Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The boys backs

Most of you already know that when I work out at the gym, I prefer to do it in the Cardio Cinema room (theatre) the lights are dim and there is something to watch on a big screen.

I got a wonderful Ipod for my birthday and now I don't know how I ever worked out without it (thank you Howard).
Now, that I have my Ipod, I still like to workout in the theatre. They usually have a good movie showing, but not this morning. I did not recognize any of the actors and it seemed strange. The majority of the actors were young (high school age). They apparently were bad kids doing something illegal. So I lost interest in the movie and focused completely on the music playing in my ears.

The theatre room was not too crowded, 1 other girl and 4 guys.
I was on the back row of treadmills, the girl was next to me. Three of the guys were directly in front of me and the 4th guy on the other side of me. The girl left a few minutes after I started working out. Unlike me, none of the guys were out of shape in the least little bit.

All of the sudden John Cougar Mellencamp was singing Authority Song to me. As I was looking in front of me, I noticed the guy in the middle was running to the exact beat of the song...the whole song. The guy to his right was doing a fast walk and the guy to his left was jogging and were not on beat.
I wasn't interested in the movie so....
...and they were in front of me, so it was hard to miss...

The next song that came bursting through my earphones...Sexyback!
Then...Walk Away.

I told you guys before that I want to sing out when I am listening to the Ipod, but I restrain myself.
I did look down to check my heart rate. When I looked up, I guess I was singing (not outloud, but just to myself) and the guy on the left was getting off the treadmill and we looked at each other....I was busted! Thankfully I was aware that I was not singing out loud. How embarrassing would that have been!
Oh well, it was a great workout.

It was also the first morning to walk outside soaked from the sweat (oh wait, am I supposed to say glisten) to a temperature under 30*F.....brrrrrr!
Actually this first glimpse of cold weather is nice, can't wait to sit all cozy with Howard in front of the fireplace with a nice glass of wine!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Lee Ann


rob said...

Me first! Music and workouts go together well. My musical taste is pretty obscure, so an ipod would help me, I'm sure.

I worked out today too, though on the home gym.

Have a nice romantic evening.


Becky said...

I always sing when jamming out to the iPod, it's much easier to sing when you can't hear how terrible it is b/c something is plugging your ears! I couldn't work out without my iPod, or clean the house. What did I do before the iPod?!

~gkw said...

Yes, it WAS cold this morning!!

My daughter is the worst about singing when she's listening to the Ipod... I better get one for my birthday or Christmas this year!!!

amera hearts said...

i'm scared. very scared of weather like that. and when i hear it gets down to 12 or less, i start to panic and my chest gets tight and oh man. i am so scared.

jiggs said...

I gave up exercise to guarantee that I won't accidentally sing in front of other people.

Hotboy said...

Have a lovely weekend, Lee Ann! Hotboy

angel, jr. said...

You have a theater at your gym? I'm working out in the wrong place. Do they play the football games on the weekends?

Phats said...

HA awesome
I work out using my IPOD as well, and I don't care what people think I still sing out :)

Dave Morris said...

I got a new iPod also, love it! I use it constantly.