Monday, February 27, 2006

Tell me what you think!

Spinning Girl had this ~ she always has cool stuff.
What five or six words would you use to describe me?

Go here and let me know!

I didn't want this page to look so boring, so here is a nice warm fire to warm your tootsies!

Boyfriend taught me....I did this all on my own. No gas ignitor or starter logs!



Bathroom Hippo said...


Oh you meant me.

boo said...

smart gurlie girl *hugs*

hotboy said...

At last! The internet is working again and the Castle is no longer showing just Valentine's Day! What a relief! The court disorder post was very funny on this Monday morning off work in chilly Jockoland! Hotboy

The Appalachianist said...

I don't mean to be out of line. Does good looking count as 1 or 2 words? Have a good Monday.

jamwall said...

another fire!

you definately know what lures me to the castle!

truckdriver_sefl said...

Mmmmmmm!! Nice and warm now:-}

AndyW said...

I can feel the warmth from the fire through my monitor.

Mr. Althouse said...

Very cozy indeed! I can feel the warmth all the way through cyber space.

Lighting a fire is rapidly becoming a lost art - glad to see that it is still being passed along.


Alecia said...

I'm jealous. Sitting in 20 degree weather with no fire, staring longingly at the flames through the computer screen. Cruelty. And here I marked you as loving!

Becky said...

I love you Lee Ann!!!

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ of course! ;)

Boo ~ Love yoo Boo! *hugs*

Hotboy ~ Oh, I am so glad it isn't like Groundhog Day over there any more. That is a relief to me as well. Glad to give you a good laugh to start the week.

AI ~ Thank you, you are the sweetest. Hope you have a great Monday too.

Jams ~ I sure do... ;)

Trucker ~ Makes for a warm tingly feeling doesn't it.

Andy ~ haha, yes it is like mind control! I put it as my wallpaper, so when I walk in the study, I feel warm all over...haha

MikeA ~ You are right, it is a good thing to know how to do. They don't always turn out so good, but I do give a go!

Alecia ~ I am sorry it is so cold where you are, I hope you stay nice and warm today. Thank you Alecia, I would mark you that same way.

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ I love you too!

Ellen said...

Good for you to know how to start your own fire without all the starter logs, etc. Mike A. is right, it is a lost art.

I'll tell you my list of the words that describe you right here:
lovely, friendly, classy, sweet, and resourceful. I am fortunate to have gotten to know you.

Dave Morris said...

Five words to describe Lee Ann:

1 - unhaughty
2 - chartreuse
3 - bling
4 - pulchritudinous
5 - sandwichy

Uh. I hope these help. Don't disappoint me by telling me you had to look any of these up! ;)

Lee Ann said...

Ellen ~ Building a fire is fun, although it can be a bit frustrating at times. Thank you, those are really kind words, I would be able to say those same things about you and I am truly glad to know you as well.

Dave ~ I am modest, have a bright yellowish-green color, I am sparkly, with physical beauty, and I am sandwichlike! Those are some really sweet things...thank you. I think my skin is a little on the pink side...or are you saying I am bright and colorful (yeah, I like that one ;) I particularly love the word pulchritudinous! Thank you Dave, you are quite prepossessing yourself.

mojoala said...

I can already feel the warmth....

robmcj said...

caring, dependable, intelligent, idealistic, powerful.

That's a gas fire, right? I don't think a real log would burn without paper/kindling etc.

Lee Ann said...

Mojo ~ Hey! Hope everything is going well with you. Yes, it is a very warm fire.

Rob ~ Awww, that is so nice of you, you really are kind.
No, that is strictly a wood burning fire...not gas! I start it with paper, cardboard and some small pieces of wood under the logs. It works great!

ticharu said...

Fire starter...

Dennis Weaver, Darrin McGaven & Don Knots... weirdo how they come in threes isn't it?

jiggs said...

I tried to do your johari but is said that the server was overloaded.

Neo said...

Lee Ann - I did it for you. Here's what I picked in case it didn't work:

Caring, Friendly, sentimental, loving, warm, and kind.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Tich ~ Wow, it always happens like that doesn't it! Very weird!

Jiggs ~ Oh really? Hmmmm.... sorry!

Neo ~ You are so sweet.
*big hug*

sabatkes said...

Can't get to the site:
Here ya go:


WDKY said...

Hmmm... tough. Sexy would figure prominently, though. Sexy in a quietly confident way. Funny too, and bright, but definitely sexy.

Did I mention sexy?

Lee Ann said...

Sabatkes ~ Thank you, that is so sweet of you.

WD ~ Those are very nice words, thank you, you are so sweet.

jiggs said...

I did it.

Lee Ann said...

I cannot believe you are the first one to say I am silly! Of course I am silly...haha I love it.
Thank you Jiggs, those are nice things you said.

robmcj said...


Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ That is a cool thing isn't it!