Monday, March 19, 2007

I wonder...

Has anyone ever told you that you always think of "off the wall" type of stuff?
Well, ok I admit, I guess I do!
The other morning, I was lying in bed before I got up.
I started thinking...
I wonder if I have ever walked in the exact footsteps of anyone.
If I have, who and how many people?
I wonder if I have ever been in the exact place as someone really great. (I always think about that one when visiting historical tourist spots too).
I wonder if I have ever stood in the exact place where someone has died.
I wonder what the people that lived in my apartment before me did.
Have I ever done the exact thing, in the exact spot they did?
Then my mind went to my last apartment.
I wonder who lives there now.
I wonder if they have ever thought about what things were done in that apartment before they lived there.
Really the question would be where, not so much what, right Howard?....each room....even in the walk-in closets.....*blushing*
....well, you should be a little adventurous, right? *giggle*

I know I do think of strange things...all the time. Do any of you? Really now, be honest!

Hugs to you all


Carmi said...

Constantly. I've spent a lifetime being different. It was difficult when I was in high school, because environments that encourage and reward conformity don't much know what to do with folks at opposite ends of the bell curve.

But that seemed to reverse itself as I moved into adulthood. Being unique helped me brand myself more effectively. My unique way of viewing the world became a calling card instead of a liability.

I'm glad you brought this up. I totally get where you're coming from. Absolutely well put!

Gyrobo said...

I used to be pretty bummed that all the water on Earth is actually recycled dinosaur urine.

But now I take it in stride.

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Every day!

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

coach said...

yeh right . i myself always wonder a lot .

- i wonder how stevie wonder mate his partner ?
- i wonder how much wonder bread its manufacturer throw every night ? why not use these to feed the wandering poor instead, i wonder ?
- i wonder if sanjaya will be eliminated in the american idol this week ? if that happens, it's wonderful !

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I'm sometime thinking about;
how did this exact place look like 2000 year ago.

David Amulet said...

I think the real question is who has "normal" thoughts? That's who I worry about.

-- david

truckdriver_sefl said...

Hey Lee Ann it is off the wall thinkers like you that make the world go around!! keep it up!

EBEZP said...

They are 'off the wall' questions aren't they and I bet everyone could give some sort of answer especially about the things that have gone on in various places!
I know when I'm at work that people, relatively famous locally have walked the walk and talked the talk everywhere that I walk.
I work in what was the town hall opened in 1889 and is now the Museum! Oh yes and we do have an original victorian water closet!
There is also a secret toilet just by what was the Mayor's Parlour which was discovered quite recently by a senior female officer of the council who lured a newbie museum attendant in to it for two hours! Just normal thinking I guess!
As far as the apartment is concerned we were told by our neighbours when we moved in after one night that we thought was a particularly noisy session and were just about to apologise that compared to the last people it was peaceful!
Didn't know whether to be pleased or not! They didn't leave a forwarding address either!


Michael Manning said...

This was a very interesting post! I feel it shows a very creative way of looking at things many never bother to think about or just take for granted. How cool! And Carmi is right. Well put! :)

twolf1920 said...

I always wonder what it would be like to have met LeeAnn! (In person I mean!)

DaMasta said...

Yes, I always think of weird things at the weirdest moments. Particularly, though, I think of how past conversations could have gone.. what would I have said different and if I would have said that, what would the other person have said.. so on and so on until I'm having this random imaginary conversation in my head! LOL

Steven Novak said...

Off teh wall thinking is the only way to go...the alternative is just too boring. ;)


Spoke said...

While walking along a busy Vancouver sidewalk with hundreds of other humans on a Saturday afternoon 18 years ago, I met PJ. After we passed one another, I ran back after her. We we're married 5 months later and it's a blast!
I often hold her at night while she sleeps becaused I get frightened. What if I didn't run back down the sidewalk after her? What if I was distracted and missed her glance?
Sometimes life's events seem so fragile, yet I refuse to embrace the "fate"theory.

Lizard Princess said...

