Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Less is more!

Women spend more time working on their appearance than men. Over 2 hours more a week per the results from a survey done from Elle/ It also revealed that women are more self conscious about the appearance of their “nether regions” when it comes to sex. This would seem to reiterate the fact that men are more willing to have sex regardless of how they are groomed. That is really no surprise, right?

So let’s just assume that all men and women take a shower prior to going on a date. What else can be done to groom for sexual success? As Lou Paget, the Los Angeles sex seminar guru says, “trim the hair down there”. He has said, “Women always say, ‘Oh, I have shaved my legs,’ but I always tell them ‘Ladies, that’s fine, but he’s not having sex with your legs.’” So, take heed and tidy up ladies. Men, that goes for you as well; it doesn’t have to be elaborate, but, well, you get the picture. So, to sum it up…..Less is more.

Here’s something else I learned in regards to the same area. Ok, guys and girls, drink a nice sized glass of pineapple juice a few hours before “the deed”. The smell and tastes of bodily fluids can be affected by the food and drink we take in. Fruits in general are good because they contain acids and sugars. Paget also cautions about eating certain vegetables like asparagus for instance. The same chemical that makes your post asparagus eating urine smell so strong, also affects our “vital fluids”. Hmmmm, probably not a good thing! Beer...well guys, beer makes semen taste bitter. Now, I am just passing on the information of studies that have been done. I wonder who participated in these studies?
Paget also commented “Men are really not aware of how sensitive a woman’s sense of smell can be; you want her to keep her focus on whatever activity she’s doing and odd smells make it hard to focus.” The sense of smell is very powerful.
We have natural smells that are meant to attract the opposite sex. These smells are subtle and should be allowed to be present. Don’t overload on cologne or perfume, but a hint of cologne should mingle with our natural scent.

When asking another person to share bodies, we should just have common courtesy and make it as enticing as possible. The final words of Paget, “Paying attention to someone the way they love to have attention paid to them is massively seductive. And you are paying attention to yourself, too.”


ticharu said...

That's all pretty interesting.
I've always loathed perfume.
Hate the smell of soap.
You can tell a lot about someone by how they smell.
I can tell when a woman is ovulating by how they smell providing they are not wearing perfume.

Fred said...

It's tougher to be a girl. Ever since I decided to grow my hair, it's really a lot more work than I ever imagined. I can hardly wait to get back to the short hair, easy maintenance look.

The Zombie Lama said...

Nothing more annoying than going down on a woman and having to interrupt your groove to hack up a hairball. That's why I always shave the boys. I'm considerate, if nothing else.

Becky said...

Absolutely! It matters to me if I am well groomed, more than it does to my husband, it really can affect the whole experience for me if I'm not "up to par."

Justice said...

I'm with you...I really wonder what type of person participated in these studies. LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I hope you will come back again.

Lee Ann said...

ticharu - yes, I have heard that about ovulation. (Scent of a woman, huh?) All part of that natural attraction, it's great isn't it?

fred - keeping up the maintenance can be a little bit of work, but well worth it.

Zombie - Good job! I like that consideration.

rebecca - I agree. I feel the need to be well groomed as much as I want "him" to be. how does it feel saying "my husband" now?

Lee Ann said...

Justice - Hi! thanks for stopping by. I will be back by yours too.

Dave Morris said...

Fascinating "piece," Lee Ann. My, my. Where do I start.

If strong-smelling food has been cooked for dinner, it will keep me awake all night. Sure I will doze off at bedtime, but then I will smell the food in the air and wake up several times through the night. Weird how scent plays such an important role in the lives of humans.

For me, the "vital fluids" generally fall into the GOOD category, definite turn-on. But when embellished with perfume, soap or shave cream, it's REALLY sexy.

A tidy "nether region" is nice, equally for both parties. The "keeper of the region" enjoys a more sensitive feeling when free of... um. Thatch.

And guys, don't endeavour to engage in activity with a case of "swamp ass." If so, you're just done.

Dave has been drinking a little. A couple of glasses of Lagavulin scotch have made me all too open with my opinions.

Arz000n said...

Men, that goes for you as well;
That was a nice advice for men :)

Ok, guys and girls, drink a nice sized glass of pineapple juice a few hours before “the deed”.
I was once told by a friend of mine that pineapple is always a better choice in fruits if you're planning to have sex with those "deed" in coming few days. Beer and smoke is strictly naah naah. Boy...thts the fact then. Kewl!!

“Paying attention to someone the way they love to have attention paid to them is massively seductive. And you are paying attention to yourself, too.”
This said it all.

This was an awesome post Lee. First time here though.

