Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Need More Time

I have decided that I need more time.
More time during the days.
Each day is only 24 hours. That is not long enough.

Here is my reasoning:
I do best with 8 hours of sleep. (Do I get 8 hours of sleep every night? No! Very rarely, but that is the amount of sleep that makes me feel "at my best").

So, here is my day:
I wake up at 6:30 am.
I go to work, go work out, possibly go to the store, go home, eat dinner...etc.

Okay, here is where my calculations come into play.
Say I get my 8 hours of blissful sleep. I feel pretty good all day.
In order for me to get my optimum sleep with my 8 hours of beauty rest, I do best if I have been awake for approximately 17 1/2 hours.
If I try to go to sleep when I have not been awake long enough, then I cannot sleep a full 8 hours.

Stay awake from 6:30 am to 12 midnight.
Sleep from midnight to 8 am.
Stay awake 8am to 1:30 am.
Sleep from 1:30 am to 9:30 am.
Stay awake from 9:30 am to 3 am.
Sleep from 3 am to 11 am.
Stay awake from 11 am to 4:30 am
Sleep from 4:30 am to 12:30

See my problem?
With this schedule I would start off on the first day late for work and it would get progressively worse!
I think an extra 1 1/2 hours each day would be very beneficial, because I always end up short on my beauty sleep.

Have I totally confused you?

Sweet dreams!


BeckEye said...

No, I hear ya! I never get enough sleep and I never have enough time to do the other things I want.

john said...

getting enuff sleep is really a problem in today's world. taking naps during lunch breaks make up for the shortage of zzzz..

Becky said...

Yes, I got pretty confused toward the end, but I am tired too so that can't help at all.

I've been so lazy about checking all my old daily blog reads. Now that I don't work on my computer all day, it's not so easy to get around to all my reading.

Hope all is well!

Phats said...

Yes, I am very confused but that's nothing I get confused easily!

rob said...

You've even confused me, and I think like you.

When I was young and unemployed, during one summer vacation I stayed up approximately an hour later every night, and after about 24 days I had gone right round the clock. Of course, I had no social life, that made it easier.

Can you sleep at work under the desk, like George Costanza?

Mustafa Şenalp said...

I like your site very much. Thanks for your interest. Have a good day

Me Crabby said...

me love nannbuggs!!

MyUtopia said...

I know what you mean. I am trying to cut down on the "should do" things so I can enjoy life more.

hotboy said...

People should sleep more! Hotboy

Michael Manning said...

Lee Ann: I think basically everyone in the country has some sort of sleep problem and it's very bad on ones health. Life has become too demanding and pressure-filled. That's just how I feel. :)

twolf1920 said...

My life is EASY compared to yours!

tkkerouac said...

tkkerouac said...

Rastaman said...

Lack of sleep is a serious problem in the US right now ... many people are somnambulistic; many take sleep aides and the side effects include sleep-eating, sleep-phone calling, and sleep-screwing. What a shame, they awake in the morning and can't remember any of it.

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

FreeThinker said...

I'm an optimal 8-hours a night person too, and quitting coffee over a year ago has made a positive difference in my sleep quality.

Are you a "caffeineaholic?"

Lee Ann said...

Beckeye ~ Too bad we can't just vote on it!

John ~ I have a hard time sleeping at night if I take a nap during the day! (most of the time) :(

Becky ~ Hey girl! Good to see you, it HAS been a while. Hope all is well with you too!

Lee Ann said...

Phats ~ Shorter version: I don't hardly ever get enough sleep! :(

Rob ~ You say you are confused, but it sounds like you understand! (I know you do, right? Because WE DO think alike!)

Mustafa ~ Hi! Thank you!

Lee Ann said...

Me crabby ~ Me loves the crabby too! (Oh, I love the pictures of you on Tad's blog!!!

Myutopia ~ I do understand that!

Hotboy ~ Yes, along with meditating too, right?

Lee Ann said...

Michael ~ I agree with you.

T ~ I don't think that! Now that I don't work a second job any longer, I feel my life is much easier!

Tkkerouac ~ Thank you! ;)

Lee Ann said...

Rasta ~ I have heard of people doing that! It is so unbelievable! Especially, as you say, sleep-screwing, what a shame to not remember in the morning! I do remember when I was a child seeing my sister sleep walk/talk! That seemed very strange to me.

peace and hugs from babygirl

Free ~ Hey!! I am glad to see you. I think we must have a little ESP because I was thinking about you today.
I do like caffeine, but I have cut back on it as well. I am a night owl, I love to stay up, but having to get up early forces me to go to bed earlier than normal. I really just wish I could go to sleep when I was sleepy and sleep until my body wakes up (with no alarm)!
I know, I know, I just want everything don't I? *giggle*

EBEZP said...

No you haven't totally confused me but you have beautifully confused me. I do see the problems but you don't need your beauty sleep so go for 6 and a half hours sleep and then you've done it! But it's been a long day, stupid expression that coz as you just said ALL days have 24 hours, but I do need my beauty sleep, well all the help I can get anyway and these time differences don't help anything!

Lee Ann said...

ebezp ~ Thank you, you are so sweet to say that.
I thought I might confuse people when I wrote this, but I also figured they would get the general idea of what I was trying to say.
Just never enough time in the day to fit it all in and sleep too! ;)

Wed Mar 28, 07:37:

Gyrobo said...

Yeah, I'm very low on time.

It would be nice to have an extra four or five hours a day.

melanie said...

AH Lee Ann..I am quite lucky in this respect..any more than 6 hours sleep and I am stumbling around the rest of the day! Weird eh? 5-6 hours and I am just fine!....Well, thats my excuse for spending so much time on the computer..;0)


jiggs said...

I need a find a way to sleep less and work more. Maybe if I tried less goofing off...

Lee Ann said...

Gyro ~ 4 or 5 extra hours would be excellent, I should remember to start with more then negotiate down to what I would accept! ;)

Melanie ~ Lucky you. That is about what I average (6 hours a night) and that is just not enough. :(

Jiggs ~ Sounds like a few extra hours in your day would be beneficial too!