Friday, November 03, 2006

Fun at the Zoo

Sunday, Oct. 29, I went to the Zoo! They had free admission from 9am to 4pm. The Alabama Symphony performed at 2:30. Then they reopened at 5:oo for "Boo at the Zoo".
It was so much fun!
I wish you could see these photos full size, these small ones don' t do the animals justice.

There were several alligators....with slimy green muck from the swampy waters they swam in!

This gorilla was quite amusing. He knew it too. In the 2nd photo, he was directly in front of me staring right at me.
In the third photo....he was doing his "trick". He would bend over, shake his head back and forth, then sit up and regurgitate some green stuff into his hand then eat it. Every time he did this, the gallery of people would moan.....Ughhhhhh, in unison.

One big hippo!!

This elephant is 59 years old. She has been at this zoo for 51 years.
She was doing her aerobics. The trainer does this with her daily to help with arthritis.

This rhino was being a "bad boy" the trainer said. He was not minding when they were giving him instructions. They were doing their daily check of hoofs and horn, etc.

There were several buffalo....woooo.....stinky!!

The giraffe were beautiful. I love the head shots.

The zebra are always fun to look at.

My absolute favorite... the white tiger. He was gorgeous. Piercing blue eyes. I was lucky enough to have him walk right in front of me as soon as I approached the area. I got a couple of shots, then he squatted and peed, directly in front of me.

There was so much that I did not take pictures of. I didn't record the monkeys "doing it", nor did I photograph, the birds, fish, or the snakes and other reptiles...ewwww!

It was great fun. The Alabama symphony was to play at 2:30 near the Monkeys. Around 3:30 they were just starting to perform. I was disappointed as we had to leave the zoo by 4:00. They were closing the zoo at 4:00 to reopen for "Boo at the Zoo" at 5:00.
So, we left....then later discovered the time had changed from daylight savings time to standard time. The symphony actually started on time, we could have stayed another hour...oh well.

Do any of you have big plans for the weekend?

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love you all....


Cinderella said...

The pics were great..I felt like I was there!! Te zoo is so much fun!!

This weekend I will be cleaning, relaxing and taking my daughter to her last soccer game of the season, *Sniffle, Sniffle*

Hope your weekend is great and as always stay safe!

Cinderella said...

the* baaaa!

Fred said...

I was driving to an appointment today, and I passed the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. I've never been there, and as I passed it, I remembered all the great visits to MetroZoo in Miami when my daughters were much younger.

Great minds think alike!

BuccoTom said...

Glad you had a good time babe. I love the zoo. Have a happy Friday.

coach said...

too bad there's no photo of the monkeys doing it - if the monkeys are doing what i'm thinking of .

Aliecat said...

Sometimes zoos make me sad because I always wonder what the animals are thinking. Like, "How the fuck did I get here?"

john said...

the elephant is 59 yrs. old ! wow . maybe dumbo knows the original jungle boy !

Phats said...

I like the monkeys!! :) they entertain me. Did you see polar bears?!

This might sound incredibly weird but I can't eat at a zoo, weird right?

jiggs said...

i like to feed the giraffes. they're one of my favorites. this weekend I'm planning on laying low and shooting some more jiggscast.

Dan Koehl said...

Nice pictures of the elephant, I submitted one at the Elephant News.

Please link back to



Jason said...

In that second pic of the gorilla, is it me, or does he look like he's trying to flex for you? ;-)

JLee said...

oh, I love the zooo!! My favorite is always the gorillas/chimps. Of course, it kinda spoiled it when we had a gorilla escape and attack several zoo-goers a couple of years ago, and they had to put him down :(
sorry for the downer...have a great weekend Lee Ann! I'm hoping to see "Borat" this weekend and "Flushed Away" w/my daughter.

Otis said...

Lee Ann, I love the pictures of the zoo.

You'll never believe this but I had a very very close call with a wild albino tiger once.

Thank goodness I was able to back away slowly before it sprang from its lair.

hotboy said...

Rhinos look prehistoric. Positively prehistoric! Hotboy

amera hearts said...

my three fav animals are elephants, giraffe's and flamingos

Anonymous said...

I love the zoo,
animals are so...
animalisticly photogenic.
Have a lovely weekend
beautiful girl.

Cheryl Wray said...

Can you believe that I have yet to get Sydney to the Zoo? Gonna have to do that soon! And every year we say, "We reallyshould go to the Boo at the Zoo," but we never do . . .
Great pics!

ticharu said...

No way Lee Ann! They hire people to put on those costumes. It's hard work and in the summer they develop a rash from the latex. Yeah, even the alligator is just a Japanese robotic thingy. Some of them breath FIRE! I bring hot dogs when I go to the zoo.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the zoo....Ft Worth zoo is one of my favorites and I might just have to go soon since you posted pics of your own trip haha.

Thanks for taking us all along with you.

truckdriver_sefl said...

Wow what great pictures!!

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

What wonderful snaps. I hope you kept your distance from the hippo. They kill more people hereabouts than any other animal.

This is mostly because village women go down to the water's edge to do their washing, and disturb the animals, which otherwise would not be aggressive.

From the size of his ears, I believe the elephant you saw is from Asia. Most African elephants are not passive. However, they have done wonderful things with some, in Botswana, and it's actually possible to go on elephant safaris, there.

Did you see the African 'big five'?


The Husband said...

i love the zoo!

i think i love you!

~gkw said...

I love the zoo too..!! I didn't know the symphony was going to be there! Of course, I wouldn't have had time anyway. Friday was High School football night!

Becky said...

I need to go to the zoo, it's been so long.

BeckEye said...

That gorilla is cool.

Everytime I go to the Zoo, I end up wanting to spend all day at the seal tank. I want to live with the seals. I'm not a big fan of fish though, so the zookeepers would probably have to spice up my diet.

rastaman said...

LOL @ Otis!!!

Thanks for the tour Babygirl!

Peace and hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

boo at the zoo!

i love rhinos & giraffes. they are goofy looking :)

my weekend was peaceful & quiet.

robmcj said...

The gorilla is working the crowd like a professional.