Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Iron Bowl

Yes, today is the day that an unbelievable amount of people in the state of Alabama have been waiting for all year....The Auburn /Alabama game ~ The Iron Bowl.
This is apparently the biggest most important day of the year!!!
It doesn't matter which team has had more wins or losses during the year, the winner could be either team.

I grew up an Alabama fan...went to numerous games, had all the "Alabama paraphernalia", even went to two maybe three Sugar Bowls in New Orleans. My brother, one year ahead of me in school, went to the University of Alabama.

I went to Auburn University. My senior year in high school, I spent the weekend visiting my friend, toured the campus, and made the decision to go to Auburn..."War Eagle!"
Two years later, I persuaded my younger sister to attend Auburn University.
So, we had a split family.
I was now a die hard Auburn fan...well, I did go to school there!
Years later, I lived in South Florida. No one cared about college football there. (Well it was not the same kind of huge fan base as in Alabama).
The Miami Dolphins (pro ball) was what it was all about.

Then several years later, I moved back to Birmingham.
The job I took was filled with Alabama fans.
The President of my company had played football for Alabama.
That is when it happened....
That is when I completely lost interest for the game. My co-workers showed me a side of Alabama fans that was not good. The Alabama fans were cut-throat!
These were my friends/co-workers. This made me realize it was not fun anymore. These people were over the top! It became apparent they took the game so seriously that they made it miserable for anyone else whether Alabama won or lost!

So, to this day....I don't care who wins or loses. It is just not fun anymore.


Hope your team wins if they have a game today!
Lee Ann


angel, jr. said...

Hi!! Football should be fun!! It always is for me. I'm sorry that it has become a headache for you.
I hope your team wins.

Otis said...

Go Dawgs!

Seamus said...

I'm afraid I, too, share your sentiments!

Hope you had a wonderful TurkeyDay! :)

Hotboy said...

I'm so sympathetic to this! Supporting sports teams of any kind till it hurts is not good for anyone. In the Roman empire, it was blue or green chariot racers. Nothing's changed. Thank god for the middle way, Lee Ann. It should be fun. It shouldn't hurt. It's not all that important. It shouldn't incur hate. Support something for sure. Win gracefully. Lose gracefully. Be amused. You should come to Edinburgh for the festival next year, and then you could go to shows and just be entertained. Is it entertainment or is it not? Have a nice Saturday. Hotboy

David Amulet said...

That's a shame that others ruined it for you. So sad.

-- david

rob said...

The Alabama fans are not being employed where their skills are best suited. Is it too late to send them to Iraq?