Friday, March 30, 2007

Go for the goodness

...A day early!

You know that feeling you get in your gut, right before you do something out of your comfort level (It may be a speech, an interview, a BIG purchase, skydiving, jumping into a pool from a 10 meter platform....well, you get the idea)?
It is a nervous feeling, excitement, anxiety.
It is the feeling that can make or break you. It either pushes you to do it or you dismiss the idea and decide against it.
Sometimes, the longer you ponder this thought, the original desire you had to do this "act" sort of fades away and you go on about your normal routine.
Depending on what the act is, whether it could benefit someone else, may also weigh in your decision to do it.

What kind of situation would it have to be for you to act upon your feelings or instinct?
Would it help someone else?
Would it help you overcome a fear?
Would it be good for an animal or the environment?
Would you do it strictly out of survival?
Would you do it if the risk was minimal?
Would you do it just for the rush?
Would you do it if was only within the law?
Would you do it if it was illegal and knew you could not get caught?

Now, I am not suggesting to be wreckless and I am not encouraging illegal acts,

but how often do you see a situation where you think...
"Oh, that poor animal / person, I wish they did not have to endure that situation. I wish they could have immediate relief" ?
"I have always been on the reserved side, but I should not pass up this chance to get up in front of everyone to sing kareoke". (Right Howard *wink*)
"I am here on a great vacation. I am afraid of heights, but I really should go parasailing because I will never see a view like this again".

I have to admit that when I am faced with a situation, a lot of times my thoughts are as far as my actions go. Sometimes you have to reach outside of your comfort level; it is an amazing feeling when you do this (the reward).
Once you have, it becomes a little easier to do it the next time.
I am a believer to live life, no regrets. If you don't "go for it" then most likely you will eventually have a regret. (I know, sometimes there is the regret for doing it, but most of the time you will end up being really glad you did).
As a kid, it is easier to act upon these thoughts because you have not seen or have an understanding of what the end result could be. The older we get, the better understanding we have of life and how it works (for the most part).
We also get complacent.

I was on the swim team and diving team when I was growing up. I had no fear of water what-so-ever. My diving coach would explain how to do a dive and I would do it.
Once, we were at a big swim meet at a pool that had diving platforms. At the end of the day, when the swim meet was over, we were allowed to play in the pool. Some of the kids were jumping off the diving platforms, so of course I wanted to.
I jumped off the 5 meter platform...YAY, fun!
Then I went to the 7 meter platform...(oh this is pretty high up, here goes...I jumped). Then I climbed up the 10 meter platform...(GULP! I am really way up here! I walked to the end, curled my toes over the edge and looked down.
That feeling! I had it!
I struggled with my thoughts "do it" / "no way, too high".
My heart was racing, my stomach was tight and my knees were trembling.
Then I got IT, the thought that overcame me...."JUST GO"! I bent my trembling knees and pushed off.
Afterwards, I was glad I did and knew that if I had not done it, I would have had regrets.

Now that I am older, it becomes harder and harder to take action on my thoughts.
The last several months, I have made an effort to act instead of just the destitute man I gave my last $2 to on the insterstate this past winter; getting home and returning to the grocery store parking lot with cat food for the stray cat; releasing a trapped bird inside a car...
I really do not know how much impact I have made with these small gestures, but the point is I acted upon my thoughts. It was out of my routine comfort level and it made me feel good inside. It is my hope that I will do even better from this point on.

You only live once, go for the goodness. If it is something you think you want...GO FOR IT... that job interview, the speech, kareoke, helping the homeless, skydiving...or even getting a tattoo! ;)

You will love the reward!

Love you all, have a great weekend!


The Appalachianist said...

Lee Ann, it's not Friday March 30th yet. I'm eight hours ahead of you and it's still Thursday the 29th...
Doing these things...You just have a heart Lee Ann

Osbasso said...

I hope we get to see a picture!

Cinderella said...

I know that feeling very well. I got that same feeling the day I got married...

I do Good everyday! When I send my daughter to school she doesn't beat anyone up and I am proud of that!! hehe

Seriously, I am nice to everyone and I help out whenever I can, it's all anyone can do, right?

angel, jr. said...

What an inspirational post!! GO FOR IT!!
Have a good weekend!!

DaMasta said...