Pretty neat. Take care

Lee Ann said...

Dave - Good opinions, really! Glad you could share.

arz000n - Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments. Take care.

Spinning Girl said...

Brava! Informative, fun to read, and gracefully tackled. I say again, Brava.

Edge said...

I always found this a fascinating subject I guess because it's just not something people talk about.

I could always tell when a girl friend had been eating queso.

I've also heard there should be no "smell" unless you have an infection. I do agree on the ovulation comments. It's so strange how that happens.

I'm most curious about grooming habits. Half with a landing strip, full shave or Grissley Adams?

I think I take more care of my hygene now that I'm married.

Why don't more people talk about this stuff?


Goan Pao said...

nice topic to discuss...i wonder why they dont talk about this at sex education...i guess this is as important as rolling a trojan...
Olfactory senses play a major rule in everything we do and i guess the brain reacts to olfactory signals in different ways.
good grooming..i must say that we men must be more considerate..gotta loose something to gain something... ;)

Lee Ann said...

spinning girl - Thank you. This is an important topic, but not easy to put out there. I definitely wanted to get it out there without offending anyone. Thanks again.

Jef - Yes, I agree. Sort of a "taboo" subject. I truly didn't want to offend anyone. I am very conscious of my grooming, it is important. Thanks for your comments.

goan pao - Yes, it should be part of an education program. I read something the other day about condoms and the percentage of people that misuse them. Interesting point. Thanks.

The Husband said...

very intersting article. i'm sure you noticed a similar topic on my blog but i couldn't agree more. sometimes it helps to use some powder down there especially when its hot outside.

Lee Ann said...

Hey Carl - yes, I noticed we had similar topics. You always have a lot of chat on your blog, so I try to leave a blurb to let you know I have been there. Most people have seemed to agree that grooming plays a pretty important role. Thanks.

The Husband said...

well lee have achieved VIP status on my blog which means you are in the "inner circle".

Lee Ann said...

Thanks Carl, it means a lot to me!

mojoala said...

I can only say three words!


Lee Ann said...

Sorry mojo

mojoala said...

sure you are!


Lee Ann said...

Really mojo! :D

Rob Seifert said...

LMFAO! I don't know what to say except that skin on skin is infinitely more pleasurable to me than tangled fur. People have thier own scents and if you're attracted to them, chances are you like how they smell. I still assosciate certain scents with certain people. Clean and well groomed is definitely my preference.


Lee Ann said...

RCS - ROTFLMAO and giggling! That is good! I am in total agreement.

Friends of McDougal said...

A buddy of mine (man by the name of McDougal, do you know him?) is half sasquatch on his mom's side.

The guy's a 6'9" freakin' orangutan.

He doesn't shave, but I know from seeing it done first hand, the man conditions his pubes with hot bacon grease.

Being half blind (Dad's side), I'm not the best judge of physical appearances. However, I see enough to know that while McDougal is a mountain of a man, he's not much to look at. His eyebrows actually grow straight into his hairline.

And the man's essentially had to pick a line of demarcation on where to stop shaving his face. There's no way to tell specifically where the beard stops growing and the chest hair starts. This, I think, is why in recent years, he has decided to go completely natural. He's got a 2-foot long beard, and can no longer where a shirt because of the excessive chest hair growth.

President Kennedy gave him a gold chain with a St. Christopher medal on it back in '62, which McDougal has never taken off. However, it's been missing in the tangle of chest hair since some time in the mid-80s.

I will say this for the old guy though -- he smells like a goddamn dream. It's like a mix of lilacs and sulphur ... but it's a good smell.

Strong. Musky.

Drives the women nuts.

This probably comes from his steady diet of Chinese ... people. They're about all he eats.

Another little tidbit -- I once bedded McDougal's third wife (immediately following their divorce) and she was naturally hairless. No body hair, no hair on her head, no eyebrows.

Stunningly beautiful woman though.

I also know that as we speak at the McDougal Institute at MIT, they are working on cloning a breed of completely hairless humans. This breed also possesses just a single arm, no legs, and two dozen tiny feet.

Dean Kaman (sp?) is involved, and this new breed of superhumans will be powered by a brilliant combination of naturally occurring hydraulics and magnetic energy.

I think in a few years, we're all going to have to revisit the nature of human beauty.

Lee Ann said...

friend - thanks for stopping by. Interesting comments. I am sure he has a great personality along with the wonderful smell, right?

hotboy said...

Never worked this thing out about Americans. If you go on a date,are you difinitely going to be involved in meat injections? Is there no such thing as a reputation? Thank Allah for Akbar!

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