Wednesday, February 21, 2007

True odd things! (Really did happen)

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I am feeling much better. You guys are great, thank you so much.

Yesterday morning, around 10 am, I stopped at a convenience store to get a Mt. Dew.
(Ok, I know, I am addicted...I am trying to cut back)
Anyway, when I got to the counter, the man in front of me was just finishing up and was getting ready to leave when I overheard the conversation with the cashier guy.
They were saying "yeah, you could probably get high off of his smell". The guy in front of me laughed and left.
Then the cashier guy said to me "I can't believe people walk around like that and don't think people know they are high, I mean the smell alone. I wonder how they go to work and the boss doesn't say something to them."
I just smiled and said "I don't know. Maybe they should take a shower before going anywhere".

Then he went on to say "Even if they put cologne on, you can still smell it. It is hard to cover up. Even if they use this "[pulled a package from a shelf].
I asked him what that was and he said they are blount wraps (or something to that affect).
I asked "oh, a different kind of rolling paper"?
He said "yeah, a fruity kind of paper."
(I was thinking oh yuck...fruity pot!)
Then he said "credit or debit darlin'"? .....

Night before last, I was going to get something to eat.
As I approached my car in the parking lot of my apartments, the cardoor of the car next to mine was open. So I gently pushed it shut (not closing all the way, but I heard it click).
Then I got into my car. Something caught my eye.
I looked into that car next to me and I noticed a bird. Yes, a bird was flying around inside of that car.
It was not the kind of bird one would typically have as a pet, but "the fly around outside" kind of bird.
I couldn't resist, I picked up my camera phone and I took some pictures.
I was going to open the car door, but a couple of things crossed my mind.
First, now that the door was shut, I felt like I should not open the door, I don't know, I felt weird, like I was trespassing or something. I didn't want to be "caught" in the middle of it with someone thinking I was breaking into the car (even though it was easily explainable).

I was already thinking what if someone caught me taking pictures of the inside of this person's car!? (Which by the way was not an easy task getting the pictures of a bird that was fluttering so fast, by the time the camera took the snap, the bird had already moved to a different spot, having to discard or save each time).
Second, what if this bird is a pet and I let it out?

(well, the car door was open to begin with....hmmmm)
I waited for a few minutes to see if someone would come out to close their car door.
No one came.

I had to go pick up my dinner.
The whole time I was gone, I kept thinking about that bird.

I made the decision to open the car door once I got back.
It was now about 30 minutes later and was on the dark side of dusk.
When I got back, I pulled into the same spot. I pulled the door handle of that was just as I had left it (clicked shut, but not completely closed).

I could not see if the bird was still in there. Then it started fluttering and trying to fly into the back window.
I was going to open the back door....then a guy came out of the upstairs apartment. He was putting his trash bin outside for trash pickup.
I said "excuse me..." He looked down. I said "Is this your car"? He said "the black one"?
Then I said, " left your car door open and now there is a bird in there and it won't come out."
He said "What, I did? Wow, that has been about an hour now".
So he came down stairs and said "I can scare him out".
I said "I think he will fly out if you open your doors".
Which he did and the bird flew away.
He thanked me and said "I hope the bird is ok".....
(the guy left his car door open and forgot about it!!??)

Some of the pictures are not very clear, but you can see the bird fairly well in a couple shots.

Anything strange happen to you lately?
Have a good day!


b o o said...

that IS strange. glad you're doing better :) happy lunar new year sweets.

Rastaman said...


Fruity paper, yuck. Think it works?

You know what my boss says to me every morning? "Rasta, you're so cool. I wanna be just like you."


What did you have for dinner?

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

~ Silly Rasta

josh williams said...

You did your good deed, strong work. I posted the waterfall picture...

truckdriver_sefl said...

Wow I think those are really cool pictures!!

Have a great day Lee Ann!

angel, jr. said...

I'm like you--I won't do something nice like close a person's car door, cause I don't want anyone to think I'm doing something wrong. I won't close someone's mailbox door, I won't do anything if I see a car trunk, gas lid, or windshield wiper up, none of those things.

