Friday, July 29, 2005

A little too edgy for some

There is a new teen movement called Straight EDGE (well at least, I have just heard of it). In some areas, they are getting a bad rap, as they are being called a gang. I saw this on the news and it seemed interesting. To look at them, you might be surprised at what their philosophy is. The original definition of straight-edge included the rejection of mind-altering substances and promiscuous sex, modern interpretations include a vegetarian (or vegan) diet and an increasing involvement and awareness of environmental and political issues. Straight-edge grew out of the punk rock/hardcore scene and so music plays an important role. The attitude between straight-edge and the rest of the world often took on adversarial tones becoming "The positive youth crew versus people who drink, smoke and/or do drugs." Many people dislike straight-edge and its adherents because of such intolerant views. The girl from this movement that I watched on TV said they are definitely a nonviolent movement. Increasingly disenchanted with societal ills, young men and women adopt the straight-edge doctrine as a guide to better themselves and their surrounding environment. While its critics seem to focus more on them as fashion victims, few can argue that the philosophy is still valid. The drug-free lifestyle has left its positive impact and the movement is spreading worldwide.
This is an example of people judging the book by the cover. If they are nonviolent and aim to better themselves and the environment around them, then what can be wrong with it, as long as no one gets hurt in the process?


ticharu said...

It can be argued that drugs derailed the Hippy ideals. Drugs and promiscuity have certainly impacted society negatively.
I saw something about straight edge some years ago but I've never met anybody into it. I was a druggy quite happily for 20 years. 20 years was enough. Nothing to show for those wasted years of course.
As far as doing something for the environment and being vegen. If everyone were vegen that WOULD change things, but for the environment, and by extention humanity, I believe it is too late.
Being straight is the best idea in terms of saving yourself. Perhaps I should phrase that differently.
Being straight will give you the clearest view of the appocolyse! Hahahaha

BadGod said...

I think a lot of groups started out non-violent. But the more people refuse to accept, the more angry everyone becomes.

No meat? No sex? What the hell is wrong with these little bastards?

Dave Morris said...

As long as they don't impose their philosophies on others who don't wish to join, who cares?

I applaud their club, although I wouldn't fit in very well. Mostly because I am 23, way too old.

Rex Venom said...

All you really need, I guess, is a Straight Edge lifestyle, some Neil Diamond, and a general understanding of modern theoretical physics to get you through this mad, mad world.
Rock on!

mojoala said...

A good relationship with God would preclude any nessecity to join any new age idealisms or beliefs.

robmcj said...

Apart from the music, it reminds me of macrobiotic people, who in decades gone by used the doctrine on food, toxins, etc. to better themselves. Maybe they still do.

Macrobiotic couples would plan something like 7 years of pure living so as to replace every cell in the body before conceiving a child.

I don't see a problem with these movements, except that if everyone did it, there'd be nobody buying junk food and drink and pharmaceuticals and fertilisers to prop up the economy. And farmers might have to employ more people.

I'd still be macrobiotic myself if I could afford a personal macro chef, like Madonna.

Lee Ann - your profile refers to Led Zeppelin, here's a shameless link.

Joe Tornatore said...

i have a daughter who is straight edge.