Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Five weird things!

I was tagged by Captain Carl and Ceri.

I am to list five weird things about myself, then tag five others to do the same.

1. I like to look at guy's shoulders and arms. I mean, I like the other areas too, but that is the first thing I look at.

2. I organize my closet ~ all shirts together, then blouses, then sweaters, then dresses, then skirts, then pants. (all facing the same direction and by color) Uggghhhh....I know...OCD!

3. I ALWAYS go commando when wearing a sweat suit! *giggle*

4. When I eat (haven't had in a long long time) homemade devils food cake with homemade icing...from the slice I have on my plate, I eat the cake part first, then the icing last (oh so good).

5. When I write something at work or home (form, letter, note), I will most likely start a new sheet if I mess up. Uggghhhh....I know...OCD!

You guys are getting to know too much about me. I had this same tag a while back. I was going to reuse it, but I didn't want to be accused of cheating! haha So, I gave you something new. If you guys can find it in my archives, you will see five other things weird about me. ;)

I have tagged a lot of people in the past, so I give you all a reprieve this time. Please help me not feel so weird and give me some of the weird things you do!


WDKY said...

Mmmmm... I feel MUCH closer to you now. And I know what I want you to wear if we ever meet :-)

OB Juan said...

OCD? What is wrong with OCD?

Nothing I say: OCDs Unite!

I also orgnaize my closet by color and type - when someone else puts the laundry away it drives me a little crazy - it has to be "fixed" as soon as I realize that not all the hangers are facing the same way!

I have some other ...quirks....that I need not share right now but make even the "strongest" OCDs laugh!

boo said...

u had me @ 'i always go commando' sweetass goddess :)

Saur♥Kraut said...

Whew! You are OCD. I would love to have My Other Half be OCD. I'd have a much cleaner house.

ticharu said...

Here's one of the weird things I do... when I sit down to watch a video, I read outloud the FBI warning in a high pitched voice! Just to set the mood!

angel, jr. said...

I go commando too in sweats! Most of the time when I exercise I go commando (boxers tend to ride up way too much on the treadmill).

Lee Ann said...

wdky ~ Hope we do get to meet sometime. I definitely know what I will be wearing! haha

ob ~ haha, OCD's unite!

boo ~ hehe, is much more comfortable!

saur ~ just something I can't help...well, maybe in reality, I don't want to! oh well ;)

tich ~ I would love to be in the room with you when you do that! haha...I can almost hear it now.

angel ~ That is great! See, I definitely know what you mean. I wonder how many of us are out there!?! ;)

Neo said...

Lee Ann - I don't think the "New piece of paper," thing isn't weird. I do the same thing.

And I don't eat the icing off cake; too much sugar, I'm too energetic as it is!

OMG! Maybe I have OCD!!!!!


Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Edge said...

Seek psychiatric help and a paxil or prozac if you can.


Gyrobo said...

Once again, further confrimation of your middle-childness.

Only a middle child would have their clothes face the same way. It's because, as a child, you were never the youngest, never the oldest. You wanted a solid direction, but were forced to be both.

hotboy said...

Sitting with my family "watching" the telly in a lotus, wearing noise blockers, with my eyes rolled up to the top of my head. That's definitely unusual, if not weird. Hotboy

AndyW said...

Beware stupid guy questions next!
What is the difference between a shirt and a blouse.

Weird thing about me, I always check the window above the sink twice before going to bed to make sure it's locked.

Lee Ann said...

Neo ~ I knew we would have some similarities...peace & hugs to you.

Jef ~ Ok, not helping! I shared, you need to share something now!! ;)

Gyro ~ I just knew you were going to say something like that. I love how you have analyzed that. So cool. It makes perfect sense. Yes, you are right, I am definitely a middle child. ;)

Hotboy ~ yes, a little weird, but way cool!

Andy ~ shirts are pull over or something with a tie on it, a blouse buttons ;)
I think it is smart to double check the window. I do the same for my front door...just gotta feel safe!

Becky said...

You are such a sweet heart Lee Ann! Thanks for making me smile! You have a great day too!

Kay Ray said...

I go comando too when wearing sweats!!! i knew we were twins!! by the way.. i love that song!!

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ Love ya!

Kay Ray ~ Of course we would both do that....why doesn't everyone? haha (I think we are definitely related)

Ellen said...

Once again, I fail to see a closet set up as well as you have as suffering OCD. Just makes plain sense to me!

As far as the cake... I like mine WITH the frosting, preferably chocolate or red velvet with cream cheese icing. Yum! (and don't forget the glass of milk!)

Fred said...

My shirts are ordered from left to right in the order to be worn. When worn, they go to back of the line, not to be seen until it's time.

Lee Ann said...

Ellen ~ velvet and cream good!

Fred ~ Wow, that is it!

jiggs said...

I always go commando. Ok that's an exageration. I always go commando when I'm clothed.

J to the fucking C said...

Can we tie eachother up next time?

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs, freedom isn't it? Love it!

JC, sounds interesting!

Captain Carl said...

AAARRR....the Capt loves the sweethearts.....ay use ta be goin commando all the time.....when I had a body

Lee Ann said...

Captain ~ I am so glad you came to visit, your spirit lives!

robmcj said...

I have number 2 too, and I hate it if someone tris to be helpful and hangs a shirt up facing the wrong way, or the right way but with the clothes hanger hooked the other way!

Most of my other wierdness is unprintable.

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ You know that is what makes each of us unique...all of our own weird little things ;)