Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Buggtastic Brain Busters

New title for my fun little quizzes, thanks to Dave!

Just give them a try, tell me your answers and don't cheat by looking at other bloggers' answers. I will post the answers later.

1. When Jim was taking a stroll one day, he met his father-in-law’s only daughter’s mother-in-law. What did he call her?

2. Which set of numbers would most logically come next in the following sequence?
10 1 9 2 8 3 7 4 6 5 5 6 4 7 3 8 2

(a) 9 1 (b) 9 3 (c) 8 5 (d) 6 7

3. The names of three foods are mixed up on EACH of the following lines. The words are given with their letters in correct order, but each word is “interlettered” with the others. Unscramble the foods.

4. Grandma looked up from her rocking chair and said, “As far as I can determine, there is only one anagram of the word TRINKET. What is it?”

5. Homonyms are words that sound alike, though they are spelled differently. (Example: to, two, too) One pair of homonyms has meanings that are precisely opposite, and need not be stretched. What are the two spellings of this homonym?

Have fun! Cya later :)


The Husband said...

i know the answer to #2 is C. i'll get back to you on the others. these are good questions.

Ilaiy said...

Answer to
#1 is mother
#2 is a 91

Shall be back for the others ..

Dave Morris said...

1 - Mom
2 - A
3 - cheese, fruit, meat & apples, plums, pears (? on last one, not sure)
4 - knitter
5 - stumped

Do I win a prize?

Fred said...

I'll wait for all the answers. I've been teaching all day, and I'm brain-dead. (Sorry to spoil the fun!)

robmcj said...

My dog has suggested the answer to question 5:

awful, offal

robmcj said...

chaste, chased?

robmcj said...

fetid, feted?

Me said...

Dave already gave the answers...so i dont want to repeat the same.....
good questions....

Lee Ann said...

Come on guys.....
If you don't want to play, just say hi! I know you are out there. I promise I won't hold it against you if you don't participate.

Dave Morris said...

Dying to know what number 5 is. Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, sometimes I'm known to... uh, finish to quickly.


petrow said...

your causing anerism the size of a tidal wave, but i like it, thinking is fun , and girls who think aer awesome.


BeckEye said...

1. Mom
2. (a) 9,1
3. Cheese, meat and ?
Apples, Plums and Pears
4. Couldn't think of it...I see someone put "knitter". Aaaarghh!
5. That's a toughie. Can't think of what it could be.

Me said...

#beckeye....all these answers were given by dave...."I see someone put "knitter"..Aaaarghh!".....is it a open-book system Lee ?

Lee plzzz give the answer of no #5....

jiggs said...

Ahh! you're making my brain hurt. I just blew out a neuron.

hotboy said...

Was at a free wine literary do last night. No IQ left at all. But I'm definitely not a homonym. The artistic director was just holding my hand for a long time because he's naturally affectionate. Hotboy

mojoala said...

1. His own mother
2. (a) 9 1
3. apple, plum, cheese
4. Knitter
5. raise and raze

Justice said...

Obviously I should have looked at your blog later in the day. It is way too early for me to be figuring out things like that. My brain kicks in high gear after lunch. LOL

Kay Ray said...

1- mom
2- 91
3- meet, apple
4- Junk
5- ????

The Zombie Lama said...

Um, I cheated...


Lee Ann said...

Carl ~ hmmm, didn't see you get back to me yet! hahaha

ilaiy ~ good, so far!

Dave ~ good...you have to finish your test to be complete! hehe

Fred ~ I totally understand!

robmcj ~ good tries! :)

avik ~ okay avik, okay! ;)

Dave ~ hold on...its coming!

petrow ~ Hi! Thanks for stopping by and thank you. Come back by again.

BeckEye ~ Very good...you and Dave get A- so far!

Avik ~ okay, almost!

Jiggs ~ oh! Sorry, didn't mean to strain you.

Hotboy ~ That's ok! Sounds like what you did was more fun.

Mojo ~ Of course, I knew you would know....shhhhh! not everyone is finished with their test. (Almost an A+)

Justice ~ Have you woken up and gotten some coffee yet? I know it is hard to get jumpstarted in the morning.

Kay Ray ~ Very good tries:)

Zombie ~ You get points for being honest :)

Menzies Milngavie III said...

Aha! Most of the other commentators are giving only the obvious answers. There are hidden levels within your quiz. Here are my answers:

1. It would depend on what language he spoke. If it was setswana, he would call her 'Mma' if he spoke chichewa, it would be 'Amai'

2. Traditionally, bushmen in the Kalahari had no concept of numbers. This is mainly because there's not exactly many of anything in that desert, so there was less need for them to be able to count. For bushmen, there was either one of something, or there were more than one. A bushman would therefore answer this question thus:
More than 1, 1.

3. There's no need to de-interletter, as APEPPARLEPLSSUMS is how an Afrikaaner with a stutter might describe either apples or plums.

4. Did Grandma have her false teeth in? If not, she may have mispronounced the anagram. In that case, the answer could be just about anything.

5. Can you include homonyms in the 2,000 African languages?


Lee Ann said...

Menzies ~ Very good answers! :)

Me said...

Laa Ann, I've blogrolled you...hope you dont mind.....

mojoala said...

menzies, are you smoking african gungi weed?

Menzies Milngavie III said...

My Dear Mr Mojoala,

Certainly not! Someone in Zomba market offered to sell me some Mzuzu Gold the other day. When I asked him if the bank gave a good exchange rate for it, he scarpered quickly, and it was only then that I cottoned on.