Friday, May 12, 2006

Which brain do you have?

Have a great weekend everyone!

~ Love you all

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (28%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (76%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?(word test)
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Spencer said...

Right Brain |||||||||||||||| 66%
Left Brain |||||||||||| 48%
I guess thats not bad. Have a wonderful weekend!

ticharu said...

My left brain agrees with my right brain for a change, and both halves of my brain agree with Wife-Slave (rare occurance!) Lenny Kravitz used to be kinda good! Ha! Ha! Have a great weekend Lee Ann! :-)

truckdriver_sefl said...

Right Brain |||| 18%
Left Brain |||||||||||||||||| 72%

Not a bad thing:-}

Have a great weekend!

rastaman said...


peace and hugs to ya, Babygirl

Snave said...

I always figured this was about right: right brain 58, left brain 42.

Like your blog, can't remember where or how I found it. When I try to access it on my computer at home, Internet Explorer shuts off... so I'm accessing from a different computer. Maybe it's the government shutting you down! Are you a "person of interest" in the eyes of our wonderful Big Brother? 8-)>


angel, jr. said...

I'm the Wizard of Oz scarecrow. I don't have a brain.

hotboy said...

If I was twins, I'd still be an idiot! I used to have brains. Can't remember where I lost them! Hotboy

Phats said...

That's odd, it told me I have no brain! i guess it's off to see the wizard for me

Heather said...

Right Brain - 28%
Left Brain - 82%

Have a great weekend, sweetie.

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

I tried this with Cabbage, to give him some time off this afternoon, as he's been very busy in the garden recently.

Some of the questions were a bit difficult - others were easy:

Punctual - Has been known to pitch up for work a day late, so very inaccurate.

Risk taker - He has 7 children, so we agreed on very accurate.

Neat - If you saw him, you'd know why we chose very inaccurate.

Reliable - Yes - when he pitches up.

Right brain = 52%
Left brain = 68%

"Left brain dominant individuals are more orderly, literal, articulate, and to the point. They are good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. They can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, they can feel lost when things are not clear, doubting anything that is not stated and proven."

This is absolutely Cabbage to a 'T'. Well done, the survey.

His beans are looking frightfully good.


AndyW said...

Right Brain 74%
Left Brain 52%

Now I need to organize my checkbook before I spontaneously create havoc in the neighborhood.

Have a relaxong weekend!

Ellen said...

This was fun!
right brain: /////28%
left brain: /////////////88%

MyUtopia said...

I'm a lefty.

DaMasta said...




Dave Morris said...

58 percent left
40 percent right


SimonT said...

I aspire to be as right brained as possible, though that in itself is a left brained thought.

My right brain says one day we will make beautuful music together, my left brain says your boyfriend will kill me first.


WDKY said...

You too. I'm off to test my brain x

jiggs said...

I was like 46% right and 52% left.

Calling dr. menzies. doctor menzies?

Backdoor Slider said...

Brain Lateralization Test Results

Right Brain |||||||||||| 48%
Left Brain |||||||||||||| 58%

Lee Ann said...

Spencer ~ You are right, that is not half bad. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tich ~ You know how to play, don't you Tich! You have a great weekend too.

Trucker ~ No, that is not a bad thing. I am similar! Have a great weekend.

Rasta ~ Look at you my Rasta man. You are good at both! Peace and hugs from Babygirl.

Lee Ann said...

Snave ~ You are pretty even with both sides of your brain. I am glad you found me. I am sorry your explorer shuts down when you stop over here. I don't know why that happens. I am an interesting person, but I wouldn't say I am a person of interest! :)
I hope you will come by more often.
Cheers to you too!

Angel ~ Now, you know I don't believe that one Dr. Angel! But I you are as loveable as the scarecrow!

Hotboy ~ No matter what you say, you cannot convince me that you are an idiot. Have you looked in the hut? *giggle* I know they are there. You will find them in the last place you look!!!! :)

Phats ~ Oh, I want to come....Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain! haha!

Lee Ann said...

Heather ~ Heather we are a lot alike! You have a great weekend too sweetie!

