Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Seven seven seven seven seven seven seven

I was tagged by very cool girl, BeckEye...

Seven things I want to do before I die:

1. Get married
2. Travel to Italy
3. Buy my favorite car to my specs
4. Have my dream home
5. See more of the US
6. Have a fun job (or none with a sugar daddy…j/k)
7. Invent something spectacular

Seven things I can do (Skills Napoleon):

1. Cut a deck of cards with only my left hand, without putting them on the table (I am right handed)
2. Whistle at an eardrum breaking level
3. Harmonize to Edwin McCain (I’ll Be)
4. French braid hair
5. Analyze everything
6. Say 3 words in Vietnamese (I learned from my nail guy)
7. Drink a really good frozen margarita

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Speak a foreign language
2. Eat oysters or other slimey things
3. Drink Gin….*cringe*
4. Hurt someone’s feelings intentionally (I just can’t)
5. Play lacrosse
6. Riverdance
7. Standing back flip

Seven things I say a lot:

1. That’s amazing
2. Cool
3. I love you
4. Baby
5. Uh, yeah
6. I promise
7. Nu uh

Seven things I find attractive in a male:

1. Muscular arms
2. Brown eyes
3. Dark hair
4. Tall, medium build (hmmm….tall dark handsome!)
5. Honest
6. Intelligent
7. Respectful

Seven celebrity crushes:

1. Antonio Sabato, Jr.
2. Antonio Banderas
3. Orlando Bloom
4. Brad Pitt
5. Johnny Depp
6. Bruce Springsteen
7. Edwin McCain

Seven random people who have to do this next:

1. Carl (you have to do it this time!) ok?
2. Calzone (ok baby?)
3. Jiggs (please?)
4. Dave (I know you will, right?)
5. Robmcj (it will give you a topic to blog!?!)
6. Hotboy (we all want to see!)
7. Goan Pao (since we haven't seen you for a while)

I tried to spare those of you I have tagged previously, but I know I hit some of you again....so please, if I did, it's ok right?


robmcj said...

This is a good tag, it looks like it makes you really focus on the present and the future.

I gave up plans for a sugar mommy a long time ago, but I can recommend the benefits of having a partner who is self-financing and expects no financial help but still appreciates small gestures.

After you've seen enough of the US, try Scotland. They'll teach you the highland fling, which is mediaeval riverdance.

Left-handed cut - where d'you learn that? And what card games do you play?

Can you whistle for a dog? I wish I could do that.

Don't you have to thaw the maragarita first? ;) Oh I get it, that's what makes it a skill, right?

Thanks Lee Ann. I can never get tagged enough.

jiggs said...

Ok. I'll do it.

jiggs said...

One question,though. Where it says "seven things I like about a male", should I switch that to female since I am straight?

(Sorry gay guys!)

Lee Ann said...


Rob ~ The partner thing is good advice. I do want to see Scotland, so very much. Will you give me a tour? My boyfriend's name is McN...he would also like to see his heritage. I would still lke to see him in a kilt! ;) That would be so cool to have a true native teach me a mediaeval riverdance. I used to play cards, a lot, when I was younger, on the swim team, it passed the time being at the pool so much. I don't play any of the cool card games now. Yes, I can whistle for a dog. It is so loud, once I did it inside a car, and thought I broke everyone's eardrums. A frozen margarita is a slushy drink, made with tequila...ummm so good. *picture me licking my lips* hahaha I look forward to seeing your sevens!

Jiggs ~ I knew I could count on you! Oh, yes, The question of what I like in a male may be substituted for female (it is what you like for a "significant other type"). Can't wait to see your list.

Justice said...

Interesting insights into you Lee Ann. *S*

Lee Ann said...

Hey Justice, I almost tagged you, but I thought you might be traveling again, so you may not have time. Have a good day!

ticharu said...

Thanks for not tagging me Lee Ann, although one instantly considers what their own answers would be to such questions, I hardly have time to even read all of your answers, let alone think of my own.
Gin is a medicinal drink with tonic, it reduces inflamation, very effective.
I also noticed that you did not include having dinner with Ticharu on yer list! Tisk tisk tisk...

Lee Ann said...

Tich ~ I almost tagged you, but I know how busy you are. You should do a partial list or something! Oh man, I forgot to put that I would like to have dinner with you sometime before I "leave". (Really, that would be cool)

Becky said...

Rock on! I didn't get tagged! YAY!!!

So one of the things you want to do before you die is get married, what about having kids?! Sorry to pry, the question just came to mind. You seem like such a sweet, and smart woman, I'm sure you'd be a great mom one day.

hotboy said...

Alright, Lee Ann! But I might not get seven of any of them! Hotboy

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ You are on my next tagging list ;) I always tag myself on your lists. In fact, I have the one from your last list ready to post...you will see it in a few days. I would absolutely love to have a baby with "boyfriend", but I would hope to be married first. That would definitely be awesome! Thank you, you are sweet.

Hotboy ~ I knew you would. I can't wait to see your list.

Calzone said...

I already did this one baby..about a month ago over on Monkey's blog. You still drive me mad though.

Lee Ann said...

Okay Calzone, you are off the hook today, but only this time, ok baby?

hotboy said...

You must be musical! I can't do anything that doesn't take massive effort because .. no talent. Are you good at sums and musical as well? That's fung typical, that is! I'm fair scunnered at that! Hotboy

The Husband said...

i will particiapte...but this might take some time. can you post some more pictures of your body?

Justice said...

Lee Ann, I travel each and every week...it's my life. LOL

The Husband said...

lee ann, i have my answers, do you want me to post them on your blog or mine?

Rob Seifert said...

Thanks for letting us in on some more facts about you. Most of the things you want to do seem doable, get on em!


Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ I am not muscial, however, I love music and I love to sing.

Carl ~ Oh good! More pics...hmmm maybe! You can post here or there, wherever you want. I am glad you did it this time :)

Justice ~ see, I knew that about you!

RCS ~ Thanks for the encouragement! I will try!

Dave Morris said...

Good GOD Lee Ann, what are you... some kind of dream woman??? Great list! All the good ones are taken. :(

As for being tagged... I have done this one already. In fact, you commented! It's right HERE in case you want to revisit. Catch me next time though, I love to play.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ I like your style... a nice compliment (thank you) then the let down! Haha... I was thinking you had done this already. I will try to spare you the next time (but only the next time). I think I have tagged you twice now.

BeckEye said...

Hey, I can french braid too. I forgot that one. I can only do it to other people though, I can't do my own.

Lee Ann said...

BeckEye ~ That was a fun list. Next time I'm in Pittsburg, I will have to call on you for directions or a tour!

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say, Lee Ann!

What an excellent tag that was - got everyone going. Hotboy and Mr RobMcj, and via Mr RobMcj even myself!.

Sorry to hear you have so far missed out on the joys of MGTs for sundowners.

I've never heard of Edwin McCain. Was he perchance the older one in the Bay City Rollers?


mojoala said...


I missed the tag by a pigs hair!

CPiteira said...

just love it! :) don't agree with everything... but I love the post anyway :)

Tarek said...

Seven things you find attractive in a male ... that's just me ;)