Monday, October 17, 2005

Are you my mother?

Last week in Seattle, Debby Cantlon’s dog gave birth to litter of puppies. That is not the unusual part of this story.
Debby had taken in an orphaned squirrel to nurse it back to health.
Her Pappillion

(Mademoiselle Giselle) kept dragging the squirrel’s cage to her bedside while she was in labor.
After some concern, Debby finally let the squirrel out of it’s cage. Giselle coaxed the squirrel to join the litter once the pups were born.
Since then, the squirrel nurses right along side the puppies.
Debby said the squirrel’s name is Finnegan. “As in, ‘Finnegan, begin again.’”

So, the little squirrel found a mommy!
That is incredible!


hotboy said...

Interesting and heartwarming story!

midwest_hick said...

Nice post......everyone/thing needs a mother.

Edge said...

"Cats and dogs living with each other ... MASS HYSTERIA!"


Becky said...

That's so sweet! :-)

mojoala said...

both my mother and her sister have both raised a flying squirrel from babes.

Lee Ann said...

hotboy ~ I know, I just couldn't resist putting it out there for people to know about.

Mike ~ You are right!

Jef ~ hahaha that can be sooo true.

becky ~ it is really sweet...where the heck have you been lately?

mojo ~ Really? Wow! I remember the first time I saw a flying squirrel. It freaked me out, because they don't look like regular squirrels. I had no idea that there were "real" flying sqirrels (then in Alabama to top that off).

Kay Ray said...

thats cute :)

Lee Ann said...

Hey Kay Ray! Oh that rhymes, I am a poet, and didn't know it, but my feet show it....they're longfellows! (I know I know, not funny!) My boyfriend always says that I crack myself up, but noone else!

Dave Morris said...

How many puppies? Was it anywhere as many as the litter those Arkansas people have?

Sweet story.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ You may be right! I hadn't thought of that. Hey, are you a little sore yet, or will that be tomorrow?

Me said...


Justice said...

I heard this story on the news last week. It was so touching.

Calzone said...

Man...I came over here to bust your ass, are so sweet.


Lee Ann said...

Avik ~ Hey, hope you are having a good night.

Justice ~ Yes, it is hard to believe that a squirrel would take to a dog and vice versa!

Calzone ~ Hey Birthday boy! Hey everyone, say happy birthday to Calzone! It's Jef's birthday today too, happy birthday to you too.

jiggs said...

Do you think the squirrel's buck teeth are a little rough on the bitch's nipple.

I amuse myself by calling a female dog a "bitch".

Calzone, if you want, you can bust my ass. If you catch my drift... And no I'm not talking about butt sex you fucking pervert.

Spinning Girl said...

that ain't right.

robmcj said...

Some human mothers do the opposite when they're pregnant, sending their nearest and dearest as far away as possible to eat soap and seaweed. Not that I'm complaining.

ticharu said...

My dog... squirrel pie, yes! Squirrel friend, never!

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ I would imagine so! OUCH!

Spinning girl ~ I know, very strange!

Rob ~ I am sure you are right! Either way, I think it is odd.

Tich ~ I think most dogs are like yours!