In fact, because of all those sexual harrassment stories now happening, I won't even be somewhere alone with a chick--like my gym is 24 hours, and if it's just me and some chick working out in there, I'll come back, cause I don't want her to be saying something like, "all he did was check me out the whole time"--when in reality, most of the time you stare straight ahead while on the treadmill.

I've babbled incoherently again.

melanie said...

Glad the birdie was fine..eventually

Happy day to you too Lee Ann....Glad you are feeling better
:o) x

hotboy said...

What a great story about the bird! I was wondering why shopkeepers didn't engage me in confidential conversations ... I'm not a gurl! Do more folk speak to you if you're a good looking gurl? Hotboy

Otis said...

Somehow, we are connected by Karma...I though only the really strange stuff happened to me...

I'm still trying to figure out how I got bird crap on my back seat????

MyUtopia said...

Glad you are doing better. Very weird incident for sure. Nothing weird happened here.

DaMasta said...

oh man, i'm so glad the bird was okay! poor thing! yeah, i would have been scared to open the door again also LOL

have a good one lee ann :)

Carmi said...

I'd hate to have to clean the seats up after the fact. Ick!

You're a good soul for hanging back and speaking with the owner. Most folks wouldn't have taken the time to care. You did, which says a lot about your character.

On that basis alone, I'm so glad I stumbled into your blog this eve. I look forward to reading more.

JLee said...

wow, too weird! I had a strange bird thing happen the other day. There were a bunch of robins in my yard, on the roof, in the neighbors yard, all around. So many of them! One came up to my car as I was pulling in the driveway. It was like a scene from "The Birds" lol Then in an hour or so , they were gone.

josh williams said...

Thanks...I just realized I have a part two...Beer and blogging I am here to admit and to seek consul. How do I beer and blog without any side effects? JW

Gyrobo said...

Everything's perfectly normal right here.

jiggs said...

I have been given the bird in my car, but it was nothing like this!

rob said...

Great stories Lee Ann. While reading the second one, I decided the guy must have left the door open to let the bird out, and walked away so as not to panic it.

Nothing weird happens to me, maybe because I'm already weirder than anything that could happen.

twolf1920 said...

ACTUALLY....I was in the CONVENIENCE store the other day, and a guy and a gal drive up, and get out BOTH looking like they had slept in their clothes for 2 weeks.

The guys eyes were WAYYY dilated and he was sweaty and nervous. The chick HAD to be a hooker...Or at least the sluttiest chick I had seen in a while. Same physical condition.

The guy made a beeline to the cash machine, while the chick waited all the while nervous and wringing her hands.

How many of you can do the math on the situation?

Hint: NOT potheads!

David said...

i heard a bird fluttering against the window in my garage and had to catch it in my hands to escort it out the door, now each day it comes by the feeder to thank me in french
( ok the last parts are not true)

The Appalachianist said...

yeah, thats Alabama Twilight Zone...That's a god deed you did, Lady. Glad your better...did you try my remedy? Nah, probably not

Lee Ann said...

App, what is your remedy? Maybe I did!

David Amulet said...

Odd, yes. But I can understand it--when I've had bags or boxes to carry in, I've left a door open before.

No birds get in, though. Only women.

-- david

Spoke said...

I heard about some babies left in a car on a hot day. The cop on scene smashed the window to get the dying kids out. The "Parent" was arrested...didn't think about it apparently... "they were safe locked in the car".

Ticharu said...

Maybe he was the guy from the store with the strong pot smell... you know, small world and all...

BeckEye said...

Fruity pot? Eegads, that has to be worse than clove cigarettes.

Michael Manning said...

I think you did the right thing freeing the bird. When I was in Radio News we'd have scanners in he news room and you'd hear these awful, heart-stopping stories in mid-summer about a child locked in a car. Fortunately in every case, the fire department rescued the child within minutes. Great post!

Michael Dingler said...

I wish I was a bird so I could fly far, far away! Crazy story...and I am one of those guilty people of leaving doors open. The other day I woke up after coming home at six in the morning and found I had left my front door to the house open all day. Ordinarily that may not be such a bad thing, but i don't live in the suburbs anymore...New Orleans ain't the place to leave your front door open and fall asleep