Monday, November 21, 2005

Your First Visit to My Castle!

I wanted to give you guys some stats about you!

I have gone back through my blog and determined the first comment you ever wrote here. I have shown the date, the title of the post and you're comment. You have made several comments on various posts since, but I have only revealed your special first visit to my Castle. There have been many other posts and several other visitors that have stopped in on their way through The Land of Blog, but they were just passing through. I am glad you had a good time here and continued coming over. It would be cold and lonely here in this big castle without all of you guys! You are welcome here anytime.

Blake ~ The Everglades
Saturday, July 16, 2005
TV needs a makeover

Throw your television out of your window. That is the only option. Even if there were 567 chanels, none of them would be any good. And I'm sure Britney Spears is shitting a golden brick now that she has been eclipsed by Jessica Simpson--Dukes is no Crossroads. Blake
2:21 AM

Beckeye ~ The Pop Eye
Saturday, July 16, 2005
TV needs a makeover

The deal with reality TV is that it's become as scripted as regular TV, under the guise of still being "real". I remember the first season of The Real World and it was pretty obvious that those kids had no idea what the hell they had gotten into. While I'm sure they were well aware of the camera at times and weren't always completely themselves, it was probably the most real anyone could've hoped for. But once the producers saw how well it worked, every season after that had to have "the naive girl", "the hunk", "the gay one", "the angry black one", "the wannabe musician", "the jackass" and then a few "wild cards" who were camera-friendly. I really can't get into that show anymore because of it's scripted nature, but I do get a big kick out of those Real World/Road Rules challenges. People are never more real than when they're competing for money. I do like some reality shows but others turn my stomach. And the sheer volume of them is pretty ridiculous.By the way, it's so funny that you and I have that same college dream. I read on some dream analysis website that it means that I'm afraid to move on to the next stage of my life...which in my case is probably true!
1:53 PM

Carl Spackler ~ From the Mind of Carl Spackler
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
The Power of the Wealthy

abc news just reported that story the other day. when will it stop! seems we won't have any property rights at this rate.
10:07 AM

Jef ~ Thunderfish
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Apartment Life

I'm so glad to be out of an apartment. Mowing isn't all that bad and the tax break is wonderful and I'm making a profit off of it when I sell it. I would call the home office and check out the story, get the person you talked to's name and then call Ms. Bubbly back and ask again and then tell her you talked to Home Office and they will be calling her later. Like Joe Pesci said in Lethal Weapon II, "They screw you at the [apartment complex]."Hoping to read more from you,~Jef
10:12 AM

Dave Morris ~ Dave’s Window
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Apartment Life

I have a habit of leaving apartments REALLY clean. Far cleaner than they were when I moved in. Yet, I never get a bonus refund. Only the deposit. Why doesn't the world work the way I want it to???
11:55 PM

Avik ~ The Surging Waves
Friday, July 22, 2005
Just enough to get by!

nice reading.....
take care.....
12:00 PM

Ticharu ~ Ticharu Gets Legs
Saturday, July 23, 2005
Backyard surprise

We've re-named the 'Department of Natural Resources' up in my neck of the woods the 'Destroy Natural Resources' from a simular encounter. Not aligators obviously, but a baby raccoon. We found the little guy, wet and shivering, lost, quite helpless. Called the DNR, asked how to take care of it, they said to just kill it. We fed it with a bottle and in a few days it was strong enough to leave and we've not seen it since. People aren't pests, but every animal that gets in our way sure is. Actually, humans are the real pest...
6:11 PM

Mojoala ~ Dialetic Storm
Monday, July 25, 2005
I just don't get it

just a sign o if botox could grow hair, I might use it. Jef might too!His forehead and mine are
10:59 AM

Goan Pao ~ Vindaloo
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Where are the parents?

Guess the I in todays world is more important than the We. Parents supported by psychologists are more concerned about themselves than the children. Also a lot of parents like to act "Cool: and are afraid of disciplining their children. Some parents are just darn lazy.Kudos to you guys ticharu, dave ....
1:41 PM

Allison ~ AP’s Blog
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Where are the parents?

he'll look for attention from other sources and they probably won't be good ones ie: drugs, gangs, etc..
6:20 PM

Rebecca (now Becky) ~ Becky’s Ramblings
Thursday, July 28, 2005

Most people don't know what the word respect really means, it's no longer one for all and all for one, more like it's all for me!! What can you do though, you can't change an entire world's views on things.... Free will is a bitch sometimes...
9:57 AM

