Friday, March 02, 2007

Just things I noticed....

I went to eat at a popular Mexican restaurant tonight.
They have THE BEST margaritas. Of course I had one. In fact I had two....yummy.

Anyway, some random things I noticed while waiting for a table...
A nice looking couple was standing near me.
As I was looking at her, I started wondering what she might look like when she gets old.
So, I analyzed her in sections.
Her hair was a little thin....maybe she would end up slightly bald when she gets old.
Her eyes were pretty....most likely they will still be pretty when she gets old.
Her nose was a nice shape, but a little on the large side.... she will have a big nose when she is old.
Her lips looked nice with lip gloss, but her top lip was very thin and her bottom lip was not very full......her lips will be almost non-existent when she gets old.
She was a thin girl....she will be just the right size when she gets old.
She had small boobs....they will probably be perfect and perky when she gets old.
...And last....She did not have great posture (not bad, but not great)....she will be hunched over when she gets old.
So, any of you want me to analyze you????

Some other things I noticed while waiting for a table...
A woman was wearing some strange shoes.
They were clear with about a 2 inch heel.
They lit up as she walked. (huh? It made me think of those little kid tennis shoes that light up as they walk).

Another woman dressed nice ~ blue jeans, nice shirt, very nice pair of heeled shoes.
Well, answer me this....What is the point of having nice heel shoes if you cannot walk in them? I saw her walking across the room a little bit later.
She almost looked like she was physically impaired.
She had her toes pointing inward to keep her balance....dumb (that is what she looked like).

After I sat down, I reached over to pick up the menu and one of the managers came up to my table...
He looked at me and asked "Do you remember me?"
I quickly said "Well, you look familiar".
Then he said his name and it clicked. I did remember him.
I am not going to tell you how long it has been since I have seen him, but I will tell you that his brother was my very first boyfriend at age 14.
He (this manager guy) is a couple of years younger than his brother and me, but we were on the swim team and the diving team together.
Anyway, I would not have recalled his name without him jogging my memory, I would have just thought the guy had a familiar face.
I cannot believe he recognized me. How cool!

Ok, I must go now....I am not drunk, but I am having a little difficulty typing!

Just remember.......

Have a great weekend!


rob said...

I can vouch for your sobriety. Though your typing may have been off, you were speaking more clearly than I could.

That guy recognising you must prove how young you look.

I like the lips animation and your template spring-clean.

Feel free to analyse me, since you did a fair-minded job on the woman. xox

Osbasso said...

I would love to have you analyze me!

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say Lee Ann,

Nice pile in the photograph.

You are very observant.

Why do one's lips get thinner with age.


angel, jr. said...

Have a great weekend.
I agree with Rob, if the guy recognized you, it must mean that you haven't changed a bit!! Lucky you!

hotboy said...

Have a great weekend! Hotboy

melanie said...

Gosh, old boyfriends...the past catches up eventually! and as osbasso says I would also love you to analyse me! ha ha well...'a bit of a goofy smile, big belly and will shrink even more as she gets older'...Blimey at this rate I shall be 4ft by the time I am 60!
Love to you Lee Ann!

BKS said...

You may analyze me anytime but if its something bad just email me haha j/k Amazing how fun people watching can be no?

twolf1920 said...

He prolly recognized you cause you still look like you did 20 years ago you lil sex-pot!

JLee said...

But drinking and blogging is such fun! haha

sabatkes said...

Have a great week sweetie!

jiggs said...

I hope no one related to my ex's ever recognizes me! They'd try to poison me!... Not really :)

Ellen said...

Only too happy to wear my sneakers all the time, here. High heels are too hard and wreck havoc on the legs and feet.

And thank goodness for spell-check on those days when you've had a margarita or two prior to typing.

Hope you had a great weekend!

MyUtopia said...

I love Mexican Martini's

Spoke said...

People watching is my favorite sport. I saw a woman in town that was actually wearing a full length fur coat...gag. I posted the pic on:

BeckEye said...

I'm sure I will be completely hunched over when I'm old. I have such bad posture. And my hearing will be shot.

john said...

good memory and observation . u shd. join the cia.