Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Answers to True or False...AND MORE!

ALL OF THE ANSWERS to yesterday's questions ARE TRUE!!!!!!
You guys are just too smart for some of these questions.
Really, Hitchcock has no bellybutton? That is truly unheard of!



Hey! All of you guys out there will like these too...

Tell me which one makes the most sense to you.

Okay, guys, I know you are thinking "whatever", but let me know you stopped by and there will be a surprise for you, ok?

Inside every older lady is a younger lady -- wondering what the hell happened.
- Cora Harvey Armstrong- -

The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.
- Helen Hayes (at 73)- -

I refuse to think of them as chin hairs. I think of them as stray.
-Janette Barber- -

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse.
- Lily Tomlin- -

A male gynecologist is like an auto mechanic who never owned a car.
- Carrie Snow- -

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry with your girlfriends.
-Laurie Kuslansky- -

My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being, hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.
- Erma Bombeck- -

Old age ain't no place for sissies.
- Bette Davis- -

A man's got to do what a man's got to do! A woman must do what he can't.
- Rhonda Hansome- -

The phrase "working mother" is redundant.
- Jane Sellman- -

Every time I close the door on reality, it comes in through the windows.
- Jennifer Unlimited- -

Whatever women must do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.
- Charlotte Whitton- -

Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart.
- Caryn Leschen- -

I try to take one day at a time -- but sometimes several days attack me at once.
- Jennifer Unlimited- -

If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.
- Catherine- -

When I was young, I was put in a school for retarded kids for two years before they realized I actually had a hearing loss. And they called ME slow!
- Kathy Buckley- -

I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb -- and I'm also not blonde.
- Dolly Parton- -

If high heels were so wonderful, men would still be wearing them.
- Sue Grafton- -

I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride on.
- Roseanne Barr- -

In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.
- Margaret Thatcher- -

I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house.
- Zsa Zsa Gabor- -

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.
- Eleanor Roosevelt- -

****My personal favorites... Love deeply and passionately and dance like nobody is watching.
-Not known- -


Aliecat said...

LOVE the one by ZaZa, my favorite female felon! Another good quote by Cher, "Women get exicted about nothing, and then they marry him."

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Thanks for the answer key. Ok, I stopped by and commented. What's my surprise.

Neo sits down on the bench, lights a ciggie and waits patiently.

The Zombie Lama said...

If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.

I like that one :o)

Soo... what's the surprise????

FNT? Um, I mean.... ;o)

Lee Ann said...

alie ~ Very good one by Cher!

Neo ~ Thank you...ok, be patient, it will be here!

Zombie ~ I like that too! So, you are already thinking about HNT? Well, I have to tell you, that I am waaaaay too shy to do FNT! Be patient, your surprise is coming! ;)

Becky said...

"Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart."
- Caryn Leschen- -

That one's going to stick with me! It's a shock back to live in the now, you're young and still pretty, live it up!!!

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ That is definitely a good one to live by!

Ellen said...

Here's another one by ZaZa:
"I want a man who's kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?"

I loved them all, Lee Ann!

Lee Ann said...

Ellen ~ that is a great one! I would definitely settle for that:)

Lee Ann said...

The Zombie Lama has a great post today:

Kay Ray said...

I do not believe Hithcock didn't have a belly button.. thats against nature right?

Lee Ann said...

That's what I'm saying Kay Ray!

jiggs said...

Lee Ann, sorry to be anal like this but some of them seemed so wrong that I searched for them as urban legends. Here are some links:

All mammals by definition have belly buttons unless they are removed by surgery so I looked up a link on
About the hitchcock belly button issue.

Another link about the dog bite frequency

Coke is not originally green

Your heart does not stop when you sneeze

Babies born without kneecaps is false

And here's a discussion of a few more

The Zombie Lama said...

Why thank you!

*hugs* :o)

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ I am so impressed. One of the other bloggers said they had never seen an ostrich bury their head, but they were very good to eat!
I just had a feeling about that bellybutton thing.....that would be nastyif it were true, wouldn't it! (I think that one bothered almost everyone)
Coke, I could imagine would be clear, the original bottle was green, but someone did bring up the "old Pepsi clear". That definitely makes more sense. Kneecapless babies....who would ever think up something like that ~that is horrifying.
I do know that a sneeze has been clocked at 100 mph. If you try to hold it in, you can do capillary harm, and even more damage than that.
I am glad you cleared that up....You know, you are really very enchanting with all your intellect! ummmmm!

Lee Ann said...

Zombie, you are awesome!

jiggs said...

Don't thank me. Thank google. I just did the typing.

Lee Ann said... are too modest! You know you are adorable.

Calzone said...

I went to bed with your shoe last night.

Lee Ann said...

Ah, Calzone baby, that is why I couldn't find it this morning! That's ok, I have something else for you to snuggle up with.

Jimi Starkey said...

Love the dumb blonde quote...reminds me of my sister-in-law. Brother asked her why she had been staring at the orange juice for the last 20 minutes..she told him that it was because it said on the carton "CONCENTRATE."

Lee Ann said...

Hey Jimi! That is a good one, so funny! Good to see you!

Susanna Rose said...

Great quotes Lee Ann! One of my favorites, which inspired me in my cross-country running days is "A winner never quites. A quitter never wins." Not as pretty as yours but anyways, I often think about it when I'm ready to give up on something!(=


Lee Ann said...

SR ~ Hey! Thanks for stopping by! That is a great quote, one that everybody should live by. Come by again!

robmcj said...

I say! Lee Ann, you're getting bolder. And very nice too. Wait till our Scots friends wake up and see this!

My favourite quotes would be

- Jennifer Unlimited- -

- Caryn Leschen

Happy HNT, have a good weekend.


High Desert Diva said...

Great quotes! Thanks :D

...also VERY interesting facts on the T/F quiz!

Billy said...

lee ann - loved the quotes, my favorite.

"I closed the door on reality but it came through the window" just so damn true...