Monday, February 19, 2007

Name that photo!

Look at each picture, try to determine what it represents, and then look at the answer below the picture.

Light Beer


Pool Table

Dandy Lions

Gator Aide

Tap Dancers

King of Pop

Assaulted Peanut

Card Shark

Knight Mare

Dr. Pepper

Whole Milk

Thanks for the pics Tich! ;)


truckdriver_sefl said...

Love King of Pop!!

twolf1920 said...


angel, jr. said...

Thanks for the laugh!!!
I hope this means that you are feeling better!!

ball said...

lol.awesome pics!

Gyrobo said...

That's not dandy. This is dandy.

DaMasta said...

okay i got all of them except the last eight! lol ;)

Rastaman said...

Awesome pics Babygirl ... funny that I had a picture of a Pot Holder posted today ... we must be on the same wavelength!!! LOL

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

~ Rasta

Henri Banks said...

Yeees that was fun :-)

jiggs said...

that milk only looked like 2% to me!

MyUtopia said...

I got this fwd a few years ago, it is too funny!

kalimbuka said...

I say!

I trust you are feeling better.

Excellent snaps. The 'King of pop' reminds me of what happened to Ashley Giles (an England cricketer) during a marketing exercise.

Someone in his entourage was tasked with ordering a number of T-shirts for promotional purposes. He is a top spin bowler, and the caption on the T-shirts was therefore supposed to read:

"Ashley Giles - King of Spin"

Unfortunately, the T-shirts were ordered by telephone, and the order got confused somewhere along the line, what with the person taking the order being from South Africa.

When the T-shirts arrived, they were mortified to discover the caption said:

"Ashley Giles - King of Spain"

:-) They are now a collector's item.


Alec McClochendichter said...

I didn't score too well. The nearest I got was "popeye" instead of i-pod, nut-job instead of assaulted peanut, and holey-cow instead of whole milk.

Great pictures, I'll email you some others from the same site. Hope your week is going well.

BeckEye said...

Dandy Lions cracked me up for some reason!

hotboy said...

Yeah, hoping you're back in health. Hotboy

BKS said...

Funny pics and I did manage to guess a few correctly haha. Hope you are getting better and getting over your cold. It has been in the 70s here last few days. Maybe its headed your way now!

Semi-Celibate Man said...

Very funny! I love the lite beer pic.

Michael Manning said...

OH God! This was histerically FUNNY!!!! You Rock!