Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not a 3-way but a 4-way!!!!

What is it with 4-way intersections that have stop signs? This is basic driving 101.
People have either never learned, don't care, or they are really really rude!

Car on RIGHT was there first.
I got to the intersection 2nd.
LEFT of me was 3rd.
STRAIGHT AHEAD of me was 4th.
RIGHT of me(again) was 5th.

RIGHT goes.
I should be next,
but LEFT decides since he got there 3rd, he should go next (nice impatient little "!&!%@!").
So he goes,
then I start to go, but since I am turning left and had to wait on LEFT to go past me,

WAIT just a turn!

I ended up being 4th and RIGHT was on my tail!!!!

I think there is something wrong with this picture, don't you?
Oh yeah, some of them were blabbing on their cell phone....another pet peeve of mine! If you can't drive in the first place, then don't drive while talking on the cell phone. It probably wouldn't bother me so much if these cell phone talkers didn't do such stupid driving tricks!

Ok, I am better now!
Have a great day everyone....cya later!


Dave Morris said...

This situation is a great example of why God gave us middle fingers. Don't be shy with it.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ Sometimes drivers drive me nuts. I actually had to use my horn the other day. I haven't had to use it in a long time. Someone was just merging into my lane, but he was merging into my car! When I blaired the horn at him, it woke him up! Have you ever considered a bullhorn with your radio voice "STOP AND GET OUT YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR "****"? That would wake someone up! ;)

The Husband said...

i'm right there with you lee ann. can't stand that shit. although, several years ago, i had to take a written drivers test to renew my license (virginia has the most insane laws on shit like this). anyway, i failed it. then failed it a second time. then a third. finally, on the 4th time i passed. they had stupid ass questions like "at how many feet should you put on your turn signal before making a turn". i think the answer is like 150 feet. what made it worse...i missed the question on how much alcohol a beer, glass of wine and shot of liquor had. i was so fucking pissed off. anyway, after i passed they renewed my license and took a new picture. the look on my face is i'm about to go postal or something.

Lee Ann said...

Carl ~ That is funny, sorry, I can't resist giggling. You made your story sound funny. Most of driving is common sense, but I think a lot of those driver tests go strictly by the book. Glad you passed it. Most drivers license pictures look like a mug shot. I look like a hippie in mine, all you can see is my long hair!

Justice said...

I am convinced that some people make up their own rules on the road. This is a perfect example of that.

Becky said...

I have mace so I can flip off, and cuss people out with out any fear!

Edge said...

In Texas the Vietnamese always goes first so that no one else gets smashed by them. I think here it's first come first serve or first there and the guy across from you then the other direction. GOOD GOD WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE THESE AT ALL?!?!? I like Dave's idea, use your finger if you think it's your turn.


The Zombie Lama said...

I am putting this post on every street corner in this freakin town!

ARGH! People where I'm at DO NOT know the meaning of "right of way".

jiggs said...

I thought the title of this post was a little misleading. I thought I was going to get a little bit of insight on the differences between three-ways and four-ways and how one might avoid any unpleasantries therein, but the post was about driving. Not that that's bad, but it just wasn't what I was expecting from the title.


Lee Ann said...

Hey Justice, you are right!

Becky, that is a good idea! I may have to invest in some of that.

Jef, I think everyone thinks if they just slow down and don't completely stop, that they have the right to go next! Uggghhhhh!

Zombie ~ You are exactly right! No one knows the meaning, if they do~ then they are just RUDE!

Lee Ann said...

Hey there muffin! haha, gotcha, huh? :) Sorry to be misleading!

Aliecat said...

I failed my driver's test once, but hey, I was only 14 when I took it...

Lee Ann said...

aliecat ~ 14 wow! They let you take it when you that young? I can't stand drivers tests. When I moved to Tx, I had to take a written test, even though I had a current AL license. Then when I moved to Florida, I had to take the written and the driving test, even though I had a current TX license. Then I moved to Alabama, and had to take the written again. Yuck! Maybe some of those OLD people should be retested with the driving part of the test!

Aliecat said...

In South Dakota you can get a restricted permit (i.e. farmer's liscense) at 14. You can drive by yourself from 6am to 8pm. Good times!

Lee Ann said...

Alie ~ Wow! That is cool, I never knew that. Must have been good times!

Neo said...

Lee Ann - There are too many stupid drivers on the road. And you're right about the cell phones!

Ellen said...

My pet peeve is the idiots out there that weave in and around traffic without using their turn signals... like we're supposed to know where they're going.
Although Dave has a good idea with the finger, I don't use it... just too afraid that idiot might be packing a gun as well. I just lay a nice little curse on them and hope for the best.
Can't blame you for being mad... too many stupid people on the road that shouldn't be.... and ATL has it's share.

Lee Ann said...

Neo ~ I have a cell phone, in fact, no land line (for the last 5 years) I love it, but if you can't drive and talk on the phone, then you should stop doing one of them. I mean, you are operating a ton of metal...think about it...right?

Ellen ~ The weavers are bad too. Just yesterday morning, I was approaching an intersection on a busy highway in which the light just turned green(the stopped cars had just begun to move). A guy in a jeep came onto the highway from the side merging lane, didn't even slow down, and not only went onto the highway, he crossed 3 lanes in one big swoop. That was extremely idiotic. You are right Atlanta is a tough place to drive if you are not used to it. I used to live in Houston and I experienced a lot of bad drivers in a lot of traffic.
As far as the middle finger, I am like you with that...seems that these days, there are too many bad road rage incidents that turn deadly.

robmcj said...

What I don't understand is - how come the world is full of dud drivers, with the exception of myself, and of course you and everyone else who visits this blog (not you Carl, obviously)?

Here's an idea, and it's definitely do-able with current technology. Every car is fitted with a webcam, and a wireless broadband connection to the police website. Whenever you see a driver on the phone or whatever, you just press a button and a photo of them and their license plate is uploaded to the cops.

Obviously, other drivers can do the same to you, so you may prefer to use fake plates and a Halloween mask.

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ haha, I like your idea. My boyfriend says he is going to get some kind of ramming rod for the front and back of his truck. That should help, right?

BeckEye said...

And people why I nearly run out of profanities while driving.

BeckEye said...

And people WONDER, that should've said.

Lee Ann said...

I hear you BeckEye!