Robmcj ~ open text
Friday, July 29, 2005
A little too edgy for some

Apart from the music, it reminds me of macrobiotic people, who in decades gone by used the doctrine on food, toxins, etc. to better themselves. Maybe they still do.Macrobiotic couples would plan something like 7 years of pure living so as to replace every cell in the body before conceiving a child. I don't see a problem with these movements, except that if everyone did it, there'd be nobody buying junk food and drink and pharmaceuticals and fertilisers to prop up the economy. And farmers might have to employ more people.I'd still be macrobiotic myself if I could afford a personal macro chef, like Madonna.Lee Ann - your profile refers to Led Zeppelin, here's a shameless link.
5:07 PM

Menzies Milngavie iii ~ Menzies’ Mumblings
Sunday, July 31, 2005
If there is a will there is a way

Dear Lee Ann,Rather late for your Tuesday posting about 'where are the parents', but thought you would be amused by this sign.MM III
9:44 AM

The Zombie Lama
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Do you know someone personally?

Future "Darwin Award" winners there...
11:39 PM

Fred ~ Fred’s World
Thursday, August 04, 2005
Due what? Do when?

This sounds like one of those stories the local newspaper's "Action Line" would love to print. One call from them and your deposit will be ready that afternoon.
6:27 PM

Frank ~ Frank the Tank
Thursday, August 04, 2005
Due what? Do when?

Completely agreed! It's ridiculous! They should be alloted no more than 60 days to remit payment! I HATE cable companies!!!
6:36 PM

Robert C. Seifert ~ RCS Thinking Out Loud
Monday, August 08, 2005
In just one unsuspecting moment!

I'm not certain I would have been as graceful. Bitterness is like a cancer. It will consume and destroy you if you're not careful - see your neighbors. I came via Dave's Window, I'll be back!RCS
12:04 AM

Thursday, August 11, 2005
Working for your money ~ what a concept!

Be careful with all those email scams... Never make your life revolve around money .../thanks ilaiy

Echeevo72 ~ Soundboard de Cheevo
Saturday, August 20, 2005
What will be next?

hey, i randomly found your blog. i am in birmingham too and you are one of the few birminghamsters i have found out in bloggerville. this competitive eating event was something we covered at the bham news (i work there) and we talked about how amazing it was that a tiny asian dude was on the one to pack away so many weiners, where did he put them all?
11:19 AM

Spinning girl ~ Eleven Point Five
Saturday, August 20, 2005
What will be next?

Aww, sheeeat. I could've made like $7000 last Thursday when I ate my way through my whole fridge.
9:42 PM

Kay Ray ~ K Doll Killah for Shizza
Monday, August 22, 2005
Isn't it a bit ironic?

Druggies have to ruin it for all of us!! That really sucks.. Great blog!!!
2:23 PM

Hotboy ~ Rablissblog
Monday, August 22, 2005
Isn't it a bit ironic?

Duh! Dealing a little drunkenly with this ...Is this American irony? Are drug dealers (my deep dear friends) saints, or capitalists? Hotboy
6:36 PM

Friends of McDougal ~ Who is McDougal
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Less is more!

A buddy of mine (man by the name of McDougal, do you know him?) is half sasquatch on his mom's side.The guy's a 6'9" freakin' orangutan.He doesn't shave, but I know from seeing it done first hand, the man conditions his pubes with hot bacon grease.Being half blind (Dad's side), I'm not the best judge of physical appearances. However, I see enough to know that while McDougal is a mountain of a man, he's not much to look at. His eyebrows actually grow straight into his hairline. And the man's essentially had to pick a line of demarcation on where to stop shaving his face. There's no way to tell specifically where the beard stops growing and the chest hair starts. This, I think, is why in recent years, he has decided to go completely natural. He's got a 2-foot long beard, and can no longer where a shirt because of the excessive chest hair growth.President Kennedy gave him a gold chain with a St. Christopher medal on it back in '62, which McDougal has never taken off. However, it's been missing in the tangle of chest hair since some time in the mid-80s.I will say this for the old guy though -- he smells like a goddamn dream. It's like a mix of lilacs and sulphur ... but it's a good smell.Strong. Musky.Drives the women nuts.This probably comes from his steady diet of Chinese ... people. They're about all he eats.Another little tidbit -- I once bedded McDougal's third wife (immediately following their divorce) and she was naturally hairless. No body hair, no hair on her head, no eyebrows.Stunningly beautiful woman though.I also know that as we speak at the McDougal Institute at MIT, they are working on cloning a breed of completely hairless humans. This breed also possesses just a single arm, no legs, and two dozen tiny feet.Dean Kaman (sp?) is involved, and this new breed of superhumans will be powered by a brilliant combination of naturally occurring hydraulics and magnetic energy.I think in a few years, we're all going to have to revisit the nature of human beauty.
2:40 PM

Justice ~ Rambling Thoughts of a Weary Traveler
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Less is more!

