Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hi, come on in!

This is a test.........................only a test!
Can you pass the test? I will let you know if you have!

Hey everyone! I have missed you.
Please come in make yourself at home.
Cocktails and hors douvres are being served on the terrace. Then go relax on the pool deck looking over the southwest grounds and vineyard.

So, tell me, what have you been up to lately? Tell me what I have missed.
I have been relaxing and vacationing in my own backyard.

For those of you that do not recognize the television test pattern above, it is the Indian Head 320 US test pattern.
Here are some others from around the world. Do any of them look familiar to you?














NBC - US (1941)

I am so glad you came to visit. It was great to see you. I hope you enjoyed yourself.
Please come back anytime.
Oh, I will let you know if you passed the test.

Hugs to you all,
Lee Ann


Carmi said...

I'm so glad you're back, Lee Ann. We missed your voice. Sometimes, a little break from the keyboard is just what we need to recharge the creative batteries.

You're stirred some powerful memories with these test pattern images. With the advent of 24-hour television, they are sadly no longer part of our reality.

Another touchstone fades into the past...

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Doh, and I didn't bring my pencil!!!

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

BeckEye said...

Welcome back!

BTExpress said...

Nice to have you back. As far as what you missed on my blog, guess my Stripper video would be the biggest. Not to be taken literally though. ;-)

Osbasso said...

Sometimes that vacation in the back yard is just as good as anywhere else. Other than getting you up to Montana...

pinkhippo said...

Welcome back! :)

Do you have one for Singapore? :)

green said...

Welcome back, Lee Ann.

Was your vacation nice and relaxing? It doesn't matter that you stayed home. Time off is time off, no matter where you are.

What have you missed? Nothing of consequence, I'm sure.

lecram sinun said...

Love these test patterns!

bsoholic said...

Those are cool, although annoying when they are on your own tv screen.

Becky said...

I actually don't recognize any of them.

Hope you're doing well, it's always good to take a little "me" time.

Stealth said...

welcome back honey!!! I love that series of pictures.

SignGurl said...

I'm so glad to see you are still around!

~Tim said...

Is that a girl killing a clown on the Sydney screen?

Welcome back!

Michael Manning said...

Lee Ann: It's great to have you back. There was an old movie on one night with Robert Wagner playing an x-con who takes a job helping police. But they have him inside a house with camera's like "Big Brother". He is seen sitting for hours sketching and it turns out he is a master artist who has just finished a test pattern. He tapes it to the top of a door and closes it in front of the camera. The guys monitoring him think its for real. How funny!

Hotboy said...

The Sydney one must be ripped off from the BBC. I recognise yon wee lassie! Hotboy

BTExpress said...

So did I pass?

JLee said...

Welcome back, Lee Ann!!

b o o said...

welcome back hugss

jiggs said...

It's interesting that you were gone for so long and then your first post back is of test patterns...

welcome back :)

David Amulet said...

Good to have you back.

I've never seen most of these, especially that supposed US one. Now where is this test?

-- david

Heather said...

Hope your time off was very relaxing and restorative.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Sydney one is very much like our old British testcard.

Tommy said...

Hey Lee Ann. Long time no see. Hope all is well with you. HEY I passed this test I know because I studied for it for 45 years. lol

Edge said...

I recognize the CBS one. Where did you go?


rob said...

Hi Lee Ann, so nice to see your feed flashing up on my bloglines page again. I hope you feel refreshed after your time away.

I recognise UK and Sydney screens.

HB - Everything in Australia is ripped off from the UK.

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

Good to have you back.

What have you missed? Well, our chaps beat the West Indies in the recent series, and have now started well against India. Apart from that, you didn't miss much.

You didn't include TVM (Television Malawi).


EBEZP said...

Hey great to see you back in the Castle BG, sorry I'm late!!

slappy said...

The Emirates one wins in my book.