Thursday, November 30, 2006

What about you?

I was tagged by Mia.

*~ What are you proud of?
My family (that includes you too poopoohead)

*~ What time do you wake up in the morning?
My alarm is set for 6:30am, but sometimes I get up at 6:39....6:48....6:57....oh crap, I am late!

*~ If there was one person from the past that you could go back and talk to who would it be?
My 4th cousin (Texas Jack)

*~ Name 5 things in your freezer at the moment...
Ground sirloin
Boneless breasts of chicken
French Vanilla ice cream
Brussel sprouts
Sliced red, yellow and green peppers

*~ Do you believe in afterlife?

*~ What are 5 sites you visit daily?
Castle of Nannbugg
My work's website

*~ 5 things you ate that you would never eat again?
Steak tartar
Fake chocolate
Chicken livers

*~ 5 things that make you sad
Seeing my mom in pain
Stray animals

Pick one category and tell me about you!


Phats said...

MMMM I love chicken livers, I am pissed our KFC stopped serving them

What time do I wake up
Well my alarm goes off at 5:20 but I probably don't get out of bed til 5:35 ha! I love my snooze button

Anonymous said...

5 sites I visit daily:

Drudge Report
My own blog
News Busters
Lee Ann's Blog
Yahoo Mail.

5 things I would never eat again:
Mashed potatoes
Turkey stuffing
Green beans.

I hate Mexican food. Can't stand it!

rastaman said...

What time do you wake up in the morning? I only set my alarm if it is absolutely necessary, which is very rare ... most days I just get up when the feeling strikes me, but it is always early, usually between 5 and 6. Do I get a prize for this? LOL

Peace and hugs to you Babygirl!

truckdriver_sefl said...

You always have the greatest answers!!

angel, jr. said...

Five Things In My Freezer:
1. Lean Cuisine Brick Oven Pizza
2. Smart Ones Cheesecake
3. Smart Ones Salisbury Steak and Macaroni
4. Lean Gourmet Shrimp and Pasta
5. ice cubes

Anonymous said...

oh, that's easy...
I am proud of my daughter!!

crabcake said...

lee ann, I'm linking you at the Cowpie Field, kiddo.

AndyW said...

*~ If there was one person from the past that you could go back and talk to who would it be?

Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

I wake up at 4:45am M-S.
5 things I would never eat again:
Brussel sprouts
my 1st wife.

Cinderella said...

LMAO @Poly!! That was bad!

I would never, ever eat Lobster or seafood again, ever!

I am proud of my daughter, my husband, my son.

I wake up at 6:30 am pretty much everyday.

BeckEye said...

Five things I would never eat again:

Hot sausage
Jellyfish (yeah, I tried it at this Chinese wedding I went to...tasted like rubber bands)

robmcj said...

French Vanilla ice cream! Forget the stuff with ripples and chunks. I love the classic tastes.

My alarm is the flock of parrots in the tree outside my bedroom window. they go off at 6 these days.

coach said...

my alarm is set at 7 am .
my biological clock , however , is set at 8 am.
guess which one wins all the time ?

ticharu said...

Same as Rasta, I get up when I wake up. 6 is good, sometimes 2:30, that's the earliest and 8 o'clock is impossible, even if I've stayed up until 3 AM I can't sleep past 8.
I don't have a sleep schedual, no place to be but where I am...

BuccoTom said...

OK> I bet I have a beet recipe that you would eat. And I have another recipe for brussels sprouts that is to DIE for. **Muwah**

robmcj said...

Hi Lee Ann, thanks for the snowflake. Coincidentally, I'm actually working on an imminent snowstorm on my own template.

The Everglades said...

I tried Steak tartar once and vowed to never eat it again. I'm still trying to eat enough cooked meat to recover.


Dave Morris said...

Re: 6:39, 6:48... hahaha!

Re: freezer things - French vanilla, yum. Brussel sprouts, yuuukkk.

Re: never eat again - Beets, YUM. Tartar, YUM. Fake chocolate, yuk.