Hello- nice topic!
I found you through Melanie, who I found through Dani-hermit-be-gone....ANYWAY...
I had one of those bizarre thoughts just today.
I was walking in a cross walk and about a block away, an eighteen wheeler truck was heading my way- I had plenty of time to get across his lane before he got to me,...but as I crossed over to the other side, a second before the truck went roaring behind me safely, I thought, "What if I only THINK I'm in the safe lane, what if I'm really about to be hit by that truck?"
I think it comes from a fear of big trucks. It's not an insanely illogical fear or anything; I don't change my behavior because of it, but sometimes I have weird thoughts about them!
Thanks for letting me share!

hotboy said...

There's been folk in Edinburgh for a long time. I often think of the famous and infamous who've walked the same streets I do. You don't get quite the same feeling in the states because yous weren't there then. Yous was over here. Hotboy

melanie said...

Go for the closet Lee Ann..sounds cosy!!
I wonder.....hmm


BeckEye said...

If it weren't for weird thoughts, I'd have no thoughts at all.

Rebecca said...

I have to say i think about the future more than the past. I wonder what this place will look like years later. I wonder what day it will be when my kids have to face a war here on american soil. I wonder if we keep going the way we are if they will ever be able to swim in the ocean or go out side in the depressing....then I wonder about silly things like who come up with the word blue....why can't red be blue....or yellow....

Lee Ann said...

Carmi ~ Thank you so much, I almost felt like you would "get this" if no one else did. I agree with having a unique way of looking at the world as being a calling card and not a liablity.

Gyro ~ That is absolutely the best way to take it!

Neo ~ Peace and hugs Neo! ;)

Coach ~ I wonder about Sanjaya as well!

Lee Ann said...

Kirsten ~ Exactly!

David ~ Thank you for making me feel better!

Trucker ~ Thanks so much, I appreciate you.

ebezp ~ That is amazing about the history of your work place. Wow, what a cool discovery! A newbie museum attendant being lured into a secret water closet! hmmmm ;)

Lee Ann said...

Michael ~ Thank you Michael, very kind of you to say.

T ~ So sweet of you to say...Thank you so much.

Damasta ~ Oh imaginary conversation!!! Most definitely. I have actually laughed out loud at myself as my thoughts sometimes almost sound like narration!

Steven ~ I am so glad to be considered NOT BORING! Thank you and thank you for stopping by. I hope you will come by more often.

Lee Ann said...

Spoke ~ Be still my! That is amazing and beautiful. Your wife is a lucky lady, that is for sure!

L Princess ~ I am glad you found me. It appears we are normal with our strange thoughts!
Please come by again.

Hotboy ~ Yes Hotboy, you are right. You've got the right idea....your comment shows me that you understand! ;)

Lee Ann said...

Melanie ~ Well, funny Melanie, that you were the first one to say something about that! haha

Beckeye ~ I knew it Beck, you and me...from the first time we found out we have the same recurring dream!

Rebecca ~ Hi! Yes, I too think of the future in much the same way. You are right, it can become very depressing if thinking about certain topics. Just think of technology in the future...I mean look at people driving in their cars with these little things wrapped around their ear! Who would have guessed 10 years ago that we would have phones like that?
The word thought is something I contemplate all the time too!
Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you more often.

jamwall said...

mostly they just tell me to stop eating all their food and having sex with their hamster.

Lee Ann said...

Hey Jams...haha you deserve much better!!!!

Dave Morris said...

I've wondered if I was breathing the same molecules of air that George Washington breathed... or Benjamin Franklin or King Tut. Pretty interesting to consider.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ Exactly!!! Very intriguing in my mind.

jiggs said...

no one has ever said that i thought of off the wall stuff! (i keed I keed!)

also, those are good questions!

Jason said...

Oh I'm told I think off the wall stuff all the time. Usually by friends and family.

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ Of course you do Jiggsy! That is what makes you so interesting!

Jason ~ That is not a bad thing...seems we are really more of the norm! ;)

Mustafa ┼×enalp said...


angel, jr. said...

I wonder about those things too.

Rastaman said...


Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

Lee Ann said...

Angel ~ I had an idea that you might think of those kinds of things too! ;)

Rasta ~ of the lucky ones, very cool!
peace and hugs from babygirl

Lee Ann said...

Mustafa ~ hello!