MMIII ~ Oh, I am so glad to see you. Glad you stopped over here at the Castle. What kind of beans does he have?

Andy ~ So you are more creative than organized! :)
You have a relaxing weekend too!

Ellen ~ Oh yes, I had a feeling your results would be like that.
We think along the same lines.

Lee Ann said...

Myutopia ~ Me too! :)

Damasta ~ Seems like us gals are more left than right!

Dave ~ Dave, I thought my results would be like yours except reversed. I am definitely more organized, but I love writing and I say hmmmm to my results too.

Simon ~ Haha, you are organized in being creative!*giggle* You are definitely creative, I wish I could see you perform. I agree with you, I think we could make beautiful music together as well :)

Booty J Patrol said...

Right Brain |||||||||||| 42%
Left Brain |||||||||||| 48%

Looks like I've only got 90% of a brain.

Lee Ann said...

Wdky ~ I hope it tests ok! :)

Jiggs ~ I knew you were creative when I saw that photo you put a picture of your head in several different spots! :) You are good on both sides...I knew you would be.

Slider ~ You are good at both too!

Lee Ann said...

Booty ~ I have been laughing for 5 minutes solid after reading your comment!
I am still laughing!
uh...oh sorry!
I make up for you...I have 104%.
Look at my results booty baby! ;)

robmcj said...

Right Brain |||||||||| 38%
Left Brain |||||||||||||||| 66%

I always knew you were 104%. I sometimes wonder how your gym activities are progressing. And has the tiredness abated? Mine has.

I'm working on the accent video today, it should be ready next week. Have a good weekend Lee Ann.

C said...

I am pretty righty in the middle for I have a bit more than a whole brain.

Brain Lateralization Test Results

Right Brain- 56%
Left Brain - 58%

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I scored 50% right brain, 44% left brain, which on the surface seems very well balanced, except the two aspects of my personality rarely agree, and tend to trip over each other a good bit of the time.

I found your site via your comments on Snave's blog, and I apologize for any difficulties you may experience if you post on my blog. I had a perv infection when I posted on the "To Catch a Predator" series on Dateline, and I've decided to counter by moderating everything, not that I actually get much traffic... Have a very nice weekend, and I'm glad I stumbled across your blog.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Told me my brain was in my crotch.

It also directed me to a dating site in which I met a transgender person who claimed to be a female. I'm all, "listen dude...or woman...I was sent to take a quiz and that's it!" She/He's all "What evah Lee Ann told meeee... that you wuz a jerk." Then I'm all , "Then why the hell did you hit on me?" Then he/she disconnected. Somehow my credit card was charged for $55. I ain't paying this f***in' bill I says to the Visa company. They're all, "yeah well F you!" Then I switched service.


Thanks for the experiece Lee Ann.

BeckEye said...

Every quiz I take, I end up smack dab in the middle. I am Jane Average. So I will just assume that I use both parts of my brain equally.

boo said...

Brain Lateralization Test Results

Right Brain |||||||||||||||| 66%
Left Brain |||||||||||||||| 66%

Overall, you have equal brain hemispheres :)

hardasabullet said...

right !
by the way beautiful dumbell(e)s

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to make of it.

Right Brain llllllllll 54%

Left Brain llllllllll 54%

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ My gym workouts are going well. I am getting more endurance, but I still get tired some. I can't wait to hear the accent video. I wish I knew how to do one.

C ~ Hey! So glad you came to visit. You are right in the middle. Thank you for coming by, please come over to the Castle more often.

Chaos ~ I am glad you stopped over here. Looks like your brain is well balanced. I thought my would be a little more like yours. I hope you will come back more ofen.

Hippo ~ Hippo, I love ya sweet Hippo. I am sorry that you had to go through all of that. You are the sweetest.

Lee Ann said...

Beck ~ I am usually more balanced than what my results show. I think you probably are practical and creative equally.

Boo ~ Wow, you can't get any more even than that.

Chet ~ Wow, another one that is exactly!

jamwall said...

right brain 60
left 40

Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ how cute you are!