Friday, September 21, 2007

Birthday party at the Castle!

Welcome to my birthday party!
Please come in, have some cake and punch or champagne.
I am so glad you could come.
Please stay as long as you wish and have a wonderful weekend.
Lee Ann


Osbasso said...

Happy 35th to one of my very bestest friends! Love you!!!

Stealth said...

Happy birthday to the smiliest girl I know!!!!



~d said...

(how kind of you to invite (me)!)

I do (come) bearing

Happy happy!

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ You are the bestest! Thank you, loveyou back!

Stealth ~ Thank you! ;D
Happy HNT

~d ~ Thank you. You are always welcome here! Thank you for the gift...very nice!

JLee said...

yeeaahh!!! Happy Birthday!
I brought you some cupcakes...

BTExpress said...

Happy birthday kid!

BeckEye said...

Happy birthday! You're 35? Ah, you're 5 months older than me! :)

TUG said...

I'll tell you a secret...we're now the same age :) Happy birthday, cutie.

EBEZP said...

Have a great day BG and all best wishes for the year ahead!
Phew I did get it right!!

Regal said...

Happy Birthday

angel, jr. said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!
I've brought my favorite spinach dip in a sour dough bowl to share with everyone.

Phats said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I will take some cake for sure

Blissfully Wed said...

A fine happy birthday to you! Have a great night.

~Tim said...

Happy birthday! I'm sending you a virtual cake with virtual trick candles that you can't blow out.

Phain said...




Rastaman said...

Happy Birthday Babygirl! You're catching up to me ...

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl ... you are so beautiful!

~ Rasta

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I love being invited to a party. Happy belated birthday.

P.S. The cake and champagne were delicious.

Michael Manning said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady. Wishing you the best of everything!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I like cake. Is the average still 6/day?

I should be so lucky ...


Hotboy said...

Many happy returns! Hotboy

Gyrobo said...

Happy, mappy, hoppy, hippy, snappy, snacky birthday!

Flippy, floppy, flick or floggin', chromagraphic birthday!

Burning, churning, hedge-fund earning, neat and magic birthday!

Have some toast and points of light and pay your rent next Thursday!

Win a boat and sell your goat,


Find a hat but lose your coat,


Learn to fly or fail to float,


Just have a happy birthday. Dush!

john said...

WOW !!! Grand birthday for a great lady .

amera hearts said...

i knew it was your birthday so i sent you a note in the mail. it's nothing even on the scale of greatness.

i still feel bad for not commenting yesterday though :( forgive me?

Kittie Kate said...

That's cool!
Happy Birthday!

rob said...

Is it that time again already? Happy birthday Lee Ann.

Fame said...

How do I miss your Birthday.. only a few away from mine?? Then again I have been traveling. I'm home for a while now. Happy Late birthday , celebrate with me today, that would be super too.

Luv u

jiggs said...

happy birthday!!!!

sorry for being late :)

jamwall said...


Happy belated!

pinkhippo said...

Happy belated birthday! :)

OMG, I missed the fun! LOL

Am sorry for being so late. Had been very busy recently.