Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My King Kong ?

Boyfriend and I went to see King Kong a couple of weeks ago. After the movie, we both said the same thing.... It had a familiarity to something that had happened to me previously.
A couple of years ago, on a nice sunshiny spring day, we went to the zoo.
It was a perfect warm breezy day and all of the animals were outside, versus being inside their indoor cages.
I won't go into all of the beautiful animals that we saw...Oh, the White Tiger.
He was so gorgeous; I would say my absolute favorite.
He was lying off to the side, not being sociable. This frustrated me, as I wanted to see him up close.
At the end of the day, we went back to take a look at the Big Cats on the inside.
As soon as we (no one else was around) got to the window where the White Tiger lived, he came right up to the window and stood as if he were posing for us for nearly two minutes ~ inches away from the glass. It was just out of the blue. He walked up in front of us and just stood there showing himself off, almost as if he had realized how much I wanted to see him up close. He then went back and laid down in his original spot, which was too far away for good viewing.
I was thrilled.
...Oh, sorry, I got off track a bit.
That wasn't what reminded us of King Kong.
We went to see the monkeys. They were so cute, swinging and playing.
Then we went on to the area where the gorillas were. The gorillas were in a huge open grassy area with trees and hills to run around. There was a ravine in between the grounds and the area where zoo visitors could view them, behind glass. There were several people already there looking at them.

I was wearing a red jacket.
As soon as I walked in, the Big Boy saw me.
His head turned and he looked right at me.
As I walked in further, he continued to watch me, never taking his eyes off of me.
He even showed off a little by standing up~pounding his chest and screeching.
This went on for a while.
I leaned over and asked boyfriend..."Is it just me or is that gorilla looking at me?" He laughed and said "No, he is watching you and apparently he likes you."
I waved a little and he never took his eyes off of me.
After a while we decided to leave.
He stared at me the entire time, until I was out of sight.
Boyfriend said they pick up on scent, and he must have liked the way I smell.
I say, it was the red jacket.
Nevertheless, it was a bit bizarre.
So, after King Kong, we were both thinking the same thing, and had a good laugh....the memory of my gorilla friend at the zoo.


Dave Morris said...

Were you wearing my favorite perfume for women, "Orangutan" by Prince Matchabelli? That could have been it.

Ron, apparently said...

Birminghem, Alabama or England?

Henri Banks said...

wow thats a story, i want to see king kong too but i find no time to go .King kong is my favorite movie i saw the two other movies.

Ryan Oakley said...

The gorilla at the Toronto Zoo paints. Good stuff too.

hotboy said...

I'm not to sure if being fancied by a gorilla is a good or a bad thing! They either want to fight you or do something else if they stare. (Maybe that's humans!) Hotboy

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ hahaha
Just too funny...tehehe

Ron ~ Hey! Thanks for stopping by. That would be Alabama. You are not the first that asked!
Hope you will be stopping by more often.

Henri ~ They did an awesome job with the King. The movie was pretty good.

Ryan ~ Seems that I have seen you over here before, if not, welcome. How cool is that? That would be something I would want to see.
Thanks for coming over.

Hotboy ~ Haha... Maybe the red jacket was like a red cape with a bull!!!! I hope not ;)

ticharu said...

'wild life... whatever happened to, whatever happened to, wild life... the animals in the zoo'
*wings wild life*

OB Juan said...

Better watch out - it might turn into some kind of "Fatal Animal Attraction"...

I love the Tigers, white especially, as well - they are just so graceful...

Edge said...

1. Maybe I should refer to you as "Jane" now.

2. All that voyeurism is kind of creepy in a man/animal kind of way.

3. Did boyfriend go home and beat his chest for you?

4. Did they have any Ligers at the zoo?


Lee Ann said...

Tich ~ It is kind of sad to see these animals confined. But I feel fortunate to be able to see them as close up as that, otherwise it would just be pictures. I am sure MMIII doesn't have to visit a zoo!

Ob ~ It was a little strange, but funny. The white tiger is beautiful. I have a kitty that looks like a white tiger in the face. She even has blue eyes...she is beautiful.

Jef ~ Haha, so funny...Yes, he frequently stands with his chest bowed out and pounds it...haha Don't you? ;)
No, I haven't seen a Liger! Have you?

AndyW said...

You should go back there and wear the same jacket and see what happens.

A little scientific experiment of sorts.

Lee Ann said...

Andy ~ Now that is an idea! ;)

boo said...

betcha smell nice

angel, jr. said...

I heard about "crushes" that gorillas/apes/monkeys get on women. I'm suprised he didn't show off in front of you.

Gyrobo said...

You've gotta be careful.

Lee Ann said...

Boo ~ You are so sweet. Usually I smell like either white linen or moonlight path body lotion ;)

Angel ~ For real? Wow that is amazing!

Gyro ~ I am just glad there was height and glass between us!

Becky said...

I love white tigers, color me insane, but I've always wanted to raise my own. I watch the animal planet channel religiously at home, and anytime there is a baby tiger I just go crazy. No matter how big they get furry animals are almost always cute little, like the baby Panda, lions, all kinds of cats really.

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ I know what you mean. I had a calendar of white tiger cubs last year. The pictures of the baby cubs are precious.

Kay Ray said...

That is freaky.. i would have started throwing peanuts at him to make him stop!!

The Bastard Son said...

I can understand his infatuation.


Ellen said...

Lee Ann- See.... you have such class that even the gorilla and Tiger noticed it. Lest it be said that you have true animal magnitism!

Fred said...

Remind me never to wear anything red when I go to the zoo.

Lee Ann said...

Kay Ray ~ It was funny! They have such amazing eyes.

Jonathan ~ You are the sweetest, really.

Ellen ~ That is so sweet. Animal cute.

Fred ~ I know, they may ending up charging like a bull with a red cape. haha

Bathroom Hippo said...

He was probably looking at the monkey feces he just threw at the cage next to you.

jiggs said...

Clearly this is evidence that gorillas are smarter than we thought.

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ You think? hmmm :)

Jiggs ~ You are the sweetest.

Neo said...

Lee Ann -Sorry for not visiting sooner, I was super busy at the job today. Barely got my post up. :)

I haven't been to the zoo in years.

I visited the Baltimore Aquarium once, and I loved the walruses.

I haven't seen King Kong yet. I'll probably wait to see it on DVD.

And yes, it was either your scent or that red jacket.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Neo ~ Deep breath, go kick back and chill out.... you deserve it after a long hard day.
Ok, feel better?

Goan Pao said...

Monkeys, Men..we all follow scent..well the red is more of a bull thing...Turning on a monkey wow....what perfume did you have on?

Lee Ann said...

Goan ~ Hey! Welcome back! I have missed you. I hope you had a nice trip.
It must have been the white linen! ;)