Thursday, July 21, 2005


I have always thought of Tom Cruise as a major talent. Top Gun is one of my all time favorite movies. On the other end of the spectrum, Eyes Wide Shut had to be one of the most disturbing movies ever. Lately, I have to admit, he is acting a bit....well, how I think of him, "out of character". I have to ask the question......Who is the perfect girl for Tom Cruise?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I still think he has talent!


Edge said...

Tom does the same 5 things in every movie.

1. Runs some place
2. Takes his shirt off
3. Sweats
4. Yells while pointing a finger
5. Cries

There is a reason Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman left him.


The Husband said...

very good question...i asked the samething on my blog awhile back. i have/had alot of respect for tom. probably the worlds biggest movie star. so many great movies. but then this whole katie holmes thing gets way out of control. he could do so much better. i mean, the guy is tom cruise. he should go after a playboy model or something like that. i would think he and brad pitt could do a lot of damage at the playboy mansion. atleast thats what i would do.

Donny said...

Jef.... uhmmmm..... didn't Tom leave Nicole?

Lee Ann, I haven't seen Eyes Wide Shut. Your description of it intrigues me, however.

The Everglades said...

Such a classic photoshop job. As for Tom Cruise the actor, I will love him until the day I die. He can do no wrong. I even liked Eyes Wide Shut. I thought it was susenseful and a unique storyline.

Even when I saw War of the Worlds, at the peak of the Tom/Katie weirdness, it didn't affect the movie at all for me, even though the five things Jef mentioned are in every movie of his.

The biggest shock out of the whole War of the Worlds deal was the picture of the cute little kid from Jerry Maguire who is all grown up now--and looks as ugly as any kid I've ever seen.


midwest_hick said...

I've enjoyed some of his movies.....but have never considered him anything but an adequate actor

Lee Ann said...

I definitely want to see War of the Worlds. My sister's son used to be stopped all of the time when he was real little. People said he looked just like that kid. Fortunately, my nephew is just getting cuter and cuter. Can't wait to see what the kid in the film looks like.

BeckEye said...

Jef forgot that Tom usually repeats at least every 10th line twice.

This picture made me laugh my ass off! As Homer Simpson would say, "It's funny 'cause it's true".

Cruise is such an ass. I do still love Rain Man though. And A Few Good Men. And Jerry Maguire.

BadGod said...

That movie he was in with Jamie Foxx, Tom was the hit man. Good movie, but can't remember name of it.
Anyway, I wonder if he smacks Katie's ass and yells "talk to me, Goose" over and over while they have sex (or whatever those crazy scientology folks call it)

Henri Banks said...

thats nice what you did with that pic