I'm with you...I really wonder what type of person participated in these studies. LOLThanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I hope you will come back again.
8:37 PM

The Mad Hatter
Saturday, August 27, 2005
Now this is interesting!

I've always loved this story. Link me if you dare!
9:21 PM

Jiggs ~ Jiggsblog
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Oh, So smart!

I think we all know what the deeper message is here:Don't be a douchebag.
6:12 PM

Carslemane Foraix
Monday, September 12, 2005
Sounds of silence

It sounds like a typical party at Hotboy's place, except that at his parties, everyone dances around all night without any music or headphones at all.Carslemane
3:25 PM

Thursday, October 06, 2005
Feeling a bit under the weather

I can see the amazed Chinese kid in the background.
11:18 PM

Neo ~ Just Bring It
Friday, October 07, 2005
Ohhh! Something to see!

Lee Ann - OUCH!!!!If it wasn't real, it would sure look fake. The body just isn't supposed to bend like that. I know my man is on some serious pain killers.Neo cringes
6:37 AM

Ellen ~ The Secret Garden
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Rock-a-bye Husband?

Lee Ann- I popped over to your blog from Neos. I read through your posts and got a great chuckle about the GYN visit. Haven't we all experienced that? (I waited so long one time, that I literally took a nap on the table).Anyhow, just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your stories, and loved the pictures as well.Good work!
5:54 PM

Calzone ~ Dragon for Hire
Monday, October 17, 2005
Are you my mother?

Man...I came over here to bust your ass, are so sweet. Damn
8:06 PM

Saurkraut ~ Saurkraut Speaks Frank-ly
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
At work?

Yeah, the same thing happened in Clearwater, FL (a major tourist town in FL). You just gotta wonder: Public Servants - How Dumb ARE They?
9:11 AM

Aliecat ~ The Kitty Kat Lounge
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Not a 3-way but a 4-way!!!!

I failed my driver's test once, but hey, I was only 14 when I took it...
1:44 PM

Twolf1920 ~ R700 Rider
Friday, November 11, 2005
Ahhhh, now that is nice!

Woe is me-I had to convert an old tub with a hose with a showerhead on it. I am NOT a plumber...NOR is it easy to convert an old style bathtub to a shower-All the hardware is oudated. I have to SIT in the stupid thing and hose myself off like a DOG.DAMMIT!I am looking for a conversion kit to make a shower stall. Seeing your post jut made me realize that I too really want a decent shower.I am so deprived!Bloody HELL!And I live in Minnesota, so its gonna get cold here soon!CRAPPITY CRAP!Anyway, Nice blog!
10:29 PM


ticharu said...

That was interesting. A lot to read, but really interesting. Wasn't it a lot of work putting this post together? I'm impressed!

Dave Morris said...

In the words of Bogey, "That was the shtart of a beautiful friendship."

Interesting project, I know this took you a while!

Lee Ann said...

Tich ~ it was fun, you guys are important to me *giggle*

Dave ~ I agree...I am glad too. I also wanted to give all of you guys a link (shout out, so to speak), so I linked each of you and linked your special post of when you first came to see me :)

Neo said...

Lee Ann -Thanks for the mention. You're welcome at JBI anytime you want babe. :)


angel, jr. said...

Wow, some really interesting comments!

Lee Ann said...

Neo ~ Thank you, you always do make me feel welcome ;)

Angel ~ You have started coming around lately, thank you. I will have to add you to my regular guests here at the castle!

Becky said...

I was looking through like I was going to dread what mine was, but I have to say I even impressed myself. lol, Love you Lee Ann! :-D

Lee Ann said...

becky ~ I love your comments. I always look forward to it. Love you too!

twolf1920 said...

That was well worth the wait!

Lee Ann said...

T ~ you are sweet...glad you are here.

The Zombie Lama said...

You're awesome :o)

The Husband said...

very interesting...were you bored this weekend?

hotboy said...

That must have taken ages and ages! Talk about methodical. Glad to be included though! Hotboy

Lee Ann said...

Zombie ~ you are awesome too! thank you.

Carl ~ Yes, Carl, did you see, you are close to the beginning? Of course I am bored when I am at home alone, I worked on that Friday night ;)

Hotboy ~ Absolutely you are included...I couldn't do without my UK boy! And I have been told I am a bit obsessive compulsive. I think the term is perfectionist. Oh well, what can I say.

