Friday, September 07, 2007

Yeah, that's right!!!!

Yesterday, after work, I went to the gym and did my workout.
I was proud of myself because I increased my time and distance and worked it really hard.
I always workout in the Cinema Cardio room.
It is a movie theatre with treadmills, ellipticals, stairsteppers, and bikes.
Gone in Sixty Seconds was the movie of the day.
That is a good one to work out to, it has a lot of action scenes.
When I finished, I was sweating good.
I grabbed my water bottle and headed out to the main part of the gym
to go pick up my gym bag.
Then I saw a guy that looked very familiar.
He was big and tall.
As he approached me, I just looked up and smiled.
He said "Hey there baby, how are you?"
I said "good", then smailed big.
I realized he was Charles Barkley, also known as Sir Charles.

This is him! He was wearing a read t-shirt with no sleeves.
It is not every day you see someone well known.
I believe he has a home in this area.

It made me smile!
I think I looked up at him just like this!
(With my shiney and sweaty face...
...however, in this picture, I had cooled down a little
so you can't see the sweat that was pouring off of my face at the time).
I acted all cool though, until I got to my car.
Then I whipped out my cell phone and called Howard.
Well, I had to tell someone right away! ;)
It was cool!
I hope you all have a great weekend!
Big hugs,
Lee Ann


jamwall said...

Did you and Charles exchange cameras so you could get that "at the moment" shot?

Phats said...

That's freaking awesome did you get his autograph??

Neat idea movies while working out. I do my own workout at home and blare music. My dog hates it

Osbasso said...

That's pretty cool! I walked onto an elevator in Portland and ended up nose to chest with Kurt Rambis of the L.A. Lakers. He looked like a doofus, but an intimidating doofus!

WDKY said...

Hang on... you have a "Cinema Cardio Room"???

Now that's impressive!

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

He looks rather like Brian Lara.


BeckEye said...

You should've told him that he was your role model, just to piss him off. :)

jiggs said...

that's so cool! he is a legend.

Becky said...

Well hot damn! I don't believe I've ever met any kind of celebrity in my life.

amera hearts said...

that is awesome! if you see him again tell him i said hi!

and damn girl! great job on going stronger with the work out. i wish i could do it!

In Ink said...

You met a guy who is well known. Take away the celebrity and he is just a guy. Get over it.

Tuyet said...

Wow, I have never met anyone important! Well, except for Princess Diana. She was pretty!