Monday, November 13, 2006

Four things at my office!

Here are photos of 4 things in my office.

A calendar. For some reason I have 3 calendars in my office, not including the one on Outlook. Two hanging calendars and one large desktop calendar. November is beautiful Autumn leaves.

This plant is very special to me. A co-worker at my last job gave this to me when our office was relocated. I have had it for 7 years now. There is a little ceramic elf that hangs on the edge of the basket. The elf was given to me by a different co-worker at my last job. She brought it back as a souvenir from the Netherlands.

This is something that I clock radio. I get to listen to music all day long. I keep it on low volume most of the day. Oh, and the little bear...just something cute. (Sort of a thing for my nick name...can you guess?)

The little, I don't watch tv all day long, however, I probably could. There is one of my co-workers that does (well, at least she keeps it on during the day). Whenever there is a special report or bad weather I will turn it on.

Your turn....either tell me 4 things that you have in your office, or post 4 pictures of something in your office.

Have a great Monday!
Love you all...


Gyrobo said...

In my office, I have:

1) An old zip drive.
2) One fairly large piece of cellophane paper.
3) An inanimate carbon rod.
4) The frozen head of Walt Disney.

josh williams said...

1: Pee Wee Doll
2: Long Shoremans hook like On The Water Front, from the 50s.
3: 15 year old Mac
4:110 year old roll top desk

Cinderella said...

Hmmm *Looks on desk*

I have a baby Stewie doll
A globe of Smeagle from 'The Lord of the Rings'
A baby Stewie lamp
Pumpkin seeds

Interesting huh? lol

Gotta love Stewie =)

Spinning Girl said...

Excuse, me, but is that a bear dressed as a f***ing BEE?!?!?!?


angel, jr. said...

I don't have an office, but I have a study desk.
Is your nickname bug-a-bear.

Lee Ann said...

Gyro ~ Frozen head...I do remember you talking about that before!

Josh ~ peewee doll!?! awww!
Wow, 110 year old roll top...incredible. I bet it is beautiful.

Shannon ~ Oh, you are a fan of Lord of the Rings....I will post something later this week you will like!

Lee Ann said...

SG ~ I am glad you stopped by, honestly, I photographed the bee bear just for you! I thought about you when I looked at it. Sorry, I hope it didn't make you gag too much.

Angel ~ No, that is not my nickname, but that is a good guess and rather a cute name! I will reveal the nickname tomorrow at the end of the day. ;)

rastaman said...

Mmmmmm ...

1. Tall Gurl's bikini
2. Papers
3. Pipe
4. Shorty's bikini

LOL ... I kid, of course ...

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!


JLee said...

ok, Lee Ann, am I in a time warp because your post says Monday, but it's still Sunday?

I am at work right now and I have:
1. pictures of my daughter.
2. an antique looking lamp that was a reject Xmas gift.
3. a tiny refrigerator (you gotta have food at all times)
4. some creamer that belongs to the hoarder woman next to me who has no room left on her own desk for anything.

how's that? lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee Ann!

1) Laptop
2) Diet Caffeine-free Coke
3) Microphone
4) Picture of Lee Ann (possibly nakie) Hahaha.

Lee Ann said...

Rasta ~ sure you kid... ::wink::
peace and hugs from babygirl

Jlee ~ Gosh, I can't get away with anything *giggle*, I tried to post early. I didn't think anyone would be by here til morning!
Nice of you to keep your "neighbor's" creamer.

Hippo ~ Laptop and microphone, of course! haha! (nice try hippo)

Phats said...

HAHA you have a tv in your office AWESOME!! I am jealous.

Well, I am a teacher so I don't really have an office but I do have a classroom.

1. A picture of Kristen and I
2. A picture of my Dog Baxter
3. A radio(i'll turn it on during prep period
4. A purdue flag!

Johnny Menace said...

all your missing is tiki torches.

jiggs said...

You have owned a plant for 7 years and it hasn't died!?!?! You have a green thumb!

I have a picture of 3 highschool baseball players that I don't know. I have a certificate that says I went to the top of a volcano in hawaii. I have a badly subtitled DVD of the most recent star wars movie and I have a jimi hendrix poster.

Lee Ann said...

Phats ~ have a radio too! The music really makes a difference when working! :)

Johnny ~ YES...great idea, thnx!

Jiggs ~ I love that plant. Most of my plants are that old or older. Oh, I wish you would post a picture of your certificate. Way cool!

AndyW said...

1. Art from my kids. Kid art is the most free and expressive art.
2. Stacks of CD's. I listen to lots of music at work.
3. Mug from my trip to Canada this summer.
4. Motorcycle gear. I ride to work everyday rain or shine.

truckdriver_sefl said...

