Friday, February 03, 2006

What makes a perfect partner?

I was tagged by Jonathan

List 8 attributes of the perfect partner.

Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on a post letting them know they’ve been tagged. If tagged before, no need to contribute.

Strength ~ Someone who has the strength to hold me up when I lean on him, cry on his shoulder, call him when I need help (I will be strong for you).

Intelligent ~ Someone I am able to have intelligent conversations with, and has good thought process and common sense.

Sense of humor ~ Someone who likes to have fun that I can laugh with.

Partner ~ Someone to walk hand and hand with me. Helping me through the rough times and being there to celebrate the good times (I will be there for you).

Lover ~ Someone that is passionate, intimate, tender and playful.

Confidant ~ Someone I am able to share my inner most thoughts, desires and best friend.

Polite ~ Someone with manners, they must be a gentleman. Yes, I like having my doors opened and my chair pulled out, and all of the gentleman gestures.

Handsome ~ I would be lying if I said looks do not matter at all. I am not saying he has to be drop dead gorgeous, but nice looking with great shoulders and strong arms are a plus. However, if he has all of the above attributes, then he is pretty handsome to me! ;)

I have tagged almost all of you in the past, so I won't specify anyone. Let me know if you take the tag, I will come over!

Have a great weekend everyone!
*Hugs to all of you*


Bathroom Hippo said...


Imagine what full naked Fridays would generate?

212designs said...

i just love fridays.....


Mike said...

Well...I think I possibly have #3 covered...the rest....not so much...*sigh*

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ Ok, if you try it, we will come! ;)

212 ~ Me too, my second favorite day...Saturdays are the best! ;)

Mike ~ I know you have #2 and #8 also, and I am sure you have some of the others as well!

Kay Ray said...

I'm stealing this to put it on Myspace blog :) We are just a like anyway so I guess it wouldn't be stealing :) Have a great weekend LeeAnn!!!!

AndyW said...

I'm glad you didn't list enjoys clothes shopping as one of them. That would have blown me out of the water, HA.

Lee Ann said...

Kay Ray ~ That is cool! Yes, we are alike! You have a great weekend too!

Andy ~ I really don't like clothes shopping all that much. I used to, but it doesn't thrill me so much anymore. I would rather be doing other things!!!!! ;)

Saur♥Kraut said...

The Perfect Partner For the Realistic Woman:

1. Leaves the toilet seat down.
2. Picks up after himself.
3. Restrains from belching or farting in front of you.
4. Doesn't pick his nose. At least where you can see him doing it.
5. Doesn't refer to you as The Ball & Chain or, conversely, The Little Woman.
6. Doesn't fondly reminisce about his ex(es). At least in your presence.
7. Brushes his teeth and practices basic personal hygiene.

And the number one attribute of The Perfect Partner for the Realistic Woman:

8. Speaks in full sentences.

And really, girls, isn't this all we can expect?

Dave Morris said...

I am absolutely none of those things.

That's not true, I just wanted my comment to be different than every other man's comment. (except midwest hick - dude, I love your honesty!)

angel, jr. said...

I think the perfect girl to fall in love with, is someone you aren't expecting to fall in love with. And it's someone you haven't set standards for. She just walks straight into your life, some enchanted evening across a crowded room.

Lee Ann said...

Saur ~ That is are too funny sometimes!

Dave ~ Of course you are those things, I am just positive you are!

Angel ~ That is usually the way it happens, at least for me. But the connection is made if they have a lot of the qualities you like in people!

Tumbleweed said...

Those are wonderful qualities. Can we just make one man like that and then clone him and get rid of the rest? I know, now I will get man hate comments, but...tough shit! I think Saur hit all of our ideal qualities on the nose.

ticharu said...

You left off mysterious with a pecular sense of style and RHYTHM!

Gyrobo said...

As a robot, I can integrate any emotion or personality substructure into my matrix.

Bind the sea to slumber stilly,
Bind its odour to the lily,
Bind the aspen ne'er to quiver,
Then bind Love to last for ever.


Ellen said...

"If he has all the above attributes, then he is pretty handsome to me".... Bravo!
That is the nail on the head... plus what Saurkraut said!
(Although, I liked tumbleweeds answer as well.. LOL!)

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

Your list of attributes shows what a romantic person you are, Lee Ann.