What great advice.. I love how your posts are always inspiring in some way or another, those are wonderful words to live by!! Especially the kindness to humanity and animals--give that last dollar and help that stranded animal! :D

MyUtopia said...

This is a deep conversation. I enjoyed hearing your insight on the matter.

Just a toy said...

you have quite the insight into things

coach said...

i always live on the edge.i like the's james bondish in some way.not in dealing w/danger but more in dealing w/girls !

BTExpress said...

You are very wise. What a combo; hot, sexy, wise and compassionate.

AndyT13 said...

Hey LA! Hope you're having a great day! Love ya!

JLee said...

Great post, Lee Ann. I have felt that fear and you're are so glad you "took the plunge" once you take that chance. You only live once!

EBEZP said...

This has to be the wisest posting in blogland this week - if not month! No I mean it!
It's inspirational and charitable and oh so right!
I have done many things usually on impulse and have had the same reward and boy does it get harder as life's experiences kick in with the dangers....what ifs! However the payback or the reward is heightened as well.
Oh how I wish that it was Birmingham England you were from!
You rock girl you really do!
Have a great day/weekend!

BeckEye said...

I only have problems "going for it" when it comes to relationships. I'm still an awkward 13 year old when it comes to that stuff! :)

Gyrobo said...

I tend to avoid life, lest I become a tempting target of the time travel assassins.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I go after my instinkt/feelings when it is for survivle / helps/are good for, people, animals or enviroments. Even if I have to cross the border of law.

Lee Ann said...

App ~ I know, that is why I wrote ...A day early
I wasn't sure if I would be able to post today.
Thank you, I just want to do the best I can and try to not have any regrets.
Stay safe over there!

Os ~ ;) Have a super weekend!

Shannon ~ Your daughter is adorable, a lot to be proud of! I know you are nice to everyone, and you are right, that is a very worthy thing!

Lee Ann said...

Angel ~ Thank you, you have a good weekend too!

Damasta ~ Thank you, very kind of you to say. Have a great weekend!

MyUtopia ~ I have a tendancy to do that, even in "real life conversation". Thank you, hope your weekend is excellent!

Lee Ann said...

Toy ~ Thank you, just me by nature. Hope your weekend guest goes well!

Coach ~ I had that feeling about you! ;)

BTExpress ~ Thank you, good to see you over here!

Lee Ann said...

Andy ~ HI! Hope you are too! Thanks for stopping in :)

JLee ~ Thank you! Yes, you definitely get it! We either learn to do this or we get complacent! I prefer plunging! haha

EBEZP ~ Thank you, you are the sweetest! You know exactly what I am talking about! And, you are right...the payback or the reward is heightened when you make that leap! Many people have originally thought I was from the Birmingham on the other side of the Pond... would love to see that Birmingham some day! I hope you have a great weekend too!

Lee Ann said...

Beck ~ I used to be like that, too shy for my own good!

Gyro ~ Your time travel adventures are the best! Be sure to duck!

Kirsten ~ That is very admirable! You must be a very sensitive person. Have a wonderful weekend.

hotboy said...

Interesting post! Have a good weekend! Hotboy

Crabby said...

Lee Ann, this post is just what I needed today. Nice work, kiddo. And so true!

Bathroom Hippo said...

Thanks for encouraging me to plant my peanut farm.

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ Thank you, hope your weekend is wonderful!

Crabby ~ Thanks girl! Have an awesome weekend!

Hippo ~ Ahhh, sweet hippo, it has been a while, good to see you. I hope your peanut farm produces a lot of nuts! ;)

just you drop them pants said...

Lee Ann, you're a wonderful person.

Have a great weekend...thank you for the thoughts as always.

josh williams said...

Cool beans, thanks ...JW

Lee Ann said...

JYDTP ~ Thank you so much! Nice to see you, please come by more often.

Josh ~ Thank you, have a great weekend!

JR's Thumbprints said...

As we get older, we become acclimated to all our fears.

John Bryson said...

You totally get the award for best blogger ever!

rob said...

Every day there's a few people I would gladly assassinate if I knew I could not get caught.

b o o said...

random acts of kindness, love it HUGS

Lee Ann said...

Jr. ~ You are right about that!
Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will come by more often.

John ~ Thank you, you are the sweetest!

Rob ~ Oh really!?!! Haha...I don't picture you doing anything remotely like that!

Boo ~ Coming from one of the kindest! ;)
Hugs to you too Boo!