Ellen ~ Hey! So glad to see you, it has been a while.
I am trying to stay cool...with not much luck. Our heat index is 113 today! :(
Be safe and try to be cool too.

EBEZP said...

Hi BG. I've seen the camel pic before it is amazing isn't it?

Sounds like it's as hot were you are as were that pic was taken!

Have a good one!

Sorry I hate the Simpsons with a passion and I hate what being simpsonised did to you!!!

Lee Ann said...

It may be just as hot here as in that desert!
I myself could not tell you the first thing about the Simpsons...except it is an animated show and there is a movie that has come out.
Thank you...I am glad you don't think the Simpsonized look is an improvement for me! You are always too kind AM! ;) #

green said...

That camel photo is excellent. Whouda thunkit?

Your simpsons icon looks very realistic.

Have a great weekend, too!

Rastaman said...

When I see you, Babygirl, my heat index shoots through the roof! LOL

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl

~ (hot) Rasta

Osbasso said...

Sorry--you're not going to get any sympathy from me on the heat. We had it already!

I also think the real Lee Ann is far more preferable than the Simpsonized one!

Hopefully I'll get your part of the story up this weekend. It dawns on me--perhaps you've kept it all this time as your own?? You ARE a crazy person!

Lee Ann said...

Green ~ Thank you, so much! You have a great weekend.

Rasta ~ It is sizzlin now! haha
Thank you Rasta!
peace and hugs from babygirl

Os ~ I know you guys had the heat over there too. It is just hot all over.
I did not keep it for myself! That is a promise...gosh, why did it have to get lost after me. I still think someone in NY is wearing it and has sold the notebook to a foreign television station! :(

rob said...

Great camel pic.

I hope you have aircon - if not, I'd put the sheets in the freezer till bedtime.

angel, jr. said...

Have a good weekend!!!
The camel picture is too cool!

Michael Manning said...

The Camel photo was nice, but yours was better! :D

JLee said...

Don't you HATE this heat? I'm done with it. I love your Simpson's avatar...I have one, but can't figure out how to save it, dammit!

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ Thank you, yes I am fortunate to have ac.

Angel ~ Thank you, you too!

Michael ~ Awww, thanks you are sweet!

Jlee ~ Thanks! I had to print screen, paste in paint and save as jpg.

BeckEye said...

You make a cute Simpson! We should meet up at Moe's sometime for a few Duffs.

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Hi Lee Ann! Me mizt u! Kum tu Wyomin, it doh kooh heow!

b o o said...

that camel pic is amazing. leeann simpson is so cute :o)

Michael Dingler said...

I did the camel shadows...

Camels burgers...


Phats said...

Of course I got simpsonized as well since I am the biggest simpsons fan alive. I like the look of yours!

That picture is crazy I never would have guessed shadows.

Have a good one

RaBadBoy said...

Brilliant camel photie! Hotboy

BTExpress said...

You complain now, but come the winter you'll be happy you live where you live. I'll trade you my cold weather and snow any day.

jiggs said...

that simpsonizer is cool!

Semi-Celibate Man said...

The camel picture is awesome!