In contrast, Saurkraut appears a tad...should I say...retentive?

For my own part, I would simply list a few of Mrs M's bountiful attributes:

Is a reliable and trusty confidant.

Understands how much ice is needed in the perfect MGT.

Forgives one for viewing HNT 16.

Is a perfect, understanding and uncomplaining mother to one's heirs.

Is prepared to stride out for the summit.

Can give one a look which says you have gone too far without it being a withering look.

Enjoys watching the sun go down in the tropics.

Is a partner in all one's adventures.

Is forgiving of one's foibles and eccentricities.

Has a mind of her own which is worthy of respect.

Ah - I believe that is already over the required limit.


Lee Ann said...

Tumble ~ Cloning is an interesting idea, but then it would be like The Stepford Husbands!!!! ;)

Tich ~ You are right you mysterious man....Love the rhythm thing!

Gyro ~ Love the poem, you are awesome!!!!

Ellen ~ Thank you, but it is true, all of those things would make a person much more attractive to me. Just think if he were drop dead gorgeous with all of those attributes... whoa!

MMIII ~ Love your list. She sounds like a beautiful person!

Charlie "the party" Manson said...

Sorry if we offended you before I died and came back.

Bill the Apostle said...

He fucking means it

ShyRocket said...

Good list there, Lee Ann. Sexy back too and wow... What a fan club with 126+ HNT comments!

Don't forget to drop by my blog to ask me an intrusive question... Shy is unconcealing again!

jiggs said...

I just ate some chickenwings. They were pretty good, but I was still hungry, so I ate some chocolate.

I'm not sure why I'm telling you this.

hotboy said...

My perfect partner has to be 1)between the ages of 16 and 24
2) Have pots of money because I'm skint.
3)be expert in hatha yoga
4)be able to raise inner heat and stop breathing at will.
5)be able to fix computers and do odd jobs with a happy smile on her face.
6)be able to emanate as an Indian goddess ... red in colour with two arms and two legs
7)be able to understand the offside rule in the footie
8)hears all my speech as mantra and sees me as a deity as well!
At a pinch, age and looks don't matter. Not asking for much, am I? Hotboy
p.s. be really good as well if she was fun to binge drink beers with and thought I was dead amusing when drunk!!

Lee Ann said...

Charlie ~ Yeah, I miss the fun days!

Bill ~ Oh, I am sure he means it! Thanks Bill...I miss you in your hat.

Shy ~ Thank you Shy, so nice of you. I will be over.

Jiggs ~ Oh, you had hotwings, I love hotwings. Next time I want to come over for some. What kind of chocolate...milk, cake, candy?

Hotboy ~ Well, the list is supposed to be what you want for YOUR PERFECT PARTNER! I guess I would definitely be out, I don't fit the age thing! ;)

Captain Carl said...

ARRRR.........12" inch plastic men be makin the perfect partner......

jiggs said...

I bought a giant bag of those little tiny hershey bars. It's got hershey, krackle, good bar and my favorite out of the bag is the special dark.

It's not the best chocolate, but it still satisfies my periodic craving.

Lee Ann said...

Captain ~ You are the are just a doll, aren't you!!!

Jiggs ~ Oh, the Special is my favorite too. Did you know that dark chocolate has something in it that is supposed to be good for you! Ummmm...I like Krackel too. You are right, it is not the best chocolate in the world, but it definitely soothes a craving!

SassyLadi said...

Wow - that really says it all Lee Ann. I would like to use that on My Space also - would you mind?

Lee Ann said...

Sassy, thank you. I don't mind. It is on my myspace as well. Someone else borrowed it too! ;)

Gyrobo said...

You need to make another post, since Blogger is all messed up.

Lee Ann said...

Ok, something random Gyro! ;)

Henri Banks said...

Hmmm what can i say its sunday i have still a party head and i have banana bread in my head .With other words my life is Rock and Roll and Rock and Roll is my life !!!
i have Sense of humor
i got no manners
i am not Handsome
Intelligent what is that?
Strength is no problem when you need a shoulder you can have mine
Partner&Lover i already have
i believe you cant tag me ;-)

Lee Ann said...

Henri ~ You have great attributes, and thank you for the offer of your shoulder! You never know when I might call upon it ;)