Lets see:
1:c b radio

2:cd player

3:cell phone charger

4:lots of books on tape

Have a great day Lee Ann!

MyUtopia said...

1. Lots of figurines
2. Gandhi poster
3. Awards/ Certifications
4. A pin that says "Liberate Texas next-they've got oil too!

Wow you kept a plant alive for seven years!!! Amazing!

hotboy said...

My office is a big glass box. The windows have posters on them so the flatheids have an obstructed view of the eye ball roller seething in the big glass box! Hotboy

hotboy said...

My office is a big glass box. The windows have posters on them so the flatheids have an obstructed view of the eye ball roller seething in the big glass box! Hotboy

BeckEye said...

Alas, I am currently unemployed. Hopefully I'll be able to play along soon!

coach said...

my office is as big as a bathroom cubicle . you are lucky !

amera hearts said...

i love you you have a lamp in your office! a lamp that you must have brought in!

i however do not have anything personal in my office because i took everything down and put it in my trunk as soon as i started hating my job!

on my desk right now:

cherry chapstick
hand mirror
writing tablet and tons of papers.

Otis said...

That looks like a nice space to have to work in.

Peaceful and quiet.

BuccoTom said...

Well, I had the day off today so I'm not sure. I'll take some pics tomorrow and post them for you. My last three posts have been all about the pics (yeah I been lazy) Have a great week honey bear. (that's my guess by the way. lol)

Anonymous said...

i don't work so no office pics. but at home now at my desk typing to u, i have these:

1. my laptop
2. pic of the bf & i
3. two little bronzed piglets (for luck)
4. my FAT cat *almost* lying on my pc

p/s honeybear?

ticharu said...

I have 4 guitars in my 'office', a white Fender acoustic guitar with the banana from 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' lovingly stuck to the body, so I call it the 'banana guitar'. It gets played the most.
A 12-string Alvarez! When I need to sound like an orchestra!
A Gibson Les Paul for all of my electric needs, and a Cort bass, which is a pretty cheap bass but this one plays really nice and the electronics have been tweeked by my guitar geek friend Tony.

john said...

here's your bed ? it's like a motel room you've got there , lee ann !

Anonymous said...

Tell me you love me more than Ticharu!

BuccoTom said...

OK. I have my four pics up. Come see.

ticharu said...

Hippo, I'm sure there's enough room in her heart for both of us!

Lee Ann said...

Andy ~ The art is a treasure! Gotta have those cds! :)

Trucker ~ I knew you would have a CB! What's your "handle"? (do they still say that?)

Myutopia ~ Oh, a Gandhi that is interesting!

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ A glass box...very cool!

Beck ~ What? When did this happen? I am sorry! Good luck with the job search. Are you looking in NYC again?

Coach ~ I bet it is a nice bathroom-size cubicle though!

Lee Ann said...

Amera ~ Yes, a plant for 7 years and two lamps I brought from home. I do understand where you are coming from. I did that once with my last job (took all my personal stuff home). I wish you luck with your job sweetie!

Otis ~ It is a nice space...fairly quiet (except for my neighbor that talks loudly on personal phone calls ALL day long!)

TG ~ Excellent!

Lee Ann said...

Boo ~ Of course you must have a pic of bf! ;) Awww, 2 little bronzed good luck piglets!

Tich ~ Sounds like a very nice collection there Tich!

John ~ My space is nice, but I would want a hotel room to be much more luxurious!

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ Awww Hippo....You are very special to me ;) I heart you both very much.

TG ~ Great...glad you played!

Tich ~ Most definitely!

jamwall said...

in my office i have:

1. a pink flamingo pen (i have no idea why i have a pink flamingo pen..)

2. one of those really cool touch lamps

3. one of those annoying "get the string off the puzzle thing" (i've figured it out about a half dozen times)

4. some TPS coversheets attached to my bulletin board.

Anonymous said...

Tichi is a suck up!

And I think he's a little insane!

Metalchick said...

Hi Lee Ann,
My office is my computer desk. Right now the four items I have is:
1. Empty cocoa mug
2. A cat brush
3. Rough drafts of Ads I have worked on or are currently working on.
4. Headphones

Well, there you go! that's what I have in my office.

Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ A pink flamingo pen? Cool, I wish I had that...(I am serious)

Hippo ~ Well, you gotta love him!!! :)

Chick ~ Oh, you have actual work on your desk!?! ;)

Jason said...

Hell, I need to work in your office. Woo Hoo TV!

robmcj said...

1 - fan (the aircon is always bust in the summer)

2 - heater (the aircon is always bust in the winter)

3 - giant 3-D poster of sumo wrestlers

4 - noise-blocking ear protectors