Friday, January 13, 2006

Memories of Calzone... and Good News!

I am so sad that Calzone is gone.

I am happy to hear that he has spared himself. He is not gone. It appears he was in trouble, therefore faked his demise. Therefore, the special photos of him at my castle are no longer a secret.

I am sorry Calzone, when I thought you were gone... I wanted everyone to see your lighter side and share my fond memories of you romping through the grounds here.

The endearing sentiments of his nature that were expressed in past tense will actually no longer apply, as he is still in the present.

I think these photos will surprise a lot of you, as this is not what you would expect from him in his typical everyday life.

He was such a funny dragon. He had such a tough exterior around most people, but I remember seeing him in a different light.

I just want to share of few of my favorite photos of him.

In this first picture, I had found him playing in the garden of my Castle on a nice warm spring day. I had to tell him to stay out of the flowers, but he loved to roll around on the open grassy areas.

He used to love the shade near the boathouse.
Sometimes he would just lie on the pavement, hang his head over the edge of the walkway, unroll that long dragon tongue and lap up the water from the inlet until his heart was content. I guess he needed to cool off that fiery hot breath of his.... and boy was it hot.

This was his favorite thing to do....swim in my moat. He would terrorize the swans, but he never really meant any harm to them.
Strangely, I only have one swan now.

Sometimes I wouldn't even know he was coming over, I would just hear him out there doing cannonballs and splashing around.
Have you ever seen a dragon doing the backstroke? Haha, I haven't either, although he claimed he could. I would watch him sometimes trying to float on his back and it was like a tidal wave from him kicking so hard.
Poor baby, I know he wanted to do the backstroke so badly.

If you only knew how many of my imported Persian rugs that he ruined.
He would forget to dry off before coming inside and he would track in moat sludge.

At least, the last time, he used the towel I left for him in the garden.

Usually after a long hard swim, he would come in and curl up next to the grand fireplace in the Great Chamber.
I would rub his cute little dragon chin, or the spot in the crook under his left wing.
He would be all warm and cozy, and would roar, I mean snore himself to sleep.

Oh, such great memories, I will truly miss him. Every Castle needs a protector and he was mine.

I do have good memories. I am glad you are still around to keep a watch over this Castle Calzone.


Lelly said...

Ummm...yes *nodding and smiling* Thanks for your pics...belated HHNT!

Ellen said...

What happened to poor Calzone? I found him to be one of your most devoted and entertaining pets, and will miss his witty remarks!
Don't worry about the gardens, they can always be fixed and replanted... but Calzone can never be truely replaced, can he?

Gyrobo said...

In the immortal words of Daffy Duck, "Klepto ignorato nickto!"

AndyW said...

As long as he's in your heart he's never really gone.

Calzone said...

I'm not dead baby

Gyrobo said...

Calzone lives!

Lee Ann said...

Ellen ~ He spared himself. He is still around. Now that just made my weekend! Hope your's is good too.

Gyro ~ It's a wonderful day here at the castle.

Andy ~ Yes, he is in my heart.

Calzone ~ Baby! *kisses* and *more kisses*
I just didn't know what I was going to do without my protector. Come on inside, I will have your favorite spot by the fireplace in the Great Chamber all ready for you.

Dave Morris said...

"Calzone" will never be an italian sandwich to me. the word will always mean a happy dragon who loved to eat ham sammitches off people's (and by people's, of course I mean "my") ass.

Don't judge me.

none - ya said...

As long as there's ham to be had the dragon will not die.

Kay Ray said...

OMG... I didn't know he was gone!! Thats soooo sad!!!

Bathroom Hippo said...

Is it full naked Friday yet?

Alistair! said...

lee ann honey, that wasn`t calzone, that was his twisted good twin. calzone is not that good, he's a panhandling alky junkie who's into me (amongst others) for some serious bucks.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ I sometimes crave calzones. They are so warm and juicy.
Hmmm....I am not judging just visioning!!!!!

kenzie ~ Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by. You know that is right. He has a sixth sense when it comes to sniffing out the ham. I hope you will come by more often.

Kay Ray ~ Yes, it would have been!

Hippo ~ Nice try, but I am not falling for that one!!!! ;)

Alistair ~ I am glad he is not gone. I hope he is going to get straightened out soon. Maybe that JC guy can help him. ;)

L>T said...

Lee ann, I think this is the first time I've been to your blog. Wow! it's really nice over here. & everyone is so witty!
Suddenly, my blog looks shabby & moth-eaten sorta. Yikes!

Gotta go spiff up!

J to the fucking C said...

Hey, how are ya doin'? I was in the neighborhood and you know... I was just like, wonderin' what you are doin' later and shit.

We're going to do a little drinking and maybe throw cars at rocks.

Tricia said...

Thanks so much for sharing.
I am wiping a tear from my eye right now.

Sadness, laughter - it's such a fine line.

Kisses to Calzone.

Happy Friday the 13th to you.

Lee Ann said...

l>t ~ Hey! Thank you for stopping by. I am sure your place is just fine, I will come by and see you. I hope you will come over more often.

JC ~ Well, that is so nice of you to stop in. I would like to hang out for a while. Will you show me your hammer? I bet you are so strong from all of the carpentry you do. I don't think I am strong enough to throw a car at rocks. You will have to show me.

Lee Ann said...

Tricia ~ Hey! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will come by more often. Happy Friday 13th to you as well.

Tumbleweed said...

I love your castle, can I come visit??

Lee Ann said...

Hey Tumbleweed, thank you and of course, you are welcome over here anytime. :)

Alistair! said...

lee ann baby, don't be fooled by the 'zone. He's gonna hurt you bad darlin'. He sleeps in a trash pile behind the 7/11 fer crissakes! But I'll be here to catch you when he lets you down hard baby.

Gyrobo said...

Meet the new template, same as the old template.

Lee Ann said...

Alistair ~ Calzone always needs a little breathing room. He has the fiery breath and all. I try to give him space to cool down. Thank you for being there, you are the sweetest...he is just my cute little dragon and always will be.

Gyro ~ are you beckoning me? ;)

hotboy said...

Amazing castle! It looks like the Norman Conquest got a bit further than we realised! Hotboy

jiggs said...

This is so sweet. It's too bad that calzone was such a douche and doesn't merit this sort of devotion.

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ Why thank you. You are welcome here anytime.

Jiggs ~ No, you are sweet! We all realize how it is and know Calzone is like a Hue Heffner of Dragons, he cannot help it.
Jiggs, you are so sweet, you will always have my devotion as well.

Spinning Girl said...

TOO funny.