Edge said...

I should have probably said something like, "'Nipples' is a cool word, don't you think?" and left it at that ...

They still screw you at the apartment ...


Lee Ann said...

Jef ~ you are funny! That post seems so long ago, doesn't it? (It really wasn't so so long ago though!) Glad you are here!

Saur♥Kraut said...

How funny! Thanx 4 the unique & fun post!

Lee Ann said...

Saurkraut ~ hehe, thank you for coming over!

jiggs said...

I think we all know what the deeper message is here:Don't be a douchebag.

I pleased that you put those words into the post because I think they're quite insightful (still).

mojoala said...

LOL! I still think Jef and I would use Botox if it could grow hair on our similar foreheads....

BTW, how long did it take to do this blog?

an hour or so?

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ haha, yes, you are very insightful!

mojo ~ it is fun to look back, huh? It took a while, but it was fun.

Ellen said...

What a busy little bee you've been. I'm having trouble just keeping up with the posts and regular took the time to go back. With my busy season just starting, I don't think I'll be able to keep up at all! Wish I had your tenacity!

Thanks for the link, and feel free to drop by the garden anytime.

Friends of McDougal said...

Something's wrong with that McDougal guy.

That post should be nominated for some sort of research award.


twolf1920 said...

...AND who are WE to question McDougal???

Lee Ann said...

ellen ~ I know you are busy with your business. I hope you will have time to check in here every once in a while.

McDougal ~ yes, stellar says it all!

T ~ I certainly wouldn't be the one to question him!

jiggs said...

This post makes me feel fuzzy.

"Get off the couch fuzzy! You're not allowed up there!"

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs, I feel fuzzy too!
(except he is not on the couch!!!!)

Me said...

You'll get my first comment at this
But it's my previous blog.
First comment of my current profile was this
so ?

Lee Ann said...

Avik ~ very good! Nice research!

Spinning Girl said...

Hah! What a fun idea. And the bloggers I know sound like their good ol' selves.

Lee Ann said...

Spinning ~ Yes, they still seem so much the same as in the beginning. Guess it is easy to stay true to your personality when you are somewhat anonymous. :)

twolf1920 said...

How was your day LeeAnn?

Lee Ann said...

T ~ thank you for asking, it could have been better... :( I am sure it will be better tomorrow! :)
how was your day?

BeckEye said...

Well, at least McDougal's comment was longer than mine! I figured my long-windedness would stick out like a sore thumb!

So sweet of you to go back and do that research!

Lee Ann said...

Hey BeckEye! I thought you comment was great. It was like a discussion more so than a comment. I like that. When are you leaving for NYC?

twolf1920 said...

LeeAnn-better today!

I had a good conversation with my friend "C"-the one who has custody of the little girl "M" who lost her mom.

I am going to the funeral tommorow to support them.

Hugs to you LeeAnn-I hope you have a good rest of the nite and a SUPER good day tommorow!

Lee Ann said...

T ~ I am so glad you were able to talk to her. I know that whole situation has weighed heavy on your mind. I hope tomorrow is ok...I really don't like funerals.
Thank you for your sweet words, and the hug, I am sure tomorrow will be better...nothing a good night sleep can't cure.

BeckEye said...

I'll be leaving the weekend after pretty darn soon! And as is par for the course with me, I have nothing packed yet. Then again, I really don't own much!

jiggs said...

Where is your fuzzy, Lee Ann?

And *hugs* to you.

robmcj said...

Very interesting to see how things (we all) have changed in a relatively short time.

I post shorter comments now. Thank goodness.

Nothing wrong with a bit of OCD. Well done Lee Ann.

Fred said...

what? where's my mention eh? consider your blog buttered sucker!

Lee Ann said...

Beck ~ Moving is a pain, but it will be great once you finally get moved in. I wish you all the luck!

Jiggs ~ My fuzzy thing...
thanks for the hug! ;)

Rob ~ Thank you...yes, I hear it from my friends at work about my OCD! oh well, it's not too bad.
I try to make my posts shorter, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. :)

Fred ~ I am sorry, if I had known you were coming over, I would have been better prepared. I am glad you came :)

Fred said...

not glad enough eh! once i finished buttering megatrons stupid bucket head im comin' after you.

twolf1920 said...

Thanks LeeAnn-Heading out for it now~


Frank The Tank said...

What an awesome post! that must've taken you FOREVER to compile!

Lee Ann said...

twolf ~ hugs

Frank ~ thank you, it was fun!