Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pleasantly surprised

I discovered Blogshares the other day! While I was looking at all of the stats I noticed something that made me smile. Check this out! There are two posts from The Beautiful Talker Meme.

Monday, August 08, 2005
" Bit-O-Difference
Greetings beautiful readers.
This post is to announce the introduction of a new beautiful project. The BOD Project: Bit-O-Difference.
This project will be running right here at this blog and will last for as long as it can.
The project is a simple one. Every day (or as there about) I will post a link to a blog or website I think deserves a little more attention.
These will be websites that are cool, rock, groove, or rule.
Or at least I think so.
You will know a site has been entered for this honour as the post title will start "BOD:"
The title of the project is such because I'd like to make a bit of difference to these sites.
My hope is that you will love these sites too. That you will think they are great and need good comments telling them so. However, you are free to think what you want (including the thought that this blogger has lost his mind.
However, it is no time for Dr Talker to go find the first great site in need of a well done.
One last note. Feel free to recommend other peoples sites but do not ask for your own site to be linked. I will also be going back from time to time to the site that have been awarded a little link under the BOD project and will be following links and profiles from comments I find there. I hope you will join me in making a Bit o' difference."
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Try the Beautiful Talker Meme -=- No Discrimination!

Thursday, August 11, 2005
" BOD: Castle of Nannbugg
Here is you BOD goodness for today. A blog by an interesting writer that shares the Desz style view of the world that being the same as everyone else is DULL DULL DULL. The only answer to this dullness is to be yourself and try not to too suffer from too much "complete predictablity".
Best of all this blogger is from the greatest bit of the universe - The Earth! (and my corner of said planet - the UK!)
Castle of Nannbugg: "There was a stretch of grassy land from my patio to the edge of the property, where it dropped off with a view of the distant rolling hills. It really was quite picturesque... unless you were on my patio. It was then you realized that tenants and their dogs walked the beautiful stretch of grassy land frequently. There was a strict rule the apartments had and that was to scoop when walking your dog. It was obvious that several did not abide by that."
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Try the Beautiful Talker Meme -=- No Discrimination!

I was pleasantly surprised! Beautiful Talker Meme linked my blog, thanks! Also, if any of you haven't seen the blogshares yet, you should check it out, it is pretty cool.


BeckEye said...

I see this word "meme" all the time and I have no clue what it means! I'm still not completely up to snuff on all this blogness.

Lee Ann said...

I'm not either. I really had no idea that it is so involved. Just look up your blog title on your browser. Every blog that has linked you will be shown and anything that has you linked on blogshares, you can go in and see your stats.

The Husband said...

whats blogshares?

Lee Ann said...

Carl - it gives you statistics on your blog: Incoming links, Outgoing links, what your blog is worth! The worth of your top incoming and outgoing links. All kinds of information. I really had no idea that it was so involved. Really cool though, you should check it out. Type your blog title into your browser. Everyone who links you will be shown. Go to any of the ones that have your link in Blogshares and you can find your stats.

The Husband said...

thanks for the info....they blocked me at work but i'm going to check it out tonight.

The Zombie Lama said...

Wow. Check you out!

mojoala said...

Will have to check that out as well.

Carl! you got blocked at work?

Dave Morris said...

Hey Big Stuff - will you still talk to me? :-)

The Husband said...

yes, they blocked me from that website. those bastards!

Lee Ann said...

Zombie - ahah, thanks

mojo - yeah its cool

dave - aw, i really needed a boost, sort of came at a good time....i'm done now:)

Fred said...

Pretty cool site. I've heard of it but never checked it out. What will they think of next?

Lee Ann said...

fred - yeah, I was impressed. It is very detailed.

ticharu said...

meme is a self replicating idea, the idealogical version of a virus, an idea which catches on, I've heard the term applied to religion.

Lee Ann said...

ticharu - Oh, I like that. Very good, thanks

The Husband said...

lee ann, whats up...no blog today?

Lee Ann said...

carl - yeah, thanks for checking on me.